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Appalachian Voices - Gideon > Save The Last Dance

As far as I can tell this is by Todd Wickeresty . It's not perfect but sounds pretty friggin' good. Nice capture man.

Download - Appalachian Voices - Gideon > Save The Last Dance

The Black Keys - Next Girl - Live on Craig Ferguson

Pre-Order Carl Broemel - All Birds Say

Head over to Carl Broemel's gorgeous new website to pre-order All Birds Say and grab the track "Heaven Knows." I'm grabbing the deluxe limited edition before they run out.









My Morning Jacket Terminal 5 Opening Bands Announced

My Morning Jacket just announced the openers for each night for their NYC Terminal 5 stint. The excitement for these shows are probably going to take 4-7 years off my life.

(via My Morning Jacket)

My Morning Jacket is pleased to announce the openers for their five performances at Terminal 5. For a complete list of dates and information check out the shows page.

10/18 – The Tennessee Fire – Dungen
10/19 – At Dawn – Hacienda
10/21 – It Still Moves – Elvis Perkins in Dearland
10/22 – Z - Holly Miranda
10/23 – Evil Urges – Everest

Fleet Foxes Get a Website

The Fleet Foxes have a nice new website up. On top of some really great photos taken during the recording of their latest record you'll find music videos, a store and a nifty mailing list. Head over and check it out when you get a chance.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Tone Tommy Relix Interview

Picture: Linda Park

Thanks Sara!

(via Relix)

Last month, My Morning Jacket announced they would be playing five full-length shows at New York City’s Terminal 5 this fall, performing one of their full-length albums in its entirety each night. Kicking off on Monday, October 18, the band will begin the run with their 1999 debut record The Tennessee Fire and conclude with 2008’s Evil Urges on Saturday. Each night will incorporate hits from outside the records as well as rarities and covers throughout the time of the albums inception. Relix caught up with co-founder and bassist Tom “Two-Tone Tommy” Blankenship to discuss this historic five night stretch in New York City, the reason behind the event, an upcoming record and more.

The last time My Morning Jacket played New York city was after the release of 2008’s LP Evil Urgeswhere the band played a follow-up show at Radio City Music Hall. This fall, the band is doing five shows in six nights at New York City’s Terminal 5. What is it about New York City that prompted the group to schedule a five show Fall stretch there? And why, out of the many city venues, Terminal 5?

That’s a good question [laughs]. It’s funny; the entire band was sort of opposed to doing a multiple night event. We’ve definitely done them before, but we’ve never done more than two or three nights in a row, I don’t think. So when the promoter originally brought the idea to us saying that we can pretty much block out this entire week and have five days, we were kind of like, “Eh, we don’t know” [laughs]. But it was sort of a mixed bag because it really would be great to be in New York for that long and play in a venue we haven’t been in before. And then, when it was suggested that we do one album for each night, it became interesting because that was something we had never really done before. When a My Morning Jacket record would come out in the past, we would maybe play it front to back a couple times at most. But a lot of the material has never been done start to finish in that way, especiallyThe Tennessee Fire and At Dawn tracks. So we became excited and agreed to these shows and, of course, the Bowery is involved and we have such a long, good relationship with them. That was pretty much how it all came together. They had the idea along with our management as well, and then brought these ideas to us and we flushed it out from there.

It’s definitely going to be a monster production. Are you planning on going through the albums’ tracks successively or possibly rearranging the record and peppering in other tracks here and there to change it up?

We’ll definitely go through each album in its entirety. I’m pretty sure we’re going to do it start to finish in the exact order as it’s played on the record. I think it’d be cool because—at least for us—the way we think about albums is that we like to create a sort of journey through our music. We’re on that journey together as a band; organizing it and sequencing everything just right. We just hope that the listener will sit down at least once and go through that whole journey with us before they start picking their favorite tracks. I think it’s going to be fun to go through the records front to back and actually experience that journey live with the audience.

What additional songs will be included throughout the sets other than the ones featured on each record?

We’re hoping to do a lot of material from around the era of each particular album. Some random covers that we’ve done over the years,—which there have been tons of— EPs and B sides that we can throw in the mix. There might be some new songs in there as well. We’ll also probably play some crowd favorites during the encore every night.

Since only Jim James and you have been a part of the group since the band’s 1998 inception, what was the process like revisiting the group’s earlier material with the current lineup?

We haven’t really started full band rehearsals for that stuff yet so I’m not exactly sure how some of the older songs will develop, everyone’s just been working off on their own. A lot of The Tennessee Fire stuff we’ve done before live with the current lineup. It should definitely be interesting to see how everything comes full circle. They’re songs like “Honest Man,” “Just Because I Do,” and “Butch Cassidy” that we haven’t done in years. I don’t even think we’ve ever done those live.

And regarding guests, do you have any plans to invite any former members of the band back for these shows?

It may be tough to have any former members play with us during this stretch. I know that Danny Cash is trying to make his way to New York for at least one of those first two shows, so hopefully we can get him out for one night. But I think John [Quaid] is moving closer to the west coast, so he’ll be unable to make it out.

As you mentioned, songs like “Butch Cassidy” and “Just Because I Do” have been shelved for quite some time now but you plan on playing them on their designated album night. Are there any songs that you would like to particularly stay away from during the five show run?

I don’t think there is anything that I really want to stay away from, not at this point in my career. There were definitely songs like “Just Because I Do” and “Honest Man” that we have stayed away from for a while now. I’m not even sure why we’ve stayed away from them. It’s probably because we played those two songs so much in the first year we started that we just stopped playing them once new material was produced. But I’m looking forward to bringing those songs back. Songs like “Nashville to Kentucky” we’ve done recently with Carl Broemel doing a sax solo and “They Ran” we did a couple times and had this big kind of loungy ending. So I’m excited to see how these songs work out. It would be boring to plainly watch us go straight through the album, so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens to those songs once the five of us get together and improvise on them. It’s going to make the songs different for ourselves and switch it up for everybody in the audience as well.

You used to jam out songs like “Contra” for over 20 minutes but many of these songs are shorter now to reflect the current band’s sound. Do you plan to rework some of the At Dawn and It Still Movestracks to fit the current band formula?

A lot of those songs that have always been sprawling will stay that way like “Steam Engine,” the end of “Mahgeetah” and “Dondante.” A lot of those are going to be played the same way they’ve always been. We never really talk about ‘what it’s going to be like’ though. It kind of just happens throughout the show based on the mood and everything else. Even at rehearsals, we’ll just quickly run through the songs to make sure we have everything together, but we don’t go off the pool jazz odyssey. We save that to do live so that we can torture people [laughs].

Each night, one dollar of every ticket sold will be donated to a different charity. When did My Morning Jacket begin doing this and will it stretch throughout the end of this tour? Beyond that?

That’s something we started the same year that Evil Urges was released (2008). It was the fall tour when we started doing one dollar from every ticket to a specific charity of our choice. And yes, we’re starting that again when we go back on tour in the next couple weeks. We’ll do it on that tour as well as through the end of the year and hopefully beyond.

Carl Broemel is releasing a solo album next month. Do you plan on working any of Carl’s solo material into the set list for these shows? Also, any chance of performing “Lullaby’s, Legends, and Lies” or any other tracks off the new Shel Silverstein tribute album?

I really hope we do. It would be fun to do that Silverstein stuff because we’ve never had the chance to perform it live yet. And I really, really hope that we pull out more of Carl’s songs during the five show stretch. His record comes out next month, so I hope—I think it comes out while we’re on the road—if nothing else, we’ll be able to pull some songs out on this next tour. The record is absolutely amazing and it would be great to play a bunch of the tracks from it with the band.

Different outlets are reporting rumors about the Terminal 5 show’s opener(s). Will there be one band that opens for the group all five nights or will there be five separate groups opening each show?

There is definitely going to be a different opening act for each night at Terminal 5. It’s just now being finalized, and I’m not exactly sure if everyone’s totally confirmed yet so we’ll have to just wait and see.

With these Terminal 5 shows and the recent Jazz Fest, Preservation Hall performance, it seems that the band prefers to put on large lavish productions as opposed to smaller venue shows. Is this accurate and if not, what is the band’s preference between larger vs. smaller venues?

I think it’s great either way, whether it be a small intimate show or a larger production. It’s totally different experiences but what’s strange is I feel we play the same way no matter how many people are there or what size the venue is. I really hope that it translates to the listeners that way. Even if 13 people are in the audience we perform like we’re playing in front of 3,000. So it’s fun to do both of them. I’m curious to see what the turnout is for five nights in a row. Just five nights in one week is crazy.

You are playing before Furthur at Outside Lands Festival mid-August. If you could collaborate with the band on one Dead song, which would it be?

Honestly, I never went through that period. I spent most of my time reading comic books and playing role-play games. I was that kind of dork.

As the trend seems to be that My Morning Jacket releases an album once every 1 ½-2 years when should we expect the next release?

We started recording last month for a couple weeks and we’ll do some more later on this year. I would say that sometime next year there will be a new record out. Besides that, we have the shows in New York, a show here in Louisville, and then the tour in August. I believe that’s all for the year so far.

Anything else you can give away regarding the Terminal 5 shows?

No that’s all, we have to keep some things a secret [laughs].

RIP Ben Keith - Steel Guitar Player for Neil Young

Ben Keith, long time steel guitar player for Neil Young, has passed. Ben was a crucial element to monumental works (and some of my favorite of all time) by Neil Young such as Harvest, On The Beach and Tonight's the Night (to name a few, the man was amazing).

Cause of death doesn't seem to be out there just yet.

Rest in peace sir, you will be remembered.

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Iron & Wine with Calexico - The Triple Door - 2005-10-22

It's a slow afternoon, Iron & Wine is meshing well with it. This recording is essentially the Iron & Wine with Calexico EP, In The Reins, performed live. If you ever have the chance to see Sam Beam or Iron & Wine please do so, one of the greatest concerts I've ever been to was Sam Beam solo.

01 Intro
02 He Lays in the Reins
03 Red Dust
04 Prison on Route 41
05 All Tomorrow's Parties
06 History of Lovers
07 Dead Man's Will
08 Wild Horses

New Survey, I Need More Input!!

Alright guys, I've gotten a great response as to which file hosting service you like the most and it seems like a lot of you are saying Megaupload. I have one issue with Megaupload and that is it is only possible to download one file at a time. I know that when I'm cruising blogs I can't stand it when they use a file service that only allows one download at a time and that is why I have largely avoided Megaupload.

So, if you have the chance do me a solid and fill out the little poll at the top right ---->.

How many items do you typically download while visiting The Steam Engine? As always folks, thanks for the input, I just want to make this place the best it can be for you guys.

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Jack White - Mother Nature's Son at the White House

Mr. Jacky White (along with a slew of others) gathered at the White House last month for a Paul McCartney tribute concert and this is a video of Jack doing the Beatles classic "Mother Nature's Son."

Thanks TwentyFourBit!

What's Your Favorite File Hosting Service?

Hey everyone,

It was recently brought to my attention that some of you have been having issues downloading files from my current file hosting service, A couple of questions: 1) Have you had issues downloading files since I've been using Deposit Files? 2) What is your favorite file hosting service?

I just want to make sure the stuff I'm trying to share with all of you wonderful folks is available without any hassle, after all, it's kind of the point of this thing.

As usual, I appreciate the hell out of any feedback. Thanks for your help.



I don't use Megaupload because you can only download one file at a time.

Introducing LouFest Music Festival

Come late August, 28th & 29th to be exact, LouFest will descend upon St. Louis, MO for the first time ever. LouFest is a new music fest run by Listen Live Entertainment and it features some pretty hot acts guys. Check the full lineup below, I've bold faced the acts I'm most excited about.

Want to know one of the many great things about this glorious little startup? It's $64.00 for the entire weekend with ZERO service fees. What other music fest will have you in front of the Bottle Rockets, Lucero, Built to Spill, Broken Social Scene, Fruit Bats, Alejandro Escovedo, Jeff Tweedy and She & Him (plus quite a few more) for that kind of scratch? It's fixing to be a great weekend guys, hope to see you out there.

Bottle Rockets
So Many Dynamos
Adam Reichmann
Titus Andronicus
Airborn Toxic Event
Built To Spill
Broken Social Scene

Kim Massie (special Gospel set)
Magnolia Summer
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Gentleman Auction House
Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons
Fruit Bats
Alejandro Escovedo
Jeff Tweedy
She & Him

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REPOST - My Morning Jacket - The Okonokos Project

I had to repost this. It's just that good, so good in fact I'd go as far as saying it's my favorite live record of all time. I'd like to thank Croweyes1121 at the My Morning Jacket forum for putting this together again, good work my friend.

Here is his explanation:

"This is a complete re-imagining of the various available Okonokos releases by My Morning Jacket, all in lossless audio. I noticed that all of the different incarnations of the Okonokos album had different track listings and song orders, so I was curious to see if a more complete and accurate release could be achieved using the existing elements. Using the set lists from the two Fillmore concerts (the source for all Okonokos footage), I have re-ordered all tracks into the closest possible representation of the theactual performed song order. Various custom audience cross-fade edits were required to make this project one, seamless experience. Now, for the first time, all tracks from the Okonokos CD release, DVD release, and Acoustic Chorale bonus DVD are together in one place and in the closest approximation of their original order. To this end, order priority has been afforded to night one for songs shared by both performances. Songs unique to one performance or the other were added where they were performed in relation to the shared tracks."
01. Intro (The Party) (4:51)
02. Wordless Chorus (4:08)
03. It Beats 4 U (4:24)
04. One Big Holiday (5:54)
05. The Way That He Sings (5:06)
06. I Will Sing You Songs (8:37)
07. Lowdown (4:10)
08. How Do You Know (3:36)
09. Golden (4:49)
10. Sooner (5:05)
11. Xmas (5:01)
12. What A Wonderful Man (2:57)
13. Gideon (3:45)
14. Bermuda Highway (3:39)
15. Where To Begin (4:00)
16. Lay Low (6:17)
17. Dancefloors (5:15)
18. Off The Record (6:52)
19. O Is The One That Is Real (3:34)
20. Dondante (11:03)
21. Steam Engine (11:14)
22. Run Thru (10:04)
23. I Think I'm Going To Hell (5:14)
24. At Dawn (3:09)
25. Strangulation (6:12)
26. Anytime (3:56)
27. Mahgeetah (6:40)
28. Outro (The Attack) (0:50)
29. End Credits (Cobra Edit) (3:18)

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Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll B-Sides

Thanks again Kyle!

via Facebook:

Ryan Adams Tomorrow starts the first day of two weeks of recording a new solo album. The songs are based around my acoustic with some stark drums/bass/piano in there. anI'm keeping these recordings simple......THEN in two weeks I am off to NYC to record part two of the crazy NYC sessions I started last month by accident. What started as a weekend studio hang with Johnny and Tom Schick turned into some kind of Smiths/Simple Minds/Love Is Hell throw-back and just way too much fun to not finish. So two coasts, two sessions happening. The new daze are here... fingers crossed these things turn out! I'll check in again from the studio this week. Meanwhile enjoy a few more photo's from the last studio sessions. DRA

02 Closer When She Goes
03 Don't Even Know Her Name
04 Luxury
05 I'm Coming Over
06 Ah, Life
07 Funeral Marching
08 Hypnotixed

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker Demo's

Kyle, you are the man!

1 In My Time of Need
2 Bar Lights
3 Win
4 All I Wanted
5 Out of Time
6 Sit & Listen to the Rain
7 Night Lights
8 Probably Gonna Happen
9 West NY Serenade
10 Lil’ Girls
11 In the World
12 Medicine
13 Dial Tone
14 Don’t Wanna Know Why
15 Easy Hearts

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jim James on New MMJ Record - Workin' on it

Straight from the press conference via @mspark.

My Morning Jacket Playing Louisville on Friday 10/29

Sadly I won't be able to go but I'm sure it will be quite the affair!

On Friday, October 29th, My Morning Jacket will be performing at University of Louisville’s KFC Yum! Center. Supporting the band will be the Louisville Youth Orchestra (LYO) and Louisville band Wax Fang. One dollar from every ticket sold will be going to the Louisville Youth Orchestra Continuing Education Scholarship, which raises money for at-risk youth to be able to attend school. The LYO was founded with the mission to provide high quality musical experiences and the opportunity to perform for the benefit of the Louisville community and its young musicians regardless of race, creed or economic circumstances. It is one of the oldest and largest youth orchestras in the US. The show will also continue the tradition of creating a “Local Louisville Village” inside the KFC Yum! Center, providing locally based businesses and non-profit organizations with a presence at their show.
Tickets for the show go on sale to the public on Saturday, August 14th at 10AM. A limited amount of tickets will be available at Ear X-Tacy on Thursday August 12th at 10AM, in celebration of the store’s 25th anniversary and its new location at 2226 Bardstown Road.  In addition, My Morning Jacket will also be hosting a pre-sale to fans beginning at the same time.  Check the MMJ shows page for information regarding the pre-sale, and other My Morning Jacket shows.

My Morning Jacket Press Conference

Photo by Eric Mayers

Soooo, our favorite band is doing a press conference today to announce.... something. Follow @mspark on Twitter for updates. No word on time so be on the look out!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Dead Weather - Coachella 2010 Audio and Video

Photo by: Cale Glendening

These dudes (and lady) have been slaying me lately. In preparation for their show in Chicago at the end of this month I've been pretty much non stop with both of their records (Horehound and Sea of Cowards) and a slew of live stuff (this post and Live from the 9:30 Club). There are so many moments on both of their records that have me starting the track over just to experience it again. Today I have a real treat though, both the audio and video from their Coachella 2010 performance thanks to Some Kind of Awesome. SKoA is a great resource, check it out. My personal highlights on this are the absolutely filthy blues of "Will There Be Enough Water?" (Jack White guitar explosion, my god), the excellent new tune "Die By The Drop" and well, the whole damn thing. Gotta love the Captain Beefheart playing before they hit the stage too.

Forever My Queen
60 Feet Tall
Hang You From The Heavens
You Just Can't Win
So Far From Your Weapon
I Cut Like a Buffalo
No Horse
Blue Blood Blues
Hustle and Cuss
Die By The Drop
Will There Be Enough Water?
New Pony

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wilco Leaving Label, Starting Own?

Wilco will not be renewing their deal with Nonesuch Records and they will be (more than likely, details are scarce) starting their own label. I'll avoid the obvious "Wilco (The Record Label)" joke and move straight on to excitement for the possibilities that this may bring. 

Here are some snippets from Paste and Pitchfork:

Via Paste:

We’ve had Wilco (The Band), Wilco (The Album), “Wilco (The Song)” and now, it looks like we’re getting Wilco (The Record Label).
In an interview with D.C. website Express Night Out, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline mentioned that Wilco’s new album would be on their own record label. “I don’t know the name of it,” Cline told Express Night Out. “Jeff was basically not wanting to be on a record label for a while—he didn’t renew his contract with Nonesuch—so we’re striking out on our own, our own label. There might be a 7-inch or something, a little souvenir when we do this Mass MoCA [Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, Ma.] I’m not sure, really. Basically, Jeff and [Wilco manager] Tony Margherita are the masterminds, so I’m just cruising with what they want to do.”
In an e-mail exchange with Paste, Wilco’s publicist, Deb Bernadini mostly echoed Cline’s words: “I can confirm that Wilco’s deal is indeed up with Nonesuch Records. It has not yet been determined who will release the next Wilco record, but forming their own label and releasing future albums through it is definitely a potential scenario.”
Cline was vague on the details of the upcoming album but mentioned that the band would be recording “a lot” in October. In the meantime, the guys are keeping busy curating the Solid Sound Festival, which features the likes of Hannibal Burress, Kristen Schaal, Mavis Staples, Vetiver and Avi Buffalo.
Via Pitchfork:
According to Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, the band has left Nonesuch Records, its home for most of the past decade, and is starting its own label. Cline dropped this particular bombshell during an interview with Express Night Out. Thanks to James DuBray for the tip.
Talking to Express Night Out, Cline says, "I think our main task now is to work on new material and a new album. And now that we have our own record label, there's going to be funny things to come out." He adds, "I don't know the name of it. Jeff [Tweedy] was basically not wanting to be on a record label for a while-- he didn't renew his contract with Nonesuch-- so we're striking out on our own, our own label. There might be a 7" or something, a little souvenir when we do this Mass MoCA [the Wilco-curated Solid Sound Festival]. I'm not sure, really. Basically, Jeff and [Wilco's manager] Tony Margherita are the masterminds, so I'm just cruising with what they want to do."
A rep for the band confirms that Wilco's deal with Nonesuch has expired, but does not confirm that the band will definitely be releasing future albums on their own, though it is a possibility.
So if you're attending the Solid Sound Festival next month, keep an eye out. You could take home the very first product released on Wilco's mysterious new label.
Wilco and Nonesuch have a storied history. The label signed Wilco after the band was dropped by Nonesuch's fellow Warner Music Group imprint Reprise during the making of the now-classic Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

The Kills - Black Sessions

The Kills have very quickly caught my ear. After I heard their excellent cover of the Velvet Underground classic "Pale Blue Eyes" I was hooked. I've since moved onto their debut record Keep on Your Mean Side and of course, these wonderful "Black Sessions" they did for a French radio station (from what I can gather it's a French radio station that broadcasts live shows or it's much like an NPR World Cafe type deal, not sure, Sabrina, do you have any insight?). If you're unfamiliar, it's worth your time. It's dark, heavy and bluesy, and you get to listen to one of the sexiest voices around. Enjoy guys!


01 Superstition
02 Pull A.U
03 Cat Claw
04 Fuck The People
05 Monkey 23
06 Kissy Kissy
07 Hitched
08 Fried My Little Brain
09 Black Rooster
10 Drop Out Boogie


01 Intro
02 No Wow
03 Black Rooster
04 Cat Claw
05 Dead Road 7
06 I Hate The Way You Love
07 I Hate The Way You Love Pt.2
08 The Good Ones
09 Kissy Kissy
11 Love Is A Desert
12 My Passion Is Accurate
13 Rodeo Town
14 Dropout Boogie


01 U.R.A Fever
02 Pull AU
03 Sour cherry
04 Tape song
05 No wow
06 Alphabet pony
07 Wait
08 Last day of magic
09 Kissy kissy
10 Hook and line
11 Getting down
12 What New York used to be
13 Cheap and cheerful
14 Fried my little brains
15 Goodnight bad morning

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Black Keys MTV "Push" Artist of the Week and "Ohio" Download

The Black Keys madness continues! These dudes have been everywhere lately! I'm not sure what type of exclusive content we can expect from this MTV segment but for the time being we have a nice behind the scenes look at the Akron, OH natives personal lives as well as some footage from the making of the video for the excellent tune "Tighten Up."

For more recent Black Keys downloads (post Brothers) check them out Live on the Interface and on NPR's World Cafe. Two good reference points for hearing the new songs live with the four piece setup.

The Black Keys - MTV Shows

The Black Keys - MTV Shows

Also, sign up for the Black Keys mailing list here. On top of getting updates from one of the best bands in the game you get the insanely nasty track "Ohio" that was previously only available on the limited 7". I'll go as far as to say that it's one of their most powerful tunes with some great guitar work by Dan Auerbach at the end. I've included the download below but sign up for the mailing list anyways! Enjoy guys.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Kills Cover Velvet Underground

24Bit posted about The Kills covering the incredibly fine Velvet Underground song "Pale Blue Eyes" the other day and I must say, The Kills are giving Lou Reed a run for his money. Alison Mossharts' vocals are absolutely incredible and Jamie Hinces' guitar work is fantastic. I've included The Kills take as well as the original for a little comparison. The lyrics of this song have always captivated me particularly:

Thought of you as my mountain top,
Thought of you as my peak.
Thought of you as everything,
I've had but couldn't keep.

Where do I begin with The Kills? I've never heard ANY of their work up until this point and I have to say, it's pretty heavy incentive to dive in. Enjoy the tunes folks.

 The Kills - Pale Blue Eyes

 Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes