Friday, April 29, 2011

Kick Off Your Weekend Right: With My Morning Jacket – Holdin On To Black Metal

What a week! I knew things wouldn’t be quiet for too long. We have soooo much to get us pumped up for the weekend – how can things get any better?

First off, My Morning Jacket announced several new shows this week – including a hometown show at the Louisville Palace Theatre on Circuital’s release date, three Canada shows, and Lollapalooza and Kahbang Festival 2011! Hope everyone can make at least one of MMJ’s summer tour dates. It’s gonna be a wonderful summer.

Also on Monday, MMJ released a second single off Circuital via Facebook: “Holdin On To Black Metal.” If “Circuital” didn’t whet your appetite for Circuital, “Black Metal” sure should do the trick!

It’s a darkness you can’t deny
But it don’t belong in the grown up mind
Suppose you’ll find this place will suffice
Coming into life you needn’t cry

This dark, unruly track certainly brightened up my Monday morning this week. Inspired by the Thai-soul track “E-Saew Tham Punha Huajai” by Kwan Jai & Kwan Jit Sriprajan, “Black Metal” has the lyrical and musical fire to incite a riot – in the best possible way. In Jim James’ words, via Rolling Stone:

"I want it to sound like we're Cuban or Cambodian kids, and we're wearing berets and we're walking through an alley and we stumble upon this band, and it explodes into this crazy sing-along….”

Despite minor disapproval among some Facebook fans, MMJ clearly and respectfully pays homage to and credits “E-Saew” as an inspiration for this track. Additionally, Jim has been citing “Siamese Soul” as an influence for months! It’s unfortunate that some would assume otherwise. It’s fantastic that a band in this industry can draw from such diverse genres and time periods for inspiration. Few, if any, other bands are doing such amazing things. It is to be appreciated, not ridiculed!

Catchin’ waves on Lucifer’s beach
Takin’ shade underneath Lucifer’s tree
Gettin’ sustenance from Lucifer’s peach*

Hope you all enjoy (and have been enjoying!) this badass track and live it up this weekend!

*These lyrics are as accurate as I could get them!*