Monday, May 2, 2011

Start Your Week Right: With My Morning Jacket – Dear Wife

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable weekend. With finals looming for many students around the country (myself included!), I’m sure we’re not the only ones looking forward to getting through this week. We’re getting so close to summer!

Over at The Countdown, we celebrated some interesting covers from My Morning Jacket – 1986’s “Take My Breath Away” and 1984’s “West End Girls.” Two very unlikely covers, masterfully done, and highly entertaining.

Today, let’s cover another one of those “lesser known” tracks. “Dear Wife” is one of those songs with an unknown origin (at least to most of us). Perhaps telling the story of a man and the complicated romance with his wife, “Dear Wife” simplifies the sometimes frustrating and mysterious topic of love.

Sweet, sweet dear where are you?

I am out here, somewhere, workin’ through the days

I imagine you out livin’ life and I must exclaim

“Dear wife, I miss you always”

Ain’t it strange how quickly things can change?

The track comes from 2009’s live LP “Live From Las Vegas Exclusively at The Palms” and doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else on the extensive My Morning Jacket catalog (if it does, someone please point me in the right direction!). I love getting these “new” gems, tracks that might not have made the cut on a previous studio album. Which makes me wonder about Circuital and the tracks the band decided not to include in the studio album. For instance, when will we hear a studio (or at least better-quality live version) version of “Friends Again”? That’s a good track!

I’ll be out here wantin’ you, you’ll out there wantin’ me

I’ll be back there wantin’/lovin’ you, you’ll be in here lovin’ me

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. For today, lets enjoy “Dear Wife” and its sweet and simple message: there are people in our lives who we love in such a way that it makes us accept otherwise unacceptable behavior.

Sweet, sweet dear how are you?

Well, the name of your kindness hits my brain

When you pop it in with such violence, I must exclaim

“Dear wife, I love you always”

Ain’t it great how quickly things can change?

Have a great week, everyone! The weekend will be here before we know it, and I’ll catch ya then!


Jason said...

I've always really loved this track, it's not gotten the attention it deserves.

Gabrielle said...

Agreed, my friend. I feel the exact same way about "Into the Woods" as well.