Friday, April 8, 2011

Kick Off Your Weekend Right: With My Morning Jacket – O Is The One That Is Real

Happy Friday to you! Hopefully the workweek totally breezed by. If not, then at least we had some exciting things My Morning Jacket-related to lift us up. Monday gave us our last, free Terminal 5 show download from MMJ. Now we have Circuital’s first single to look forward to! My Morning Jacket will be releasing a special 12” limited addition of the single that will be available solely to you lucky Kentuckians.

This week saw a new chapter for The Countdown: the EPs. We’re covering all the songs that we haven’t yet covered from 2000’s Heartbreakin Man to 2002’s Chocolate and Ice (Sweatbees is essentially a compilation). Hope you enjoy!

Always leave your televisor on.

Always give your answers by the phone.

For this lovely Friday, we’ll go with yet another undemanding track. Let’s keep it relaxed, eh? So let’s look at track number one off 2002’s Split (shared with Jason Molina’s wonderful Songs: Ohia), “O Is The One That Is Real.” I usually try not to read too deeply into the meaning of this one. Jim James might have had some kind of vague message with this song, maybe not, but let's not worry about its meaning today! What the hell is a televisor anyway? (I doubt it refers to what Wikipedia says it is, but I digress.)*

If you’re hurt: he wants to feel it.

If you’ve money: he’s your dealer.

If you’re ready for him: I don’t want to see it. Oh!

O is the one that is real.

Confusion aside, we can appreciate this for being another solid track from MMJ. What else should we expect? I hope you enjoy jamming out to this track, and I hope you enjoy the glorious weekend ahead of us! See ya Monday!

The radio is playing!

*If anyone of you fine people has an explanation for this, I’d love some clarity!