Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DOWNLOAD - Paul Simon - Unplugged

This one is for my Hangout Friends. Get ready for a little Paul Simon on the beach! Stream his new record, So Beautiful or So Whathere.

From what I can tell this entire recording was never released so I think it's safe to post...

01 Born at the Right Time
02 Me and Julio
03 The Boy in the Bubble
04 The Coast (Breakdown)
05 The Coast
06 Mrs Robinson
07 Bridge Over Troubled Water
08 Graceland
09 Jonah
10 She Moves On
11 Still Crazy After All These Years
12 Cecilia
13 Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
14 Something So Right
15 The Boxer
16 Homeward Bound
17 Scarborough Fair
18 Born at the Right Time
19 Me and Julio
20 The Coast (False Start)
21 The Coast
22 Filling in Time Jam
23 Late in the Evening


Jen said...

I also higgghhhly recommend (if ya don't have it) "Rhythm of the Saints" album... features Born at the Right Time, The Coast, Spirit Voices, and many other gems!

DDD said...

What an unbelievable set! Thanks so much for posting this! The Steam Engine is Badass...with a capital "B."