Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DOWNLOAD - The Strokes - Demos, Covers & B-Sides

Tell Us Something Good
Some more Strokes goodness. Their big NYC show last weekend was supposed to be quite amazing.

01 Alone Together (i) [demo]
02 Alone Together (ii) [demo]
03 Barely Legal [demo]
04 Hawaii [b-side]
05 I'll Try Anything Once [demo]
06 In Her Prime [demo]
07 Is This It [demo]
08 Last Night [demo]
09 Lifes A Gas [ramones cover]
10 Mercy Mercy Me [marvin gaye cover]
11 Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men [b-side]
12 New York City Cops [demo]
13 Someday [demo]
14 Take It Or Leave It [demo]