Friday, April 15, 2011

Kick Off Your Weekend Right: With My Morning Jacket – Circuital

I can’t even believe the degree of excitement and wonder I have been feeling this week! So many amazing and thrilling things have happened over the past few days, it almost seems unreal. Let’s start with the major happenings:

-My Morning Jacket released the first single from Circuital, Circuital.”

-Circuital is now up for pre-order, with a sweet-ass Limited Deluxe Box edition option available.

-Announcement and registration for the new, official My Morning Jacket fan club, called Roll Call.

-A hint about a forthcoming LIVE BOX SET
And just this morning, as part of my Roll Call membership, I learned that MMJ will announce additional summer tour dates! Am I forgetting anything? Am I dreaming?

What an awesome week this has been indeed! And it’s only going to get better in the coming weeks. Over at The Countdown, we’re still covering the EPs and soon will be covering more demos, covers (at request!), and b-sides. Be on the lookout!

Today, it’s probably most fitting to cover a song that is relatively new to us all: “Circuital.”
Although many of us have been listening to You Ain’t No Picasso’s bootleg, live version of “Circuital” since August (or have been lucky enough to have heard it live already!), the recently released studio version really gives us a feel for how the full-length studio album is going to sound. So far, Jim’s description of “wholesome” seems right on.

Spinning out: gracefully.
Going nowhere: quickly.
I am older: day-by-day.
Still going back to my childhood way.

As I am getting to know this track, I realize its ever-increasingly positive effect on my mood. With its tinges of classic rock styles and older MMJ, “Circuital” simultaneously introduces new concepts and styles to us. This lovely seven-minute groove is entirely optimistic about how life is circular and brings us right back to the gorgeous and haunting melody it started out with. “Circuital” itself is circuital.

Round and round, patiently.
Getting lost, by the guide,
And I'm all worked up over nothing….

Ultimately, I think we should let this track (and MMJ) speak for itself:

I hope you all have been enjoying this track as much as I have (and have had it on repeat for the past four days!), and if this track is any indicator of what Circuital is going to feel like, May 31st can’t come soon enough. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!