Friday, January 29, 2010


I was on there site just before I posted the set right below and this was not on there. Southerners rejoice!!!!

US Spring Tour with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band

My Morning Jacket will be touring the Southeastern United States this Spring, including a performance at this year’s Jazzfest in New Orleans. The band is honored to announce that the historic Preservation Hall Jazz Band will be supporting them on the run.

Tickets for the shows go on sale next Friday and Saturday, February 5th and 6th.

Check the shows page for all upcoming shows and ticket info.

Date City Venue Country
04/20/2010 My Morning Jacket in Birmingham, AL Alabama Theater US
on sale 2/5 10am
04/21/2010 My Morning Jacket in Nashville, TN Municipal Auditorium US
on sale 2/5 10am
04/23/2010 My Morning Jacket in Atlanta, GA Chastain Park US
on sale 2/5 10am
04/24/2010 My Morning Jacket in New Orleans, LA Jazz & Heritage Festival US
Buy tickets
04/27/2010 My Morning Jacket in St. Augustine, FL St. Augustine Amphitheater US
on sale 2/5 10am
04/28/2010 My Morning Jacket in Charleston, SC Family Circle US
on sale 2/5 10am
04/30/2010 My Morning Jacket in Raleigh, NC Koka Booth US
on sale 2/5 10am
05/01/2010 My Morning Jacket in Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion US
on sale 2/19 10am
05/02/2010 My Morning Jacket in Columbus, OH LC Outdoor Pavilion US
on sale 2/6 10am

My Morning Jacket - The Fox Theatre - 2004-05-16

When will you have something for us guys?!?! Not even a record, just an announcement, some news, a demo, ANYTHING!?!

What timing! Not 3 hours after I posted this the Southern tour was announced!!!

Not a soundboard unfortunately but a VERY good sounding audience recording. Wouldn't post it otherwise! Check out Andrew Bird on "Steam Engine."

Thanks Tony Stack for the totally awesome picture. This guy has a SICK collection of concert photos at his site, go check him out.

Mike B, I love tapers like yourself.

Disc 1:

1. Intro >
2. One Big Holiday
3. O is the One That is Real
4. Dancefloors
5. How Do You Know
6. The Bear
7. Death Is The Easy Way *
8. It Beats 4 U (or Space Manner Transgression Policy #29 in B-Flat Major)
9. Lowdown
10. The Way That He Sings
11. Strangulation

Disc 2:

1. Steam Engine *
2. Run Thru
3. Cobra (Middle section only)
4. Golden
5. Mahgeetah

Download - My Morning Jacket - The Fox Theatre - 2004-05-16

Spoon - The Fillmore West - 2008-09-22

It just doesn't stop. I can't stop listening to these guys.

Thanks for the excellent recording and the photo!

They Never Got You
Don't You Evah
Rhythm & Soul
Stay Don't Go
Jonathon Fisk
Delicate Place
Ghost of You Lingers
Beast and Dragon, Adored
Me and the Bean
I Turn My Camera On
Written in Reverse
Chicago at Night
Who Makes Your Money
Don't Make Me A Target
Finer Feelings
I Summon You
You Got Your Cherry Bomb
Black Like Me
Peace Like A River
Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
Rocks Off

Download - Spoon - The Fillmore West - 2008-09-22

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spoon - Morning Becomes Eclectic - 2010-01-20

Norah Jones - The Chicago Theater - 2004-09-12

Boy do I love her latest release The Fall. Until I get some more recent shows for you guys enjoy this gem from 2004.

01 What Am I to You? 3:56
02 Those Sweet Words 3:28
03 The Prettiest Thing 3:52
04 I've Got to See You Again 6:18
05 Painter Song 3:08
06 In the Morning 6:37
07 Is It Lonely? 3:26
08 The Nearness of You 3:59
09 Humble Me 4:48
10 Long Way Home 4:13
11 Don't Know Why 3:50
12 Creepin' In 5:28
13 Above Ground 4:42
14 Sunrise 4:08
15 She 3:54
16 Come Away with Me 4:22
17 Life is a Carnival 5:18

18 Turn Me On 4:40
19 Lonestar 3:16

Download - Norah Jones - The Chicago Theater - 2004-09-12

Spoon Covers Compilation

You Ain't No Picasso is cover comp' central. Today we have Spoon's 22 covers. Guys, I adore this band right now. Who's seeing them in Chicago in April?

Spoon covers compilation page.

Spoon – Modern World (Wolf Parade)
Spoon – Peace Like a River (Paul Simon)
Spoon – Panic (The Smiths)
Spoon – Situation Vacant (the Kinks)
Spoon – Set Me Free (the Kinks)
Spoon – Moments (the Kinks)
Spoon – A Good Flying Bird (Guided by Voices)
Spoon – Isolation (John Lennon)
Spoon – Rocks Off (the Rolling Stones)
Spoon – Melted Pat (Guided By Voices)
Spoon – Held (Smog)
Spoon – It’s Gonna Take an Airplane (Dan Bejar)
Spoon – Loose (Stooges)
Spoon – Lowdown (Wire)
Spoon – Used To (Wire)
Spoon – Rocket USA (Suicide)
Spoon – Roller Coaster (13th Floor Elevators)
Spoon – I Am the Key (the La’s)
Spoon – I’m Goin Down (Bruce Springsteen)
Spoon – Bring it On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)
Spoon – Decora (Yo La Tengo)
Spoon – Tear Me Down (Hedwig & the Angry Inch)
Spoon – Upwards at 45 Degrees (Julian Cope)
Spoon – This Damn Nation (the Godfathers)
Drake Tungsten – Let Me Roll It (Paul McCartney)
Spoon – Irrigation Man (John Clayton)
Spoon – If You Say So (Laughingstocks)
Spoon – Party Up (Prince)
Britt Daniel – Cut My Friend Down (Julian Cope)
Britt Daniel – Not Me (Colin Newman)
Britt Daniel – Run, Lieutenant, Run (Crooked Fingers)
Drake Tungsten – Secrets (the Cure)
Drake Tungsten – Do the Manta Ray (the Pixies)

Download - Spoon Covers Compilation

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Who - Quadrophenia Live - San Jose Arena - 1996-10-20

One of my favorite records of all time live. Would love to find a '73/'74 soundboard...

CD 1:
01 - I Am The Sea
02 - The Real Me
03 - Quadrophenia
04 - Cut My Hair
05 - The Punk Meets The Godfather
06 - I'm One
07 - The Dirty Jobs
08 - Helpless Dancer
09 - Is It In My Head
10 - I've Had Enough
11 - 515
12 - Sea And Sand
13 - Drowned
14 - Bell Boy
15 - Unknown

CD 2:
01 - Doctor Jimmy
02 - The Rock
03 - Love, Rein O'er Me
04 - I Am The Face
05 - I Am The Face
06 - Won't Get Fooled Again
07 - Behind Blue Eyes
08 - Who Are You

Download - The Who - Quadrophenia Live - San Jose Arena - 1996-10-20

My Morning Jacket Covers Compilation

Thanks You Ain't No Picasso for this!

I believe this is being updated on the reg' (or as new covers surface, I really wanted to use "reg"), check it out here.

Thanks Andrew C. for sending this to me earlier in the month.

Click on the image for the tracklisting!

Download - My Morning Jacket Covers Compilation

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wilco - 2004 A Ghost Is Born Tour Compilation

I remember first hearing this record. My bro in law, sister and a friend were headed to Hayward, WI for a weeding weekend (sick f*cking time) and my brother in law had a copy of this and about every Ryan Adams record to date (this was 2004). I was into music then, but not like I am now so I hadn't jumped all over that release. Well, after hearing Tweedy break into a fit of rage after the lyrics of delicately titled "At Least That's What You Said" I was sold. Enjoy!

This is 53 tracks long, too many to type out tonight guys. Just f*cking download it!

Download - Wilco - 2004 A Ghost Is Born Tour Compilation

Spoon - Live at the 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C. - 2007-10-23

Am I into these guys lately. Anyone have any high quality recordings? Send 'em on down!

01 – I Could See The Dude
02 – Utilitarian
03 – Minor Tough
04 – Fitted Shirt
05 – Anything You Want
06 – Me And The Bean
07 – Small Stakes
08 – The Way We Get By
09 – Stay Don’t Go
10 – Jonathan Fisk
11 – Back To The Life
12 – The Beast And The Dragon, Adored
13 – The Delicate Place
14 – I Summon You
15 – Don’t Make Me A Target
16 – The Ghost Of You Lingers
17 – You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
18 – The Underdog
19 – Black Like Me
20 – Japanese Cigarette Case
21 – Peace Like A River
22 – I Turn My Camera On
23 – Don’t you Evah
24 – Rhthm & Soull
25 – My Mathematical Mind

Download - Spoon - Live at the 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C. - 2007-10-23

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bon Iver - JJJ Studios - Like A Version -2009-01-23

01 Interview
02 Creature Fear
03 Interview
04 The Park
05 Outro

Download - Bon Iver - JJJ Studios - Like A Version -2009-01-23

Ryan Adams & Elton John - CMT Crossroads - 2002-04-02

Got this from good ol' Honest Abe from Mystic Chords Of Memory V.2 a ways back. Great stuff.

01 – Intro
02 – Firecracker
03 – Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
04 – Stage Banter
05 – Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
06 – La Cienega Just Smiled
07 – Stage Banter
08 – Answering Bell
09 – Answering Bell
10 – Daniel
11 – Stage Banter
12 – Oh My Sweet Carolina
13 – Set Break
14 – Interview
15 – Set Break
16 – Saturday Night
17 – He’ll Have To Go
18 – He’ll Have To Go
19 – I Still Miss Someone
20 – Ooh Las Vegas
21 – Great Balls Of Fire
22 – Sin City
23 – Lovesick Blues
24 – He’ll Have To Go
25 – Tiny Dancer
26 – Stage Banter
27 – Rocket Man
28 – Rocket Man
29 – Show Intro
30 – Show Intro

Download - Ryan Adams & Elton John - CMT Crossroads - 2002-04-02

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hey guys. So I'm a liar. Didn't get one thing up for everyone this week. I apologize, it's been crazy. I have like 15 shows just waiting to get posted, next week I'll do 2 a day. Fair? Good. Have a good weekend guys.

Suggested weekend listening:

Spoon - Gimme Fiction
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Chicago 2007
Alberta Cross - Broken Side of Time
MMJ - Bunbury Theater - 1999

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some stuff...

Hey guys. Just have some random things that are flyin' through my brain, think I might do some updates like this here and there.

I am sure you are all WELL aware of situation in Haiti, text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10. It will get tacked onto your phone bill. If you need some persuasion, please look here.

Hmmmm....been listening to lots and lots of Iron & Wine lately. Our Endless Numbered Days, The Shepherds Dog and, of course, the recording from the solo acoustic set I saw a while back. Sam Beam is a unique cat. His guitar playing is a real pleasure to listen to and I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge he has one of the best voices in the game. Check out the music player on the right for some Iron and Wine tunes and this stuff right here:

The Raconteurs set that I posted the other day has been lighting my ears up. After a couple hours of Iron and Wine some Jack White and Co. destroying songs like the Sonny Bono penned (and Cher performed) classic Bang, Bang, Level and Intimate Secretary is just what I need.

Local favorites Model Stranger have really had my attention lately. Their EP, A Boy and His Crown, is good, I really enjoy it. Live though, they really kick it up a notch (multiple notches are kicked actually) and the songs get Mark McGwire'd with this power that's quite remarkable. I'll hopefully have some live stuff for you all soon but in the meantime I've been watching this video on the reg:

Take a peek at their EP, it's streaming off the the right. If you have the chance, go check these guys out. Chicagoan's, I am looking at you in particular. There manager told me that if you mention this blog post at one of their shows he will fellate you on the spot. KIDDING, of course. But I have been talking with these guys a bit and they seem to be brewin' up a pretty fine batch of new tunes for their upcoming album. The demos I've heard show a band in transition; growing, maturing and honing their craft. The taste I was given has me wanting more, I am so so so excited about their next album.

Model Stranger goes on tour starting April 4th. They'll be cruisin' out to Colorado and back and will end the tour with their CD release part at The Cubby Bear in Chicago (Wrigleyville) on April 24th.

I'll have some cool stuff for you guys next week, have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Morning Jacket - NYE 2006 - The Filmore - San Fransisco, CA

You guys made that happen quick. Just a couple of days after posting MMJ's slot in's Most Important Shows of the Decade, NYE 2006, someone got it up to Demonoid and now it's up here. Thank you, everyone involved, this is fucking excellent. Audio is excellent, it's a Sirius or some satellite radio source. This is the set list, tunes only, there are other tracks, filler and what not. The intro is great.

MMJ NYE 2006 - A night in pictures
MMJ NYE 2006 - info and art

1. One Big Holiday
2. What A Wonderful Man
3. The Way That He Sings
4. Gideon
5. Off the Record
6. It Beats 4 U
7. Lowdown
8. Lay Low
9. The Dark
10. Golden
11. Dondante
12. Run Thru
13. They Ran
14. Celebration (Kool & The Gang)
15. All Night Long (Lionel Richie)
16. Careless Whisper (Wham!)
17. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Prince)
18. Cobra
19. Phone Went West
20. Honest Man
21. The Bear
22. Steam Engine
23. Wordless Chorus
24. Easy Morning Rebel
25. Dancefloors
26. Highway To Hell (AC/DC)
27. Anytime
28. Mahgeetah

Photo by: Angela Prazza

Download - My Morning Jacket - NYE 2006 - The Filmore - San Fransisco, CA

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Raconteurs - Live at the Manchester Apollo 2006-10-15

I've been Jack White crazy since seeing the very cool guitar doc It Might Get Loud. It features Mr. White, Jimmy Page and "The Edge" (I'm not a U2 fan or a fan of anyone that refers to themselves as "The Edge" but his parts were alright). What really got me though was a clip of Jack White raging a solo on the tune "Blue Veins" from The Raconteurs debut album Broken Boy Soldiers. Jack is bleeding all over his guitar (they later show the blood smeared guitar) while he relentlessly hits note after note, each one a darker blue than the last. Anyways, please enjoy and check out that doc when you get a chance.

CD 1
Back To You
Christian Life
Bang Bang

Store Bought Bones
Yellow Sun
Blue Veins Intro
Blue Veins
Intimate Secretary
Steady as She Goes
Broken Boy Soldiers

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Morning Jacket - Blue Moon

Just a little Wednesday afternoon delight in light of Yim Yames announcement today. This is from Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 5.

Download - My Morning Jacket - Blue Moon

Monday, January 4, 2010 - Most Important Shows of the Decade...

Our boys grabbed a spot.

My Morning Jacket | 12/31/06
The Fillmore | San Francisco, CA

There have been many epic My Morning Jacket shows over the past decade - their "coming-of-age" afternoon set in the rain of Bonnaroo 2004; their marathon late night set there four years later; the hometown party in Louisville at Waterfront Park in August 2008; and the huge NYE gig a few months later at Madison Square Garden. Any of these concerts could have made our list, but it was MMJ's New Year's Eve 2006 run at The Fillmore that takes the cake. The band was experiencing huge growth, both musically and in terms of ticket sales and would soon be dubbed "America's best live band" by Rolling Stone, LA Weekly and many JamBase writers to name a few. This show put them on one of the most famous stages in the world on the biggest night of them all and they killed it.

The three-night extravaganza culminated in a sprawling NYE celebration that included an ambitious theatrical element inspired by the old video game The Oregon Trail. The mood was built upon a "Donner Party meets Little House On The Prairie" theme with the band dressed as settlers and native Americans, and the spirits came to life with a number of well executed skits that eventually found bassist Two-Tone Tommy coming back from the dead and killing his bandmates in retribution for eating him earlier in the show (food was scarce on the trail). And that was just the backdrop for a night of extremely well played classic Jacket tracks mixed with rare nuggets and a slew of covers including AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," Kool & The Gang's "Celebration," Lionel Richie's "All Night Long," Wham's "Careless Whisper" and Prince's "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man." The show was an instant classic. But like most of the bands that really stick with us, a Jacket concert is more than just a rock show. It's big, heady stuff and has the ability to open us up and help us feel and connect. It's an experience, and on NYE 2006 My Morning Jacket seized the moment and created something special. What The Fillmore run announced was a world class band with ambitions beyond just performing their songs well. (Kayceman)