Monday, April 11, 2011

Start Your Week Right: With My Morning Jacket – Sooner

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone! We’ve got a lot to look forward to for this week, so let’s not waste any time!

It was a second Christmas at The Countdown over the weekend, as we celebrated tracks from 2000’s My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style, “I Just Wanted To Say” and a cover of Nick Cave’s “New Morning.” This week, we’ll finish up Fiasco and move on to 2002’s Split (shared with good ol’ Mr. Molina).

Start out early in the mornin’,

They get up way before the sun.

With flowin’ lights the city bustles,

It truly grins for everyone.

However, today let’s cover a song that’s well into The Countdown’s future, track number two off 2002’s Chocolate and Ice, “Sooner.” Reminiscent and romantic, “Sooner” illustrates a recollection of past experiences that make this track one of Jim James’ more personal tunes. Jim has often said that he appreciates songs that are more ambiguous and can apply to many situations; however, “Sooner” clearly makes us sense his specific wistfulness. Nostalgia emanates from Jim in the most casual way.

Jake their little Jim to Xavier;

Take him to slowly to the show,

And in my eyes they show the loveliness

That brings me back to you so much.

Sooner or later they come to see you;

Feed you power in the yellow sun.

For all your days they keep you movin’

Quick as lightnin’ they’ll be gone.

Now that I’m in college I feel like I finally know what it means to long for the past. Memories from childhood will enter my consciousness quite unexpectedly. It’s the sort of lovely desire to go back in time with which all of us can identify. “Sooner” surely isn’t Jim James’ most ambiguous tune (by a long shot!), but this fact doesn’t make its meaning any less applicable to our lives.

I hope you all enjoy hearing this tune, and I look forward to continue celebrating the wonderful music of My Morning Jacket until Circuital and beyond. Don’t forget to get the first single off Circuital this Tuesday! Have a fantastic week.