Thursday, April 21, 2011

The General Specific

Here's what went down this week in the world of music.

- Wilco is finally releasing their first release on their new label, dBpm records.

- Radiohead's Record Store Day 12" can now be downloaded for free (if you bought The Kings of Limbs). It will be released on vinyl in the United States in June.

- The city of Nashville honored Jack White as Music City Ambassador last Saturday.

- Apparently, The National are Deadheads. Who would've guessed? They also released another awesome new single this week.

- LCD Soundsystem will release their epic final concert at Madison Square Garden on DVD. (Thank goodness ...)

- Along with many other bands, Arcade Fire absolutely rocked Coachella last weekend. But this was without a doubt the highlight of the weekend. They will also be hanging out at Wrigley Field this Saturday.

- The Strokes hit up Conan on Tuesday night.

Check back next week!