Monday, April 18, 2011

DOWNLOAD - My Morning Jacket - 2002-03-18 - Hi Ho Lounge - New Orleans, LA

Photo by: ? - Not from this show
This is a reasonably famous set with Mr. Jim James doing a little boss cover at the end. Listening to these earlier recordings really blows my mind, they've come so far. Thanks LowDog for taping.

01 Evelyn Is Not Real
02 Old September Blues
03 Just Because I Do
04 War Begun
05 Phone Went West
06 At Dawn (Jim James solo)
07 I'm On Fire (Jim James solo) (Bruce Springsteen cover)


Jordan said...

I swear Jim does better cover songs then the original artists. He always makes cover songs seem so original. I love this band. Great download.

Jason said...

I agree!