Thursday, September 30, 2010

The White Stripes - 1999-02-03 - WDET Radio - Detroit, MI

I know, I know; I've been Jack White heavy lately. BUT, can you really blame me? The busiest man in rock just so happens to be one of the best. Jack hasn't been too busy with any of his mainstays lately (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather) but he has been busy producing The Greenhornes latest record, ****, as well as doing a bit of producing and playing some guitar for the Secret Sisters. I for one cannot wait to hear the next Greenhornes record and the Johnny Cash cover that he did with the Secret Sisters is absolutely smokin' (listen below).

Anyways, enjoy this gem from Detroit radio dating back to early 1999.

01 Interview
02 Sugar Never Tasted So Good
03 Interview
04 The Big Three Killed My Baby
05 Do
06 Interview
07 Jimmy The Exploder
08 Interview
09 Screwdriver
10 Interview
11 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
12 Interview

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Neil Young - Collector's Heartland

This is an excellent compilation of rare live Neil Young. The version of "This Note's For You" is phenomenal and extra bluesy.

In other Neil Young news, go check out his latest disc, Le Noise, that comes out today. It's excellent. He describes it as "folk metal" and I can't really argue there. It's just Neil with Old Black pumping out some of his most solid material in years. Right now the track "Love and War" is rocking my world. Musically, lyrically, the whole deal. Check out "Love and War" below

Disc I

1. This Note's For You - full version, The Palace, Los Angeles, April 13, 1988
2. Cocaine Eyes - Japan, 1989, Japan-only EP
3. Eldorado - Hit Factory, New York, 1989, Japan-only EP
4. Grey Riders - Tulsa 1985, remastered version
5. Interstate - Tulsa 1985, remastered version
6. White Line     - Broken Arrow Ranch, June 18, 1990
7. Mansion on the Hill - Broken Arrow Ranch, June 18, 1990
8. All Along the Watchtower - long version, October 17, 1992
9. Rockin' in the Free World - Mansfield, September 21, 1986
10. Sleeps with Angels - San Francisco, October 1, 1994
11. Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) - San Francisco, October 1, 1994
12. Don't Spook the Horse     - non-LP track
13. No More - September 30, 1989, remastered
14. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues     - October 17, 1992

Disc II

1. Interstate - long version, 12" single
2. Harvest Moon - Farm Aid 5
3. Old Man - Farm Aid 5
4. Heart of Gold - Farm Aid 5
5. Driveby - Bridge Benefit, October 1, 1994
6. On Broadway - Japan-only EP
7. Hippie Dream - September 1986
8. Powderfinger - Paris, December 11, 1989
9. The Needle and the Damage Done - Paris, December 11, 1989
10. Pocahontas - restored version
11. Prime of Life - from film set
12. Change Your Mind - Live from the Jonathan Demme film set
13. Like a Hurricane - Restored version
14. Philadelphia - Original soundtrack version

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wilco - 2005-02-24 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

What is it about this time of year that makes me yearn for Wilco? Here is a lovely set from Chicago's favorite band, the "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" cover is awesome.

Who else can't wait for some fresh material from these guys?

01. Handshake Drugs
02. Company In My Back
03. Hummingbird
04. Should've Been In Love
05. Jesus, Etc.
06. Muzzle Of Bees
07. Theologians
08. I'm Always In Love
09. At Least That's What You Said
10. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
11. A Shot In The Arm
12. Wishful Thinking
13. Poor Places
14. Reservations
15. Spiders (Kidsmoke)
16. Crowd

Encore I:

17. Misunderstood
18. California Stars
19. I'm The Man Who Loves You
20. The Late Greats
21. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
22. Crowd

Encore II:

23. Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
24. Hesitating Beauty
25. Heavy Metal Drummer
26. I'm A Wheel
27. Kingpin
28. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
29. Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bright Eyes - 2007-03-15 - BBC Session

A short but sweet set from Bright Eyes. This version of "Middle Man" is unbelievably beautiful.

01 June On The West Coast
02 Middle Man
03 Lullaby and Exile

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BREAKING - Ryan Adams Documentary by Danny Clinch in the Works

My friend Tim and I were just discussing how the painfully short "September" documentary just wasn't enough. Happy day!

Via Ryan Adams Facebook:

Ryan Adams 
a note from Danny Clinch:
"For those of you who, like myself, are fans of Ryan Adams and music in general you may be interested to know that I am currently well into a rough cut of a feature length documentary on the roughly one year of time I spent w/ Ryan and the Cardinals. Ryan can pack alot into a year (or a day, or a minute) and he did just that. Making three great albums , 29 , Cold Roses , and Jacksonville City Nights , oh and producing a Willie Nelson record (Song Bird) , meeting and touring w/ Phil Lesh , ( I can't believe I missed the metal record he made one night - I think I needed the sleep) , not to mention his paintings. To be honest , Ryan is pretty interesting and to get a good look into his creativity and madness is gonna be a treat, trust me.
We are looking for for any video you might have of Ryans fall in liverpool or any live performance of "29". Please message me on our facebook page or email thanks in advance for you support. "

The White Stripes - Jack White's Red Hot Blues Vol. 2

I truly hope I get to experience this duo at least once before they're time is up.

Thank you all again for helping the whole "copy cat" blog situation. You are wonderful.

01 I Just Can't Keep From Cryin' >Death Letter 2005-08-17 Los Angeles CA
02 Lord Send Me An Angel 2001-03-01 Silverlake CA
03 Ball & Biscuit>Instinct Blues> Ball & Biscuit 2005-09-16 Toronto ON
04 House of the Risin' Sun 2005-09-09 Indianapolis IN
05 Lafayette Blues 2001-09-14 Houston TX
06 Sister Don't You Know My Name 2005-08-17 Los Angeles CA
07 Hello Operator 2005-09-16 Toronto ON
08 Little Bird>Got Your Money>Little Bird 2004-08-01 Naeba Japan
09 St James Infirmary Blues 2005-09-19 Providence RI
10 The Big 3 Killed My Baby 2005-09-30 Detroit MI
11 Lovesick 2001-11-29 Montpellier France
12 You're Southern Can Is Mine 2001-03-01 Silverlake CA
13 Dyin' Crapshooter Blues 2001-06-03 Detroit MI
14 Stop Breaking Down 2002-06-30 Los Angeles CA
15 Stones In My Passway 2005-09-21 Boston MA
16 Instinct Blues 2005-09-30 Detroit MI
17 Let's Build A Home>Goin' Back to Memphis 2003-07-02 Chicago IL
18 Outlaw Blues 2003-11-24 Camden NJ
19 Rat Tease> Take A Whiff On Me 2003-05-30 Vienna Austria
20 You Can't Get That Stuff No More>Death Letter 2005-09-13 Louisville KY
21 Boll Weevil Blues 2005-08-17 Los Angeles CA

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Morning Jacket - 2005-11-23 - The Palace Theater

Photo by: George Thompson

You guys are awesome. Thank you all so much again for helping me with that thieving bastard!

Thank you Kory Johnson for taping this! For those of you not in the know, Kory is a wizard with a camera, check his stuff out.

Here is a taste of this excellent recording (sound quality is bonkers). Jim James doing a solo version of "Bermuda Highway," absolutely beautiful.

Disc 1:

01 Wordless Chorus
02 It Beats 4 U
03 Gideon 
04 One Big Holiday
05 Wonderful Man
06 Lowdown
07 I Will Sing You Songs
08 Golden
09 Sooner 
10 I Think I'm Going To Hell

Disc 2:

01 Lay Low
02 Off the Record
03 Dondante
04 Dancefloors
05 Anytime 
06 Louisville Pride
07 I Will Be There When You Die (Jim)
08 Bermuda Highway (Jim) 
09 At Dawn 
10 Run Thru
11 Magheeta


Thanks to every single one of you that dropped a line to that bastard that was ripping me off!!! The site is now gone.

I'd like to thank  @parkervb, @ezekiel2131, @sarabananabear, @_Chris_Edwards_, @sheilaroo, @thelongcut.

Also all the wonderful My Morning Jacket forum members that helped out - johnnYYac, Sticky Icky Green Stuff, el_chode and MarkW.

I can't forget all those that contributed but didn't leave a message/comment/tweet!

Thank you all so so so much, if I forgot to add you on this thank you list I apologize but know I'm in your debt.

I think I owe you guys some serious material, stay posted!

In the words of the great Joe Namath - "I want to kiss you."

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Being Stolen From - HELP

Hello everyone!

Here is the deal: some sh*t site, "I'm Feeling Supersonic," is ripping every single one of my posts off. This site is using my RSS feed to supply their site with content. Every single post since October 2009 is on this site without giving The Steam Engine or Jason any credit.

There is no contact information and comments are on an approval basis only. I've left comments (not approved of course) and I've emailed the hosting service being used. It is a WordPress blog but unfortunately they have no control over the situation.

What am I asking of you? Please please please flood that site with comments and please please please contact the hosting service letting them know what is going on. I can't get a response from anyone but maybe if there is an influx of message something will be done.

If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know, I don't want this to go on any longer.

Thank you for lending hand, my appreciation cannot be conveyed with words!

The rip off site - I'm Feeling Supersonic
The hosting service contact page -

Example message - "Hi, I couldn't help but notice this page ( is stealing every single post from this page ( Clearly this is not right. Please do something about it!

Thank you.


Anonymous Comment:

Just wanted to let you know that when I click on the link to the rip-off site, our corporate web filter (Barracuda) blocks it and states that it's a "Phishing and Fraud" site.

Bad stuff! Be careful.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jack White - 2004-01-30 - John Peel Session - London, England

Our 16th President of these United States has been bloggin' up a storm over at Mystic Chords of Memory V. 2. He's been throwing some pretty amazing stuff lately so head on over when you get a second.

This is a great session between Jack White and now deceased legendary disc jockey, John Peel. They talk tunes, play stuff for one another and then Jack breaks out a guitar and gets some playing done. Check out the fantastic track "Never Far Away" that Jack White wrote for that mountain movie he was in.

01  Intro
02  Interview I
03  Interview II
04  Interview III
05  Interview IV
06  Interview V
07  Interview VI
08  Who's To Say
09  Jack The Ripper
10  Never Far Away
11  Banter
12  Van Lear Rose
13  Outro

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Racounteurs - From The Basement

Photo taken from "From The Basement" website.

Same deal as yesterday with The White Stripes "From The Basement," there is more to it, I just can't track down decent quality stuff. Listen to these excellent 3 tracks in the meantime though! I love how Jack is sounding a little hoarse throughout this recording.

01 Consolers of the Lonely
02 Carolina Drama
03 Rich Kid Blues

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The White Stripes - From The Basement

A short but sweet set from one of my favorite acts. There is more to this set but everything I can find is sub par quality wise, I'm working on it though!

01 Intro
02 Blue Orchid > Party Of Special Things To Do

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Dead Weather - 2009-06-26 - Glastonbury Festival

Rock out this weekend guys.

01 Intro
02 60 Feet Tall
03 Treat Me Like Your Mother
04 Bone House
05 A Child Of A Few Hours
06 I Cut Like A Buffalo
07 Hang You From The Heavens
08 New Pony
09 Will There Be Enough Water?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Iron & Wine Album Coming Early 2011

This is certainly excellent news. It's been too long since this man has put out new music. The record is called Kiss Each Other Clean and is hitting shelves early 2011. Check out the video's below for a taste of what this man does.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ryan Adams - Ryan is Dead (Grateful Dead Covers)

Nice compilation of Ryan Adams playing Grateful Dead covers. Enjoy "Not Fade Away" below, enjoy guys!

Thanks Chris Goodwin ( for putting this together!

1. Cold Rain & Snow
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 7/16/2005
location: Red Rocks Amphitheater-Morrison, CO

2. Friend Of The Devil
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 7/16/2005
LOCATION: Red Rocks Amphitheater-Morrison, CO

3. Bird Song
DATE: 6/3/2005
LOCATION: Northern Lights-Clifton Park, NY

4. Truckin' >
5. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad >
6. Not Fade Away
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 7/15/2005
LOCATION: Fillmore Auditorium-Denver, CO

7. He's Gone
DATE: 7/22/2006
LOCATION: Norva-Norfolk, VA

8. It Must Have Been The Roses
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 7/15/2005
LOCATION: Fillmore Auditorium-Denver, CO

1. Wharf Rat
DATE: 7/23/2006
LOCATION: Charlottesville Pavilion-Charlottesville, VA

2. St. Stephen
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 12/29/2005
LOCATION: Fillmore Auditoium-San Francisco, CA

3. Bertha
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 7/16/2005
LOCATION: Red Rocks Amphitheater-Morrison, CO

4. Franklin's Tower
DATE: 7/25/2006
LOCATION: Bijou Theatre-Knoxville, TN

5. China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 7/16/2005
LOCATION: Red Rocks Amphitheater-Morrison, CO

6. Stella Blue
DATE: 10/16/2006
LOCATION: Muffathalle-Munchen, Germany

7. Ripple
w/Phil Lesh & Friends
DATE: 12/31/2005
LOCATION: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium-San Francisco, CA

Kings of Leon - Radioactive Video

Not sure where I stand with this just yet. Maybe it's the video I don't care for. Hmmmm... I will say I'm back into their previous work after a great night in Indianapolis last Friday though, just not sure about this one. It is nice to see Caleb with an acoustic though.

Be looking for their new disc, Come Around Sundown, on October 19th.

01. The End
02. Radioactive
03. Pyro
04. Mary
05. The Face
06. The Immortals
07. Back Down South
08. Beach Side
09. No Money
10. Pony Up
11. Birthday
12. Mi Amigo
13. Pickup Truck

Oh yeah, an MP3 of this song may or may not be hidden somewhere on this page (hint: QR code)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Radiohead - Live in Prague Concert Film

I've made a smaller version of the near 8 gigabyte fan made Radiohead concert to share a little easier. This one is  a cool 1.6 gigabytes, is in MP4 formate and can be downloaded below! If you want the huge file size version head here, enjoy guys this is really great!

LouFest Coverage

I had the good fortune of attending the first ever LouFest in St. Louis, MO last weekend. For a first time fest I must say that I am impressed. Things were priced well, they were organized and they drew some pretty big names to grace the stages.

As everyone knows "going green" is the "bomb" right now and LouFest did not skip in that department. There were recycling tents set up all over and a recycling can next to every garbage can. There were plenty of green sponsors and a heavy emphasis on alternate transportation.

The crowds were a little thin but I imagine that after a successful first year the second should be better. I was told that it wasn't marketed very thourougly in St. Louis which is surprising especially considering the fest was held in the absolutely massive Forest Park that has two large universities on either side of it.

Another great thing about the fest was the lack of hipsters and hoopsters! I only saw a few but I made sure to kick the sh*t out of the ones I did see.

Day 1

Bottle Rockets

They seem to going for a country sound these days. Not really good country though, like, Tim McGraw pop country. They were sounding good, just wasn't my cup of tea.


I was quite surprised by this 3 piece. We heard them during sound check and it sounded cool but I was skeptical because of their atrocious band name. They brought it though. Stephanie Morgan, the groups singer/guitarist, has a set of pipes on her! She knows how to manipulate her voice to the music and it really worked well. Their lyrics were so-so but this group does have potential.


I couldn't believe how much they sounded like Son Volt! Both musically and vocally they were really broadcasting the "alt-country" signal. The front man was actually very sick ( "puking from both ends" as he put it) but apparently it did something to his voice! I liked it, my sister (the Lucero fan) said she didn't. Either way, they sounded good despite illnes, they did end their set about 20 minutes early though, he was getting hooked up to an IV apparently.

Built to Spill

On record I'm not crazy about the vocals of frontman Doug Martsch but live I thought he sounded great. The guitars in this band are rediculous too! It was great to see some guitar raging after a day that was seriously lacking it. They were able to play 30 minutes past their set time too.

Day 2

Fruit Bats

This is a band that will get some of my time over the next few months. They seem much more tame on record than they are live. It was the perfect first time exposure I'd say. Eric D. Johnson is a compelling front man with a great voice and I must say they all seemed to be enjoying the hell out of themselves while on stage.

Alejandro Escovedo

Another first time exposure, Alejandro Escovedo and his band played a set that reminded me of a version Bruce Springstein that I actually like.

Jeff Tweedy

What can I even say here? Jeff Tweedy solo is an absolute treat every single time. Apparently the mayor of St. Louis annouced August 29th as "Jeff Tweedy Day" to which Jeff Tweedy responded with "the stupidest thing I've every heard." Tweedy is good with the crowd. He played all sorts of Wilco classics but I must say I was bummed he did not play the Tweedy written Mavis Staples song "You Are Not Alone."

She & Him

Man that Zoey Deschanel is a babe! Oh yeah, she sings too and plays a little keyboard too. I love her voice but I must say she looks quite bored on stage, she makes next to no facial expressions seemingly ever. M. Ward was his cool self as usual, just kind of hanging out playing the guitar and lending some vocals here and there. We did get a few M. Ward solo songs and a rockin' version of "Roll Over Beethoven" to end the fest out.

LouFest had a good first year and I think with some minor tweaks it can really become something special. They drew some great acts this year and hopefully they can use this momentum to lock down some more next year.

Good work LouFest.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Morning Jacket - 2010-08-29 - The Great Plaza - Philly, PA

This is one smokin' show. They are really raging on this great audience recording. Great quality, thank you Jesse Hurlburt for taping!!!

Tomorrow I will have my  St. Louis LouFest coverage up and I should have the Radiohead/fan made concert film up as well. 

01 Rollin Back (intro)
02 The Way That He Sings
03 Gideon
04 Anytime
05 Mahgeetah
06 Golden
07 Circuital
08 It Beats 4 U
09 Honest Man
10 I'm Amazed
11 Easy Morning Rebel
12 Tonite I Want to Celebrate With You
13 Steam Engine
14 Smokin From Shootin
15 (end of) Run Thru
16 Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2
17 (end of) Lay Low
18 Wordless Chorus
19 Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.1
20 Highly Suspicious
21 Off The Record
22 One Big Holiday