Thursday, May 29, 2008

MMJ's Run Thru is 99th best guitar song...

My Morning Jacket's Run Thru was picked as Rolling Stone Magazine's 99th out of the 100 greatest guitar songs. While I do think Rolling Stone largely sucks (see their 100 Guitar Gods and 100 Greatest Artists of All Time - no Pink Floyd?!?!?!), I am glad to see our boys did not get overlooked.


99 "Run Thru"
My Morning Jacket (2003)

Jim James and Johnny Quaid played the swaggering guitars on this Southern-gothic rave-up, with Skynyrd's heft and early Sabbath's slow-motion pace. And Two-Tone Tommy's thumping bass riff proved guitars don't get all the best licks. And when Carl Broemel replaced Quaid in 2004, "Run Thru" got heavier live — like "Free Bird" and "Kashmir" combined.

Meddle is the winner

Well Pink Floyd's Meddle is the winner of the favorite Pink Floyd album poll. I do agree that it is exceptional. It really does show a band in at a turning point, I would say Radiohead's Meddle would be The Bends. In honor of Meddle I am posting Meddler, a Pink Floyd bootleg from way back when. At the beginning the announcer says it is The Best of the BBC Rock Hour Series. It is not all Meddle material but it is great none the less. Embryo may be one of my favorites, Gilmour really makes that guitar cry; the guy can play the blues.

Download - Pink Floyd - Meddler Pt. 1
Download - Pink Floyd - Meddler Pt. 2

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is awesome...

Interview/performance video with the boys from My Morning Jacket. Listen to the whole album too. The album was recorded (I am pretty sure) at Avatar Studios, the same place Ryan Adams & The Cardinals recorded those videos and the set that was posted here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jim James - Live at BBC Studios

I love these types of recordings; we get some tunes and a two part interview. It is funny when Jim James talks about being attacked by cockatoos while trying to check out Tucans and eating raw horse in Tokyo. The Make It With You Bread cover is good too.

Download - Jim James - Live at BBC Studios

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ryan Adams Heartbreaker Tour Documentary

This appeared on Bloodshot Records Bloodied But Unbowed:: Life in the Trenches DVD.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jim James and M. Ward - SXSW 2008

The quality is not perfect but it is still a great listen. M. Ward is fantastic and everyone that has ever been here before knows of my fascination of Jim James.

Download Jim James & M. Ward - SXSW 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live at Avatar Studios

For Ryan Adams album Easy Tiger he and The Cardinals made a video for each of the songs. All of them were filmed in Avatar Studios with Christmas lights on the walls and candles everywhere. Some of the video's were made available via bonus disc and others were available on the internet. I have not seen all of the videos but I do think the majority were available somewhere. Anyways, I got these recordings from a fine gentleman (or woman) over at and converted them to MP3. I had myself a solid listen last night (twice) and again this morning (twice). Easy Tiger - Live at Avatar Studios may be better then the actual studio album. Listen to the intense jam during Off Broadway and the truly mind blowing version of I Taught Myself How to Grow Old. His voice is amazing throughout (as usual) but check out The Sun Also Sets.

Download Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live at Avatar Studios Pt. 1
Download Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live at Avatar Studios Pt. 2

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Neil Young Archives

The long awaited (20 years give or take) Neil Young Archives are only coming to Blu-Ray. Check out the preview below, some of the footage is amazing. I have always wanted to see the footage of Neil and The Stray Gators playing Alabama and hopefully Words in a barn on Broken Arrow ranch or watching Neil play piano in front of a full orchestra. This will be the reason I buy a Blu-Ray player. That and if My Morning Jacket's Okonokos ever makes it to the format.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Carl Broemel - Lose What's Left

Carl Broemel, guitarist-steel-saxophonist for My Morning Jacket, released a solo album a while back. I cannot find the exact date or year but it was recorded when he was living in Los Angeles. I came across this album a while ago on The Musical Family Tree and it is free. My obvious fascination over My Morning Jacket and of Carl's awesome guitar playing peaked my interest. The moment I knew I loved his technique was when I was reading an interview, I think it was something for Guitar Center, with him and Mr. James and he mentioned he put a bigsby on his black Les Paul in order to pretend he was in Crazy Horse. Right away I thought that was really cool because I love Neil Young and I love Crazy Horse! Anyway, check out the download all zipped up for you or download them one by one at The Musical Family Tree.

Download - Carl Broemel - Lose What's Left

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ryan Adams

It seems like his label may be getting annoyed with him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Due to popular demand...

Their epic 2006 Bonnaroo show. They rage this one for around 3 hours, do a few covers and the alternate version of Dondante is worth the price of admission.

Download Pt. 1

Download Pt. 2

Download Pt. 3

Jim and Carl on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Download - Jim & Carl - Morning Becomes Eclectic

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wilco - Charlottesville, VA 2007-10-20

This is a great show by one of the best touring bands out there. I will be at the show at The Pageant in St. Louis on Thursday. These guys are are on their game all the fucking time man. Jeff Tweedy is partly responsible for my recent SG purchase, he just looks bad ass, hahaha. Hope you guys like this.

Download - Wilco - Charlottesville, VA 2007-10-20 - D1

Download - Wilco - Charlottesville, VA 2007-10-20 - D2

Radiohead - Scotch Mist

I did promise a Radiohead post before tomorrow and here we are. This time tomorrow I will be near St. Louis and getting ready to go to my first Radiohead concert. I have heard a lot of good things about there shows this tour and I hope they do not disappoint! On Sunday I caught their performance In The Basement on the MusicHD channel (MHD). It was sick obviously. This is them doing In Rainbows live in the studio. I hope you like!

Download Radiohead - Scotch Mist - A Film With Radiohead In It

My Morning Jacket - Saturday Night Live

Damnit these guys are good. I love the poses they all strike at the end of the performance of Evil Urges. I am looking forward to seeing them 2 nights in Chicago this October.

Tour Dates
06/13/08 Fri Bonnaroo Music Festival Manchester, TN
06/16/08 Mon Kool Haus Toronto, ON
06/17/08 Tue Le National Montreal, QC
06/20/08 Fri Radio City Music Hall New York, NY
06/25/08 Wed Leadmill Sheffield, UK

06/26/08 Thu Bristol Academy Bristol, UK
06/27/08 Fri Manchester Academy Manchester, UK
06/29/08 Sun Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury, UK
07/01/08 Tue Gruenspan Hamburg, GER
07/02/08 Wed Gebaude 9 Cologne, GER
07/04/08 Fri Rock Werchter Festival Werchter, BEL
07/06/08 Sun The Hop Farm Kent, UK
07/08/08 Tue Melkweg Amsterdam, NL
07/09/08 Wed Trabendo Paris, FRA
07/11/08 Fri The Rescue Rooms Nottingham, UK
07/12/08 Sat Oxegen Festival Naas, IR
07/13/08 Sun T in the Park Kinross, UK
07/15/08 Tue The Forum London, UK
07/19/08 Sat Benicassim Festival Valencia, SPA
07/26/08 Sat Pemberton Festival Pemberton, BC
08/16/08 Sat Waterfront Park Louisville, KY - Ben's bachelor party - MMJ and titties
08/18/08 Mon Uptown Theater Kansas City, MO
08/19/08 Tue Harrah's Casino & Hotel Council Bluffs, IA
08/21/08 Thu Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO
08/23/08 Sat Palladium Ballroom/Loft Dallas, TX
08/24/08 Sun Stubb's BBQ Austin, TX
08/27/08 Wed Fox Theatre Atlanta, GA
08/29/08 Fri The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater Miami Beach, FL
08/30/08 Sat House of Blues Orlando, FL
08/31/08 Sun House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC
09/02/08 Tue Charlottesville Pavilion Charlottesville, VA
09/03/08 Wed DAR Constitution Hall Washington, DC
09/05/08 Fri Festival Pier @ Penn's Landing Philadelphia, PA
09/06/08 Sat Bank Of America Pavilion Boston, MA
09/19/08 Fri Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA
09/21/08 Sun Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA
09/23/08 Tue Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZ
09/24/08 Wed The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, NV
09/25/08 Thu SDSU Open Air Theatre San Diego, CA
09/27/08 Sat Edgefield Troutdale, OR
09/28/08 Sun McCaw Hall Seattle, WA
10/02/08 Thu Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis, MN
10/03/08 Fri Riverside Theater Milwaukee, WI
10/04/08 Sat The Fillmore Detroit (State Theatre) Detroit, MI
10/09/08 Thu The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL
10/10/08 Fri The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wilco On TV

I got these recording from a friend a few days ago. The title is deceiving because I do not think that all of these are from TV appearances but it is a great collection of songs. They do some amazing covers, I Shall Be Released and Something In The Air are fine cuts, some interviews, all sorts of shit. In the next few days my posts will probably be very Radiohead and Wilco heavy, I am going to see them back to back nights in St. Louis next week and I could not be more fucking excited.

UPDATED 2009/10/01

Download - Wilco On TV

By the way, how fucking good is A Ghost Is Born?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ryan Adams Has Another New Blog

The old one was "hijacked" and now he has this one.

To be absolutely honest I am sick of this shit and I want some fucking music out of this guy! Do not get me wrong, I love this guy but enough with the horsing around and give me a fucking studio (or live) album! And the boxset! What about the boxset?! Is it really not going to happen?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre

Around a year ago my brother-in-law told me to get the Alvin Lee album On The Road To Freedom. I picked it up a used record shop and gave it a listen and really enjoyed it. They cover many different types of music on this album from rock to country to blues and they do a damn fine job of it too. Alvin Lee is a great guitarist, I love his fast paced shredding on the title track and that fat tone he gets on Fallen Angel. This is a dip into the classics and anybody that digs CSN(Y), Neil or The Allman Brothers should appreciate this. Enjoy

Download - Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre - On the Road to Freedom