Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Morning Jacket Terminal 5 Videos

All the commotion on planet MMJ has got me going crazy. But what is really driving me mad is their oh so subtle hint at a live box set on the Circuital pre-order page. Well, until we know more, I've been watching these video's to wet my gullet. Enjoy, ImTheDude326 certainly did (he's got tons of videos).


Anonymous said...

Lets just hope they will release all tracks from all 5 nights. I´d love to hear those extras they played each night live.

Still waiting for MMJ to come and play in Sweden..

Jason said...

They can practically release the main set and the encore as two different shows. The encores were crazy.

Anthony said...

Jason, Thanks for posting my videos. It is an honor to be on your site. I can not wait to see what comes out in the next few months from MMJ. Keep up the great work on the site. Thanks again for the post!


Jason said...

You got it man, thanks for your support!