Thursday, November 27, 2008

Note from MMJ

hello friends and fans of mmj. i would just like to personally thank each and every one of you who have sent kind words or well wishes my way since i had my accident a few weeks back. it has been one of the hardest and strangest times of my life, but your kind words and support have really meant a lot to me and i can feel their healing power! i have been just letting time do its thing, slowly but surely, as the old adage says, and hopefully i’ll be back to normal soon.

first off, sorry to all of our friends abroad that we had to cancel our european/uk tour. unfortunately the two times i have sustained major injuries on tour, europe was the next thing on our calendar that had to be canceled in order for me to recuperate. we hope to be back over there at some point in the not so distant future to play some musics. we look forward to seeing you soon.

second off, we are really excited about the upcoming shows in chicago, australia, and japan - as well as our big new years eve “blacktie blowout” at madison square garden in new york city! we invite and encourage everyone coming to the new years show to “dress to tha nines,” in your finest and classiest party wear: suits/tuxedos, frilly dresses/luxurious ballgowns, top hats and canes, 2009 glasses, etc - as we intend to really “class up the joint” and celebrate the monumental year that 2008 was, whilst gazing forward to the thrills and chills that 2009 will hold.

i knew when i took my first breath of the air of 2008 that it would be a monumentally crazy year- and phew! that was no joke. as challenging as the year has been there has been a lot of change and positivity in the air…with the rekindling of hope that now and in 2009 we can keep working together to even out the playing field across the board and make the planet a healthier place to live for all of our brothers and sisters in the us and across the globe. its time for some love.

here are some links i have found particularly informative over the past few months:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Austin City Limits 2008

I have not had a chance to listen to this in its entirety but I did get to see what was on PBS and it was nothing short of prodigious. Thanks ctdeadhead of the MMJ forums for doing this!

1. Evil Urges
2. Wordless Chorus
3. Thank You Too!
4. Sec Walkin
5. War Begun
6. Librarian
7. Smokin From Shootin
8. Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt.2
9. Highly Suspicious
10. Jim Speaks
11. One Big Holiday
12. Interview

Design credit: Mark Pedini (I modified it slightly to make a nice square iTunes album cover)

Download - My Morning Jacket - Austin City Limits 2008

My Morning Jacket - De Nachten Festival - De Singel - 2000-01-29

FINALLY SOME MY MORNING JACKET! Since Jim's injury MMJ has not been very prominent on this blog, probably because they have not been prominent in my life. I think my perfect week (Jim James solo --> MMJ night 1 --> MMJ night 2) being destroyed at the last minute really caused me to take a step back; I was so down about it I had to remove myself from the situation. Of course I knew that it was pure accident and I wanted nothing more than for Jim to be okay. BUT ANYWAYS, this is sweet. There is something about the way they sound in their early years that just makes me grin and I find it cool to be able to listen to these songs now and see how much this band has evolved.

God dammit they are good.


Download - My Morning Jacket - De Nachten Festival - De Singel - 2000-01-29

Monday, November 24, 2008

Widespread Panic - Irving Plaza - 1995

Nice little Widespread show from 1995. This was posted over at Glide Magazine and is too good not to share. I love what Jimmy Herring has done with the guitar in Widespread's most current lineup but you have to love Michael Houser and his soaring guitar solos. Their Neil Young cover of Mr. Soul is nas-tay.

1: Stop-Go > Heroes, Little Kin, Machine > Sleeping Man > Better Off, Let’s Get Down To Business, Pilgrims > Rock, Ain’t Life Grand

2: Postcard > Proving Ground > Blackout Blues, Pusherman, Impossible, Diner > Papa’s Home > Drums > Papa’s Home, Love Tractor

E: Porch Song, Can’t Find My Way Home > Mr. Soul


Download - Widespread Panic - Irving Plaza - 1995

Monday, November 17, 2008

The 100 Greatest Singers: Inside the Ballots - Jim James

I like that Neil is in the top 10.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Live in San Francisco - 1979

This is a combination of Live Rust (CD), Rust Never Sleeps (DVD) and some other live footage/recordings of Neil at the time of these recordings. I love this version of Cortez the Killer and Thrasher is one of my favorite acoustic songs of all time. Enjoy.

Download - Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Live in San Francisco - 1979

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Blue Sky Blues

How the fuck do you get to go to a show like this? If anyone has information on a DVD or full recording of this set (or any Ryan Adams DVD (other than that Jamaica one)) I would be very grateful. Thanks guys and enjoy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ryan Adams - Natural Ghost

God this man is talented.

Download - Ryan Adams - Natural Ghost.mp4 (iPod Compatible)

Happy Birthday Neil

It is Neil Young's birthday today, he is 63. Enjoy this Neil Young Birthday mix.

Download - Happy Birthday Neil - 2008

The Grateful Dead - Live at Nassau Coliseum - 1982-04-12

I am back from a perfect hiatus in Wisconsin. We got a lot of good tunes and good food in while we were up there. More specifically I got some really great GD listening in. Even more specifically Reckoning and American Beauty.

While this recording is kind of opposite the above mentioned albums (as in, acoustic vs. electric) the guys sound tight on this soundboard recording. Enjoy.

Set 1:
01 - Iko Iko
02 - Minglewood Blues
03 - Peggy-O
04 - Mama Tried ->
05 - Mexicali Blues
06 - Bird Song
07 - C C Rider
08 - Tennessee Jed ->
09 - Looks Like Rain ->
10 - Deal

Set 2:
01 - Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ->
02 - Sugaree
03 - Estimated Prophet ->
04 - Uncle John's Band ->
05 - Drums ->
D301 - Space ->
D302 - The Other One ->
D303 - Stella Blue ->
D304 - Sugar Magnolia

05 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Download - The Grateful Dead - Live at Nassau Coliseum - 1982-04-12

Friday, November 7, 2008

Off to Wisconsin...

I am off for a little Wisconsin retreat. Nothing but smoking meat, drinking whiskey and listening to tunes until Tuesday. When I get back I will have something sweet to post for you guys, until then, take care.

Oh yeah, the picture above is exactly where I will be. The weather is calling for sub 40 degree weather and snow. Thank God.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live on KTU

Note: There are several copies of this set going around that ARE NOT BROKEN UP, this has been broken up into 5 tracks instead of 1 long one.

I love this version of Fix It and Ryan gets some interesting words in.

1. Intro
2. Fix It
3. Interview
4. Go Easy
5. Outro

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live on KTU

Ryan, Brad and Neal - Coffee and Cardinals


This was shot on Oct. 28th, the day Cardinology came out (I think, leave a comment if you know more). They did a webcast and it can be watched here or download the video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy everyone!

Download -Ryan, Brad and Neal - Coffee and Cardinals
You will need FLV Player to watch this file.

Download - Ryan, Brad and Neal - Coffee and Cardinals - MP4 (iPod compatible)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Austin City Limits

They were on last night (Nov. 1) and for all Chicagoins they are on tonight (Nov. 2, technically Nov. 3) at midnight. Sorry I did not announce it earlier, I have not been around a computer since Friday afternoon.