Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New My Morning Jacket Website

Forum member ChiefOKONO has put together a great site with an archive of all MMJ articles, dating back to 1999!

Check it out!

Off The Record - The MMJ Article Archive

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Morning Jacket - From The Basement

I'd like to thank coldnebraskablue over at the MMJ forum for uploading and AVI version of this.

A very nice, polished set from our boys and we have both the audio and video for you all! I'll be putting this on the PS3 and watching it (again) over the weekend with a cocktail in hand. When will they be back!?!?!?!?!?! I NEED my live MMJ fix bad and seeing Monsters of Folk at the end of October is not enough!

Thank You Too
One Big Holiday
Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 1
Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2

The photo was taken from the From The Basement site, thanks, it's a great shot!

Download - My Morning Jacket - From The Basement - Audio
Download - My Morning Jacket - From The Basement - Video

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Who - Master's of Music

Recorded in Hydepark, London on 1996-06-29 with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on vocal and guitar on The Dirty Jobs and guitar on Love, Reign O'er Me.

01 The Real Me
02 The Dirty Jobs
03 I've Had Enough
04 5:15
05 Drowned
06 Love Reign O'er Me

Download - The Who - Master's of Music

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Beatles - Most Wanted Tracks

01 - Let it Be (Master Take)
02 - Helter Skelter (Complete Take 2 , 12m')
03 - Penny Lane (Alternative Mix)
04 - Hello Goodbye (Alternate Mix)
05 - Yesterday (Take 2)
06 - I Am The Walrus (Alternate Mix)
07 - Christmas Time Is Here Again
08 - What's the New Mary Jane? (Alternate long version)
09 - She's A Woman (Take 7 Extended length )
10 - Helter Skelter (Alternate Stereo Mix)

Download - The Beatles - Most Wanted Tracks

The Beatles - Euphoria in Australia

01 I Saw Her Standing There
02 I Want To Hold Your Hand
03 All My Loving
04 She Loves You
05 Till There Was You
06 Roll Over Beethoven
07 Can't Buy Me Love
08 This Boy
09 Twist & Shout
10 Long Tall Sally
11 You Can't Do That
12 All My Loving
13 She Loves You
14 Can't Buy Me Love
15 Twist & Shout
16 Long Tall Sally

Download - The Beatles - Euphoria in Australia

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stream Monsters of Folk

Head over to the gangs MySpace page to stream the entire album! I can't wait to pick this up on vinyl, that album cover is destined for a 12x12 frame!

Monsters of Folk MySpace

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pearl Jam - Uncovered

Nice collection of live covers. Who else is excited for Backspacer?

01 - Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)
02 - Break On Through (The Doors)
03 - Light My Fire (The Doors)
04 - Brass In Pocket (Chrissie Hynde)
05 - Baba O'Riley (Pete Townshend)
06 - Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)
07 - Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)
08 - Hold Your Head Up (Jason)
09 - My Generation (Pete Townsend)
10 - I've Got A Feeling (Lennon/McCartney)
11 - Going Down (Don Nix)
12 - Masters Of War (Bob Dylan)
13 - Fuckin' Up (Neil Young)
14 - Beast Of Burden (Jagger/Richards)

Download - Pearl Jam - Uncovered

Ryan Adams Launches Pax-Am Label

From twentyfourbit.com:

Ryan Adams’ “step back” from music is officially over, the question mark from our previous story can be removed, and the Radiohead/Trent Reznor/Jack White post major label club has a new member. Adams’ first official Pax-Am digital release, “Lost and Found”/”Go Ahead and Rain,” is now available on Ryanada.ms for $1.49 as a digital download pre-order for this Friday (9/11).

Sure, an MP3 release doesn’t confirm our “Ryan Adams to Relaunch Vinyl Label?” post, but a video of the production for an upcoming Adams vinyl release pretty much does the trick. Meanwhile, Adams also posted a video of a third brand new track earlier this week.

Is it just me or are we starting to settle in to this whole self-released music revolution?

Can't wait for Friday!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Dead Weather - Live at the 9:30 Club - 2009-7-14

I have been really satisfied with The Dead Weather's debut Horehound. Typically, female voices, lead female voices I should say, don't really do it for me. Don't know what it is. Alison Mosshart though, man. It's just seductive. It's dark. It's sexy. I can listen to her all day. Dean Fertita (lead guitar) is quite the player. I've never listened to Queens of the Stone Age and have zero knowledge of this man but his guitar solos on the opening track 60 Feet Tall are fucking excellent. And of course, Mr. Jack White. Is there anything this guy doesn't do? I personally like him beating up the skins, he has a raw approach that I dig. Oh yeah, Jack Lawrence is in the band too. I think his position is to stand off to the side of the stage and look like a pedophile.

Anyways, this show is excellent, it gives you a nice look into what these guys are all about.

Photo by PJ Sykes.

1. 60 Feet Tall
2. Bone House
3. Outside
4. So Far From Your Weapon
5. Cut Like a Buffalo
6. Forever My Queen
7. Rocking Horse
8. New Pony
9. No Hassle Night
10. Will There Be Enough Water?
11. Encore Break
12. Treat Me Like Your Mother
13. Child of a Few Hours
14. Hang You From The Heavens

Download - The Dead Weather - LIve at the 9:30 Club - 2009-7-14

Jim James - The Rudyard Kipling - 2007-06-03

I've got to thank Kory from the My Morning Jacket forum for sending this to me in February. I know, I know, why didn't I post this earlier? For no good reason! It's here now though. Thanks Kory, this is some special stuff.

Picture courtesy of 37 Flood.


Part One:
1. Fortified Wine
2. I Refuse
3. White Rabbit
4. Thoe Memories Of You
5. Tapping My Own Phone.
6. House Of The Rising Sun
7. For as Long as Space Endures
8. When I Hear That Train
9. Riding With Rebel Jesus, The Wanderer
10. The Sound OF Silence
11. Never Give Up

Parts 2 & 3
1. Tonight I Want to Celebrate With You
2. Look at You
3. At Dawn
4. It Beats 4 U
5. banter - Rudyard Kipling
6. Bermuda Highway
7. Hopefully
8. Old September Blues
9. banter - Chigago Song
10. The Way That He Sings
11. banter - Music & Politics
12. Gideon
13. I Will Be There When You Die
14. banter - Songs with double meanings
15. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
16. I Needed it Most
17. Dancefloors
18. What a Wonderful Man
19. banter - Rudyard Benefits
20. Nashville to Kentucky
21. banter - Snowy Bramble
22. Knot Comes Loose
23. Wordless Chorus
24. Golden
25. Into the Woods
26. The Bear
27. By My Car
28. Dondante
29. Ordinary
30. Anytime
31. banter - Sleeping masks project
32. Cherish
33. Settin' the Woods on Fire
34. Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man
35. Grievous Angel
36. banter - put on those masks!
37. Nobody (take 1)
38. Nobody

Download - Jim James - The Rudyard Kipling - 2007-06-03