Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Iron & Wine - Sam Beam acoustic - Live on KCRW 2007

There is something about this man and an acoustic guitar that is really special. Boy With a Coin and Trapeze Swinger are great on this. Enjoy!

02.Peace Beneath The City
03.Sodom South Georgia
04.Boy With A Coin
06.Resurrection Fern
07.Woman King
08.Trapeze Swinger
10.He Lays In The Reins (Calexico Cover)

Download - Iron & Wine - Sam Beam acoustic - Live on KCRW 2007

My Morning Jacket - Chicago - 2008-12-27/28

Man o man. The Jacket is back and they have not lost a step. Based on the past shows in Chicago you never would have guessed that Jim James and Co. were off the road for 2.5 months. Saturday was fantastic, I was on the floor, you can see my position from some of the pictures. Sunday, wow, Sunday. I am going to focus on Sunday just because it is more fresh in my mind and it was clearly the better of two nights (both were mind blowing). A friend bailed on a ticket last minute so my Dad took the ticket. He only listens to MMJ with me and has somewhat limited exposure but I think he wanted to see what I have been fussing about for the past few years. We had box seats on the upper balcony and they were soooo sweet. We had a great view of the stage and a waitress always near us so we did not have to miss a beat. A slightly varied version of At Dawn kicked things off for the night. It sounded like the bass was more pronounced or maybe even slightly different, maybe I am crazy though. I'm Amazed is a favorite of my Father's and they jammed through that with the ferocity of The Who circa 1971. The setlist was pretty tame (for the Jacket) for the first 11 songs, until Anytime. It was like Anytime kicked off a different concert. It was non stop blow your brains out rock after that. I was really hoping to hear Remnants and sure enought they played a blistering version. Carl really rages on this song and let me note that he was more animated these past 2 shows than I have noticed in shows past, awesome. During Lay Low I am pretty sure I saw dust falling from the Chicago Theater's 7 story ceiling. Off the Record was similar to the version found on SXSW 2008 and was absolutely ridiculous. I Think I'm Going To Hell was an unexpected treat. Smokin From Shootin into Touch Me Pt. II was magical as usual. I was surprised to hear Run Thru after Touch II since they had been closing sets with Touch II but my god. My Dad, the casual Jacket fan who has been going to concerts since 1975 (his first was Led Zep in 75') said that Run Thru was, and I quote "The best jam he has ever seen." He has reiterated that several times since too. The encore break was Jim James playing a gorgeour solo acoustic version to Look at You and then the rest of the band came out and played Nashville to Kentucky, another very unexpected treat. Steam Engine blew everyone away I think. The added guitar solo at the end was a nice touch. After this song my Dad looked at me and said "They did it again!" Cobra was nothing short of perfect and the second time I heard it this year, which is cool. One Big Holiday pretty much blew the roof off the place.

I honestly cannot think of a band I would rather see live. If it were not for the crowd I would say Chicago night II rivaled that of the Louisville show earlier this year. What is unfortunate about seeing shows at some venues in Chicago is that it is more of a social event for some people, they are there because they heard Golden or Off the Record on XRT and decide to check it out. What are you going to do? We waited outside the stage door both nights with some friends from Minneapolis. The first night we saw Jim James get rushed away in a van by himself and the second my group and I left while the guys and gals from Minneapolis stuck around and met Bo and Tommy.

All the pictures are from the first night.

Jim James is beardless.

As an added note, my Dad, the casual fan, said it was one of the best shows he has ever seen.

For those of you going to The Garden for NYE tomorrow night: be ready, if Chicago was any indicator it is going to be a show for the ages.

At Dawn
It Beats
Evil Urges
I'm Amazed
Wonderful Man
I Will Sing
Thank You Too
Lay Low
Highly Suspicious
Off the Record
Smokin From Shootin
Touch Me Pt 2
Run Thru

Look at You (Acc)
Nashville to Kentucky
Steam Engine

--evil urges
--touch me pt 1
--aluminum park
--i'm amazed
--thank you too
--sec walkin
--way he sings
--where to begin
--war begun (HOLY SHIT)
--lay low
--phone went west
--smokin from shootin
--touch me pt. 2

--wordless chorus
--highly suspicious
--one big holiday

Friday, December 26, 2008

Congrats My Morning Jacket

Jambase.com band of the year. Good work guys.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Posts

Sorry for the lack of them, busy season. I have some good stuff to post tomorrow. Getting excited for MMJ in Chicago. Anyone visiting Chicago that wants to see the Chicago Theater, do it soon. After MMJ's 2 night stint I am pretty sure it will be completely demolished from the extreme levels of rocking that will be occurring.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MMJ to attend Perez Hilton's NYE Party?

This is odd.

Dime Invite

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Derek.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wilco - And Sum Aren't

This is a rare bonus disc to Summerteeth (amazing record, my first venture into Wilco almost a decade ago). I think everyone will enjoy this.

01 I Must Be High
02 Pick Up The Change
03 Passenger Side
04 Monday (demo version)
05 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
06 Hotel Arizona
07 Outtasite (Outta Mind) (Live version 6/7/97)
08 Someone Else's Song
09 Red Eye And Blue (Live) *
10 Box Full Of Letters (Live) *
11 Why Would You Wanna Live (Live)
12 Forget The Flowers (Live) *
13 The Lonely 1
14 Sunken Treasure (Live) *
15 At My Window Sad And Lonely (with Billy Bragg)
16 Blasting Fonda (non album track)

* Recorded Live At C'est What in Toronto 1999

Download - Wilco - And Sum Aren't

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Evil Urges #4 on Rolling Stone's Top 50 Albums of the Year

From Rolling Stone:

Jim James and his bearded crew became the year's mightiest rock band by embracing indie, Southern and hippie rock, but also by transcending what those categories mean. Evil Urges, the Kentucky group's fifth studio album, took My Morning Jacket's pigeonhole-dodging style to wild and crazy new lengths: James indulged in a Prince-style soulman falsetto on the title track, and "Highly Suspicious" stepped to a brittle New Wave funk groove that was nearly unrecognizable as My Morning Jacket — at least until the Lynyrd Skynyrd-flavored multiguitar break kicked in. On Evil Urges, the band pledges loyalty to only one genre: itself.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oasis - 2008-12-12

Despite quiet a few lousy reviews of recent shows, Oasis were rocking last night. Just a really fantastic set (it is the same every night so they better be good). Gem Archer, the lead guitarist is really good, he is absolutely the guitar talent over Noel. Liam really does not do shit other then sing and shake his tambourine, it is kind of funny actually. I have not thought much of their work lately but last night was definitely reason to delve back into the Oasis catalog.

Cruise over to the Ryan Adams blog for some Ryan Adams comments and pictures.

Download Oasis Pictures

Friday, December 12, 2008

Monsters of Folk - Providence, RI - 2-28-2004

A live collaboration from Jim James, M. Ward and Conor Oberst. They are supposed to get together sometime in the next couple of years to make a studio album, it should be kick ass.

Download - Monsters of Folk - Providence, RI - 2-28-2004

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coughing Up Blood and Whiskey: a Ryan Adams Blog

The Steam Engine Inc. has started another blog dedicated to Ryan Adams. This site has had so much Ryan Adams (due in part to MMJ's much needed inactivity) myself and a couple others figured we should get some shit rolling. It is called Coughing Up Blood and Whiskey: a Ryan Adams Blog and will have more of what you guys like.

My Morning Jacket Live - Bunbury Theatre - 1999-12-14

Solid little set from almost 9 years ago to the date. Can you believe how far they have come? I would give credit to the photos in the artwork but did not see a name anywhere, regardless, nice shots!

Intro, At Dawn ->
Heartbreakin' Man
The Bear
Old September Blues
Honest Man

My Morning Jacket Live - Bunbury Theatre - 1999-12-14

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - at The Bijou Theatre - 2006-07-25

Thanks Chris for turning me on to this show, its sick.

This is definitely the best Rip Off I have ever heard. I like hearing the rougher, looser Cardinals every now and then. I've been listening to Jacksonville City Nights on repeat lately, maybe that has something to do with it.

Disc I
01 Trains
02 Please Do Not Let Me Go
03 The End
04 A Kiss Before I Go
05 Blue Hotel
06 Silver Bullets
07 Let It Ride
08 Shakedown on 9th Street >
09 Franklin's Tower
10 Don't Get Sentimental On Me
11 Rip Off

Disc II
01 Lost Satelite
02 Games
03 Peaceful Valley >
04 What Sin
05 A Song For You
06 He's Gone

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - at The Bijou Theatre - 2006-07-25

Friday, December 5, 2008

More Foggy Demo's

I accidentaly added a song by Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) instead of DJ RA. It is fixed.

I hope everyone enjoys these and their weekends.

DJ RA - Don't Look Down (If You Wanna Make It To The Top)
Dear Impossible
Sunflowers and Rain

Download - More Foggy Demo's

Beatles Rooftop Concert

Here is ALL the audio recorded for these sessions thank ritchiem4812.

Part I - http://www.sendspace.com/file/hzlyi6
Part II - http://www.sendspace.com/file/qpgwh4

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Morning Jacket Grammy's

Anyone that reads this blog with some regularity know I love KofL and Radiohead. But should Radiohead really be in the running for an album that came out in 2007? And while I think the Kings latest offering Only By The Night is fantastic, I could think of more deserving work. I probably should not be worked up over this because the Grammy's don't mean a god damn thing, any group that rewards pop acts and people like Britney Spears are clearly well of their rockers. ANYWAYS, on with the news.

From Jambase.com (with my edits):

Kings of Leon got three nods for Best Rock Performance (have they ever seen MMJ perform?), Best Rock Album (have they ever listened to MMJ?) and Best Rock Song for "Sex on Fire" (Uhhh, Evil Urges in its entirety? OR just the "rockers" tracks 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 13. Maybe they really have never "heard" MMJ) The Best Rock Song category also finds Bruce Springsteen ("Girls in Their Summer Clothes")(I think they are playing a goof on us!), Radiohead ("House of Cards") (ROCK song?), Death Cab for Cutie ("I Will Possess Your Heart") (One of the best of the year?) and Coldplay ("Violet Hill") (Do I even need to comment?) The Raconteurs were also nominated in Best Rock Album (Evil Urges, Cardinalogy, Attack & Release, Real Emotional Trash?).

Best Alternative Music Album boasts My Morning Jacket, Beck, Death Cab and Radiohead.

Does anyone else feel like our boys are getting shafted?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ryan Adams - Dear Impossible Foggy Demo's


Mr. David Ryan Adams has been a bloggin' fool again. The main topic the past few days has been his work for Dear Impossible. I have compiled the demos that he has posted thus far and ripped the audio. For download are the video and the audio. Check Foggy for some crazy ramblings.

Here is what is included in the download:

1. Kaleidoscope Eyes
2. OK, I Surender
3. Roll Credits
4. The Lights (I Was Loved)
5. Yes, I Know That Color

Here is what has been finished, this is a post from Foggy (demo wise at least)

finis- wow




1. FireFly………………………….FINIS-*(mix)

2. So Quiet, It’s Loud…….FINIS-*(mix)

3. Goodbye Sunshine……FINIS-*(mix)

4. Universe Size Arms…..Finis-*(mix)

5. Dear Impossible…………Finis-*(mix)

6. Please, Hold On -………(new vocal) FINISHED plus vionins

7. Souls Full of Holes…….Finis-*(mix)

8. Ok, I Surrender…………..Finis-*(mix)

9. Wild & Hopeless…………Finis-*(mix)

10. Kaleidoscope Eyes….Finis-*(mix)

11. Your Name Here……..Finis-*(mix)

12. Mirror-Gold……………..Finis-*(mix)

13. The Lights………………..Finis-*(mix)

14. Lost in Space …………Finis-*(mix)

13. The Lights………………..Finis-*(mix)

Download - Ryan Adams - Dear Impossible Foggy Demo's (video)
Download - Ryan Adams - Dear Impossible Foggy Demo's (audio)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten Years After - A Full Moon At Gaelic Park - 1971

Alvin Lee plays some of the sickest guitar ever. I love everything about his style, his tone, his guitar itself, everything! One of the first posts on The Steam Engine was of Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre On The Road To Freedom. But here he is with Ten Years After, slaying the blues song after song.

No Title (Part III) is a nas-tay jam.


01 One Of These Days

02 Once There Was A Time

03 Here They Come
04 Introduction To 'I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes'
05 I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes

06 Baby Won't You Let Me Rock & Roll You

07 Introduction To 'Hard Monkeys'

08 Hard Monkeys

09 No Title

10 No Title [Part II]

11 No Title [Part III]

12 Slow Blues In 'C'

13 I'm Goin' Home

14 I'm Coming On [Bonustrack]

Download - Ten Years After - A Full Moon At Gaelic Park - 1971

The Beatles - Last Licks Live - The Rooftop Concert

Thanks to ritchiem4812 for the rest of these recordings!

Part I - http://www.sendspace.com/file/hzlyi6
Part II - http://www.sendspace.com/file/qpgwh4

This is not the whole thing but the first 9 tracks. I am working on the rest, if anyone has them, please share!

01. Get Back #1
02. Get Back #2
03. Don't Let Me Down #1
04. I've Got a Feeling #1
05. One After 909
06. Dig a Pony
07. I've Got a Feeling #2
08. Don't Let Me Down #2
09. Get Back #3

Download - The Beatles - Last Licks Live - The Rooftop Concert

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Note from MMJ

hello friends and fans of mmj. i would just like to personally thank each and every one of you who have sent kind words or well wishes my way since i had my accident a few weeks back. it has been one of the hardest and strangest times of my life, but your kind words and support have really meant a lot to me and i can feel their healing power! i have been just letting time do its thing, slowly but surely, as the old adage says, and hopefully i’ll be back to normal soon.

first off, sorry to all of our friends abroad that we had to cancel our european/uk tour. unfortunately the two times i have sustained major injuries on tour, europe was the next thing on our calendar that had to be canceled in order for me to recuperate. we hope to be back over there at some point in the not so distant future to play some musics. we look forward to seeing you soon.

second off, we are really excited about the upcoming shows in chicago, australia, and japan - as well as our big new years eve “blacktie blowout” at madison square garden in new york city! we invite and encourage everyone coming to the new years show to “dress to tha nines,” in your finest and classiest party wear: suits/tuxedos, frilly dresses/luxurious ballgowns, top hats and canes, 2009 glasses, etc - as we intend to really “class up the joint” and celebrate the monumental year that 2008 was, whilst gazing forward to the thrills and chills that 2009 will hold.

i knew when i took my first breath of the air of 2008 that it would be a monumentally crazy year- and phew! that was no joke. as challenging as the year has been there has been a lot of change and positivity in the air…with the rekindling of hope that now and in 2009 we can keep working together to even out the playing field across the board and make the planet a healthier place to live for all of our brothers and sisters in the us and across the globe. its time for some love.

here are some links i have found particularly informative over the past few months:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Austin City Limits 2008

I have not had a chance to listen to this in its entirety but I did get to see what was on PBS and it was nothing short of prodigious. Thanks ctdeadhead of the MMJ forums for doing this!

1. Evil Urges
2. Wordless Chorus
3. Thank You Too!
4. Sec Walkin
5. War Begun
6. Librarian
7. Smokin From Shootin
8. Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt.2
9. Highly Suspicious
10. Jim Speaks
11. One Big Holiday
12. Interview

Design credit: Mark Pedini (I modified it slightly to make a nice square iTunes album cover)

Download - My Morning Jacket - Austin City Limits 2008

My Morning Jacket - De Nachten Festival - De Singel - 2000-01-29

FINALLY SOME MY MORNING JACKET! Since Jim's injury MMJ has not been very prominent on this blog, probably because they have not been prominent in my life. I think my perfect week (Jim James solo --> MMJ night 1 --> MMJ night 2) being destroyed at the last minute really caused me to take a step back; I was so down about it I had to remove myself from the situation. Of course I knew that it was pure accident and I wanted nothing more than for Jim to be okay. BUT ANYWAYS, this is sweet. There is something about the way they sound in their early years that just makes me grin and I find it cool to be able to listen to these songs now and see how much this band has evolved.

God dammit they are good.


Download - My Morning Jacket - De Nachten Festival - De Singel - 2000-01-29

Monday, November 24, 2008

Widespread Panic - Irving Plaza - 1995

Nice little Widespread show from 1995. This was posted over at Glide Magazine and is too good not to share. I love what Jimmy Herring has done with the guitar in Widespread's most current lineup but you have to love Michael Houser and his soaring guitar solos. Their Neil Young cover of Mr. Soul is nas-tay.

1: Stop-Go > Heroes, Little Kin, Machine > Sleeping Man > Better Off, Let’s Get Down To Business, Pilgrims > Rock, Ain’t Life Grand

2: Postcard > Proving Ground > Blackout Blues, Pusherman, Impossible, Diner > Papa’s Home > Drums > Papa’s Home, Love Tractor

E: Porch Song, Can’t Find My Way Home > Mr. Soul


Download - Widespread Panic - Irving Plaza - 1995

Monday, November 17, 2008

The 100 Greatest Singers: Inside the Ballots - Jim James

I like that Neil is in the top 10.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Live in San Francisco - 1979

This is a combination of Live Rust (CD), Rust Never Sleeps (DVD) and some other live footage/recordings of Neil at the time of these recordings. I love this version of Cortez the Killer and Thrasher is one of my favorite acoustic songs of all time. Enjoy.

Download - Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Live in San Francisco - 1979

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Blue Sky Blues

How the fuck do you get to go to a show like this? If anyone has information on a DVD or full recording of this set (or any Ryan Adams DVD (other than that Jamaica one)) I would be very grateful. Thanks guys and enjoy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ryan Adams - Natural Ghost

God this man is talented.

Download - Ryan Adams - Natural Ghost.mp4 (iPod Compatible)

Happy Birthday Neil

It is Neil Young's birthday today, he is 63. Enjoy this Neil Young Birthday mix.

Download - Happy Birthday Neil - 2008

The Grateful Dead - Live at Nassau Coliseum - 1982-04-12

I am back from a perfect hiatus in Wisconsin. We got a lot of good tunes and good food in while we were up there. More specifically I got some really great GD listening in. Even more specifically Reckoning and American Beauty.

While this recording is kind of opposite the above mentioned albums (as in, acoustic vs. electric) the guys sound tight on this soundboard recording. Enjoy.

Set 1:
01 - Iko Iko
02 - Minglewood Blues
03 - Peggy-O
04 - Mama Tried ->
05 - Mexicali Blues
06 - Bird Song
07 - C C Rider
08 - Tennessee Jed ->
09 - Looks Like Rain ->
10 - Deal

Set 2:
01 - Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ->
02 - Sugaree
03 - Estimated Prophet ->
04 - Uncle John's Band ->
05 - Drums ->
D301 - Space ->
D302 - The Other One ->
D303 - Stella Blue ->
D304 - Sugar Magnolia

05 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Download - The Grateful Dead - Live at Nassau Coliseum - 1982-04-12

Friday, November 7, 2008

Off to Wisconsin...

I am off for a little Wisconsin retreat. Nothing but smoking meat, drinking whiskey and listening to tunes until Tuesday. When I get back I will have something sweet to post for you guys, until then, take care.

Oh yeah, the picture above is exactly where I will be. The weather is calling for sub 40 degree weather and snow. Thank God.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live on KTU

Note: There are several copies of this set going around that ARE NOT BROKEN UP, this has been broken up into 5 tracks instead of 1 long one.

I love this version of Fix It and Ryan gets some interesting words in.

1. Intro
2. Fix It
3. Interview
4. Go Easy
5. Outro

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live on KTU

Ryan, Brad and Neal - Coffee and Cardinals


This was shot on Oct. 28th, the day Cardinology came out (I think, leave a comment if you know more). They did a webcast and it can be watched here or download the video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy everyone!

Download -Ryan, Brad and Neal - Coffee and Cardinals
You will need FLV Player to watch this file.

Download - Ryan, Brad and Neal - Coffee and Cardinals - MP4 (iPod compatible)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Austin City Limits

They were on last night (Nov. 1) and for all Chicagoins they are on tonight (Nov. 2, technically Nov. 3) at midnight. Sorry I did not announce it earlier, I have not been around a computer since Friday afternoon.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live on Letterman 10/29/08

Here are both performances from last nights Letterman. His voice is out of control amazing. Fix It was televised and Cobwebs was on the Letterman website. Around 2:49 during Fix It I got a full body chill. Enjoy.

Fix It


Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Fix It Video
Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cobwebs Video

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ryan Adams - Go Easy - Live Acoustic

Lovely. Thanks Tim.

Download - Ryan Adams - Go Easy - Live Acoustic Video (For iPod)

Whiskeytown - Those Weren't The Days

This is an unrealsed Whiskeytown album. I guess this is my way of celebrating Ryan Adams & The Cardinals brilliant new album Cardinology (released today 10/28!!! GO BUY IT!) with some old school Ryan Adams via Whiskeytown. I noticed a lot of the songs on this (maybe all, have not had a chance to look at the track listing) are on the Strangers Almanac reissue.

1. My Heart Is Broken
2. Things I Heard
3. Luxury Liner
4. Kiss And Make Up
5. Further Down The Road
6. Believe
7. 10 Seconds 'Til The End Of The World
8. The Rain Won't Help You When It's Over
9. Ticket Time
10. Wither, I'm A Flower
11. Hipshake
12. Here's To The Rest Of The World
13. Empty Baseball Park
14. San Antonio
15. Factory Girl
16. All You Can Feel
17. New York Angel
18. Only To Lose
19. Dreams

Download - Whiskeytown - Those Weren't The Days


Monday, October 27, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Live at Local Live - KVRX 91.7FM - 2000-10-15

Really reaching back in MMJ live history today. Fantastic War Begun.

My Morning Jacket in studio live performance
"Local Live", KVRX 91.7FM, Austin, TX
October 15, 2000

1. The Dark
2. Lowdown
3. Picture Of You
4. Evelyn Is Not Real
5. Old September Blues
6. Honest Man
7. One Big Holiday
8. The Bear
9. War Begun
10. Tyrone (Erykah Badu cover)
11. It's About Twilight Now
12. Interview w/ Jim James

Download - My Morning Jacket - Live at Local Live - KVRX 91.7FM - 2000-10-15

Jim James - Live for Duyster - Studio Brussel - 2000-12-17

This is a gem from 2000, pre-At Dawn. Jim talks about Nick Cave and the way the band writes songs.

1. Hopefully
2. Lowdown
3. The Way That He Sings
4. Interview

Download - Jim James - Live for Duyster - Studio Brussel - 2000-12-17

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Black Keys - Bonnaroo 2007

Nice soundboard recording of The Keys rocking. They really are a sick fucking band.

Girl Is On My Mind
Just Got To Be
The Breaks
Stack Shot Billy
Everywhere I Go
Set You Free
Your Touch
Your The One
Grown So Ugly
No Trust
Have Love Will Travel

File is WinRar again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ryan Adams - Magick

Remember all those tunes Ryan Adams posted on his psycho blog? Here they are. The songs from Cardinology sound amazing.

Note: You will need WinRar for this.

An updated version will be available sometime in the future, don't know when though.

Download - Ryan Adams - Magick

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - 2008-07-19 - Siren Music Festival

The quality is not perfect but I have been hankering for some live Malkmus. Does anyone have any good quality boots of this man? Preferably with them playing songs from their truly amazing album Real Emotional Trash? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and enjoy.

01 Baby C'mon
02 Gardenia
03 Dragonfly Pie
04 Jenny and the Ess-Dog
05 Phantasies
06 Hopscotch Willie
07 Elmo Delmo
08 Cold Son
09 Baltimore
10 [new song]
11 We Can't Help You
12 Real Emotional Trash
13 [encore break]
14 All Over Gently
15 Pencil Rot
16 Two Tickets to Paradise (Eddie Money)

Download - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - 2008-07-19 - Siren Music Festival

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is NOT America

Remember the Jim James video of him performing I Will Be There When You Die? Well here is the whole video. Some info:
My Morning Jacket in "Lola da Musica", VPRO TV, The Netherlands,
February 20, 2000 (Original air date)

On the road with the band during their short tour in Holland, late January 2000,
as well as interviews, acoustic tracks, and footage from the live show at Rotown, Rotterdam:
- I Will Be There When You Die (Radio Rijnmond)
- Old Sept Blues (live)
- Rocket Man ("De Avonden" session, January 26)
- Tyrone (live Erykah Badu cover)
- Strangulation ("Club Lek" live, January 26)
- Lil Billy (live)
- I Think I'm Going To Hell (acoustic)
- War Begun (live)
- I Will Be There When You Die (acoustic)

Except for 'Going To Hell' none of the songs is shown in it's full length.

TV documentary, running time approx. 40 mins.

Enjoy guys.

Download - My Morning Jacket - This is NOT America

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live at Fox Theater - 2008-10-04

Damn good soundboard show from St. Louis. I have not gotten through the whole thing but there is a real nice version of Fix It and Magick (I CANNOT get enough of that tune). The picture of Neal Casal with my friend Julie was taken after this show and Tim (the man that turned me onto Ryan Adams. Well Tim-->Matt-->Me) and Julie both said it was top notch. Enjoy!

Disc One (Set One)
01. Cobwebs
02. Everybody Knows
03. Come Pick Me Up
04. Wonderwall
05. Fix It
06. La Cienega Just Smiled
07. Goodnight Rose
08. The Sun Also Sets
09. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
10. The Rescue Blues
11. Banter - "I'm sorry you're upset..."
12. Magick
13. Banter - "Ninjas and Alanis Morrisette"
14. Desire
15. Let it Ride
16. Peaceful Valley
17. Banter - "It's exactly intermission time..."

Disc Two (Set Two)
01. Banter - "We're back..."
02. Crossed Out Name
03. Afraid Not Scared
04. Bartering Lines
05. Love is Hell
06. Shakedown on 9th Street
07. Natural Ghost
08. Two
09. Sinking Ship
10. How Do You Keep Love Alive
11. The End
12. Off Broadway
13. Cold Roses
14. I See Monsters

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live at Fox Theater - 2008-10-04

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Europe Canceled, Get Better Jim

Sorry guys. A note from the band posted at the MMJ forums:

It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of My Morning Jacket's up-coming tour to Europe due to injuries suffered by Jim in Iowa City. For the fans who have purchased tickets, we would like
to extend our gratitude for your support and understanding. Our hope was to merely postpone the tour, but as our scheduling does not allow that to happen in the immediate future, we feel it is best to cancel this tour in hopes of re-scheduling at some point.

We would also like to say 'thank you' to all the fans who have reached out to Jim with their well-wishes as we all hope for his speedy and full recovery.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jim James

So beautiful. Thanks tim crimson from www.alt-country.org, I have never seen this as just a clip like this.

Elliott Smith

Here is some Elliott Smith for you guys. Sorry about the lack of download posts, I have been crazy busy. Hopefully by the end of this week things will cool down. I will make up some artwork tomorrow.

Elliott Smith - 1997-04-12 - Terrace Pub - Princeton, NJ

Division Day
Alphabet Town
Between The Bars
Bled White
St. Ides Heaven
Say Yes
Needle In The Hey
Big Decision
Southern Bell
2:45 AM
Waterloo Sunset

Basement Demos

From A Poisoned Well
Let's Turn The Record Over
Talking To Mary
True Love


True Love

Embryo Festival, Sweden - 4th of July

Ballad of Big Nothing
Independence Day
Junk Bond Trader
Son of Sam
Everything Means Nothing To Me
Cupid's Trick
Strung Out Again
Sweet Adeline
Bled White
Between the Bars
Stupidity Tries
A Question Mark
2:45 AM
In The Lost and Found
Can't Make A Sound

Chicago MMJ Dates Rescheduled

My Morning Jacket will be coming to Chicago on December 27th and 28th of this year. From the website:

Chicago Shows Rescheduled

The postponed October 9th and 10th shows at the Chicago Theater have been rescheduled for December 27th and 28th of this year. Tickets purchased for the October 9th show will be honored on December 27th, and tickets purchased for the October 10th show will be honored on December 28th. For those unable to make the show, refunds will be given at the point of purchase. Click here for a note from the band.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Card For Jim

Here is the card for Jim, thanks for all of your support! I am sending the card to the band and their manager today!

Download - Get Well Jim Card - PDF format

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Perfect Song - Wilco - At Least That's What You Said

The next perfect song is Wilco's At Least That's What You Said from A Ghost Is Born. The whole album is filled with big clean spaces and distorted guitar, a contrast I adore. The guitar tone is reminiscent of Neil Young's on tracks like Like A Hurricane and Rockin' In The Free World.

When I sat down on the bed next to you
You started to cry
I said, maybe if I leave, you'll want me
To come back home
Or maybe all you mean, is leave me alone
At least that's what you said

You're irresistible when you get mad
Isn't it sad, I'm immune
I thought it was cute
For you to kiss
My purple black eye
Even though I caught it from you
I still think we're serious
At least that's what you said

It is such a sad song, a man head over heels in love for a woman that clearly does not reciprocate the same feeling in a similar fashion. I think the most heart wrenching part is that he knows it. Their roles are reversed in the song, it is much more typical for the man to be in the position the woman is and it sheds a certain light on abusive relationships. Tweedy is singing about this woman as if she is a drug and I think that can really relate to a lot of men and women.

Then comes the storm.

That guitar picks up and the drums and keys are hitting hard; like he is stomping his foot in anger as if he just realized the situation he is in is fucked. Distortion, distortion, distortion blasts from his tired amp; every note more pissed off then the last. The song calms itself down in the last 30 seconds with the help of a little feedback. Have you ever been so fed up with everything you just want to scream and once you do there is a moment of serenity that feels so good? That is what this song is.

Download - Wilco - At Least That's What You Said - Studio

Download - Wilco - At Least That's What You Said - Live

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Official

From My Morning Jacket's website:

As some of you may have heard we had to cancel our show last evening in Iowa City. We were finishing up the last few bars of "Off The Record and just like any other night we were all having a great time. Jim went to get closer to the audience on his side of the stage, and as he moved forward to step onto the sub-woofer the lights darkened, and he inadvertently stepped off the stage. Upon falling, he suffered traumatic injuries to his torso, and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Per the doctor's orders, Jim will be off the road and recovering from his injuries for the next two to three weeks. Sadly, we must postpone the two shows in Chicago on Thursday and Friday until further notice.

For those who attended the Iowa City show, we would like to extend our gratitude for your understanding and cooperation. We take our fans and performances very seriously, and would never cancel a show unless it was absolutely necessary. Please know that we will be making every effort to return to your fine city.

Thank you so much to our fans for the kind sentiments and well-wishes on Jim's behalf. We hope for Jim's quick recovery and to be back out on the road soon.

With Love,
My Morning Jacket

Messages For Jim James


Hey everybody, I am going to be collecting messages, artwork, anything and everything that anyone may want to send to Jim and the band. Leave a comment or shoot an email and I will be sending it to the band sometime either tomorrow of Friday.

It would be great to have a TON of support here guys. Thanks.


From Iowa...

Jim James Solo and My Morning Jacket Shows

The Jim James solo show has been canceled. Here is the email I just received.

Good Morning –

Unfortunately, we are going to have to cancel the event schedule tonight with Jim James due to an unfortunate accident that took place last night during his show in Iowa. We are going to refund everyone’s money so please be patient as we do this.

Thank you for your patience and our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. James and his family during what we hope is a speedy recovery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. Thank you for your continued support of the campaign.


Jordan Kaplan

Obama for America

Jim, get better soon.

Pitchfork is reporting the Chicago shows have been POSTONED which is much better then canceled.

We do not know if this is true. Wait for official MMJ word before you cancel plans!

More bad news

Again, nothing is official!

Jim James Injured Last Night

Jim James was hurt last night, this is a message from Two Tone Tommy's (bassist) wife:

Hi everyone...

Before this gets heated... or silly (Jim leaving a show mid-set because he was pissed? I don't think so), I wanted to post a quick message from Jim and the guys.

Jim fell between two of the subs at the front of the stage and hurt his leg. He's just had some x-rays and is resting at hospital.

Big thanks to the intrepid fans who showed up at the ER and to everyone who's voiced concern.

We're still waiting for word on Chicago, but I promise as soon as we know, you will.

LP (formerly dasmondhaschen, currently tom's wife)

For all of us going to Chicago, I will keep you updated.

Our best wishes go out to Jim and we pray for a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

- My Morning Jacket - Live at Riverside Theater 2008-10-03

My soon to be married (Saturday) friend Laura H. cruised up to Milwaukee to catch this show so I figured I would post it for her. She probably figured she had one last chance to hook up with Jim James (kidding Ben) before she tied the knot. I have not gotten all the way through it but this Off The Record was sounding pretty fierce.

Download - My Morning Jacket - Live at Riverside Theater - 2008-10-03

Thanks Caseydog from the MMJ forum for the pic!

My Morning Jacket - High Sierra Music Festival - 2006-06-30

Starting on Wednesday I go on a 3 day MMJ bender starting off with a Jim James solo show at Schuba's in Chicago. On Thursday and Friday I get the whole band experience at The Chicago Theater, one of my favorite venues of all time (Schuba's is up there too). Here is a 2006 MMJ show for everyone to sink their teeth into. The first song (Steam Engine) cuts in but it is powerful nonetheless. Enjoy!

1. Steam Engine (cuts in)
2. Gideon
3. The Dark
4. Lowdown
5. One Big Holiday
6. Off The Record
7. Evelyn Is Not Real
8. What A Wonderful Man
9. Heartbreakin' Man
10. Golden
11. Dondante
12. Lay Low
13. Phone Went West
14. Mahgeetah
15. Bermuda Highway
16. The Bear
17. O Is The One That Is Real
18. Anytime

Download - My Morning Jacket - High Sierra Music Festival - 2006-06-30