Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off to Summercamp!

I am headed to Chillicothe, IL tomorrow morning for 4 days (well, 3.5, Thursday is a "pre party" type deal) of live music and camping (well, a music fests version of camping) and will be largely out of the loop until Monday. My main form of communication with all you wonderful people will be Twitter and Facebook (yes TSE is now on Facebook! Become my friend! Check out all the "follow me" links just to the right of this post --->) via my phone. I'm not bringing the laptop along for the ride and I'm not 100% sure on the cell phone charging situation so, we'll see how well connected I can stay! In the meantime enjoy these offerings from The Black Keys and Delta Spirit, two great bands each with fantastic new records out. Have a good, long weekend everyone!

If anyone is going to Summercamp and would like to meet for a beer, you know how to contact me!

Their latest record, Brothers, is my favorite of the year. I feel like this is the record, the sound, that Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have had in their heads since they started this band.

1. Intro
2. Set You Free
3. Hard Row
4. No Trust
5. The Moon

Download - The Black Keys - The Peel Sessions Pt. I - 2003-7-5

I've been off and on with these guys for a little while now. It's always been enjoyable, I just never took that dive in. Their latest release History from Below has me hooked though and I plan on listening to their previous and widely acclaimed record Ode to Sunshine a couple times on my drive down to Summercamp tomorrow.

1. Welcome to Daytrotter
2. Lover's Waltz
3. Peace in the Valley
4. No Trust
5. The Moon

Download - Delta Spirit - The Daytrotter Sessions - 2009-2-20

Jack White & Jay-Z in the Studio

This is certainly interesting. One of my all time favorites, Jack White, and one of the few rap artists I'll actually listen to, Jay-Z, completed a track called "Ray-Bans" sometime last year. The track is nowhere to be found but in the meantime we have quite a few shots of the Jacky White and the Jigga Man working in the studio.

Looks like Jack also got some face time with Jay-Z's now pregnant wife, Beyonce, and drug addict, err,  songwriter, Amy Winehouse.

Thanks to my French friends over at

Boy am I curious!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bright Eyes - Pusterviksbaren - 2001-8-29

I really enjoyed listening to Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Bands' Outer South the other day, I sometimes forget about how good Conor actually is. To give myself a little perspective into how far Conor has come I dipped into my archives and listened to this set from 2001. The "Arienette" on this is fantastic. Enjoy.

Conor Oberst Amazon

1- A Song to Pass the Time
2- Going for the Gold
3- Something Vague
4- Arienette
5- Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man
6- New Arrangement
7- Laura Laurent
8- Happy Birthday to Me
9- Make War
10- The Calendar Hung Itself
11- Sunrise, Sunset

Download - Bright Eyes - Pusterviksbaren - 2001-8-29

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Roots - Dear God 2.0 (ft. Jim James)

Dare I say I like this version better?

Thanks SaraBananaBear! If you haven't already, check out her totally righteous My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk sites!

Friday, May 21, 2010

New My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk Fan Sites!!

My Morning Jacket forum member SaraBananaBear has done some pretty incredible work. She has created two excellent fan sites for two of our favorite acts around here, My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk. I think the most impressive part of all though is the fact that she's a relatively new fan and has compiled an amazing amount of information, pictures, news, everything really! She has both sites categorized in several different ways one of which being year, a very nice feature.

I've logged some hours looking at pictures and reading quotes I've never even seen before. Check out these sites, they really are fantastic resources! Links are below and they will forever be under "Other Awesome Places" in the sidebar.

Nice work SaraBananaBear.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday johnnYYac!

The Steam Engine would like to say happy birthday (day late, damn!) to one of the best My Morning Jacket fans out there, johnnYYac!

When you get a chance check out johnnYYac's seriously cool omnichord page (it's that weird thing Yim Yames plays on his knee).

Alberta Cross - Schubas Tavern - 2010-5-19

Alberta Cross played a smokin' set last night at one of my favorite venues in the country, Schubas Tavern. They kicked the night of right with "Old Man Chicago" and then continued to play most of their excellent LP Broken Side of Time. For those that don't have it, get it, it plays more like a greatest hits than a first full length record. "Ramblin' Home" was my favorite song of the night. I've never heard this song and I'm still not totally sure what it's on (but you will be able to download at the end of this write up!) but wow, this song oozes deep, heavy and just absolutely filthy blues. The title track from their record, Broken Side of Time, with it's incredibly hard intro layered over a relatively calm acoustic guitar blew me away. Front man Petter Ericson Stakee has a tremolo effect to his voice that he uses very effectively throughout this song. They ended out the first set with a powerful trio of songs. I have to say that "Rise From the Shadows" was the perfect song to ease into the rager "ATX." Stakee politely and playfully asked the sound man to "turn up the reverb!" while shaking his tambourine. The tune is very atmospheric with it's huge vocals and genuinely eerie music. Surprisingly, they omitted one song from the set list I was able to snag "City Walls" but the closer, the John Lennon penned "Steel & Glass" was a great way to end the night.

After the show the guys were all hanging out in the bar and I had the opportunity to meet all of them except for the drummer and the lead guitarist signed my wine stained set list. Check these guys out ASAP. While standing 5 feet from the stage listen to these guys wail I couldn't help but think that this is what it must have been like to be on the ground floor with My Morning Jacket. Alberta Cross has limitless potential and are a band to keep on your radar.

The Steam Engine Flickr

Alberta Cross Official
Alberta Cross Tour
Alberta Cross Amazon

1. Old Man Chicago
2. Taking Control
3. Ramblin' Home

4. Lucy Rider
5. To The Sea
6. The Thief and The Heartbreaker
7. Low Man
8. Leave Us And Forgive Us
9. Broken Side of Time
10. Song Three Blues
11. Rise From the Shadows
12. ATX


13. Steel & Glass (John Lennon cover)


Download - Alberta Cross - Ramblin' Home
Download - Alberta Cross - The Thief and The Heartbreaker (acoustic)
Download - Alberta Cross -  Known For Long (acoustic)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks

Jack White's wife, supermodel/singer/songwriter, Karen Elson has just released a pretty spectacular solo LP. Give it a listen below and if you like pick up a copy at Mr. Jack White's Third Man Records.

Interesting tidbit - Carl Broemel, My Morning Jacket all around bad ass, plays pedal steel on this record and Jack White, all around bad ass in general, plays drums.

Karen will also be hitting the road come June after postponing some over seas dates. I'll be at the Chicago show, on top of really enjoying her debut record I feel like there is a possibility of something extraordinarily cool happening given the above information!

The Black Keys - Tighten Up Video

I love everything these guys do.

The Black Keys "Tighten Up"

The Black Keys

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Morning Jacket August Tour Dates!!!!

Chicago folk, see you there!


My Morning Jacket will be headlining new US Tour dates this coming August. The dates will begin in San Diego on August 11th, will include a slot at the Mile High Festival, dates supporting Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and will conclude in Philadelphia on August 28th. Avi Buffalo will support the band on their San Diego and Los Angeles dates. Tickets for the shows will go on sale beginning this coming Friday, May 21st. See the shows page for more details.

08/11 – San Diego, CA @ SDSU Outdoor Theatre #
08/12 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Greek Theatre #
08/15 – Denver, CO @ Mile High Music Festival
08/17 – Chicago, IL @ Charter One Pavilion
08/19 – Boston, MA @ Comcast Center *
08/20 – Burlington, VT @ Champlain Valley Lawn
08/21 – Boston, MA @ Comcast Center *
08/24 – Newark, NJ @ IZOD Center *
08/25 – Holyoke, MA @ Mountain Park
08/27 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Station Square Amphitheater
08/28 – Rochester, NY @ CMAC
08/29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Great Plaza

Monday, May 17, 2010

Yim Yames, Ben Sollee, Moore Appalachian Voices Tour


Yim Yames, singer-songwriter Daniel Martin Moore and genre-bending cellist and vocalist Ben Sollee will embark on a nine date Appalachian Voices Tour in an effort to raise public awareness of the devastating practice of Mountaintop Removal coal mining throughout Appalachia. A portion of the proceeds from the tour will benefit Appalachian Voices, for which the tour was named, an organization devoted to ending mountaintop removal coal mining together with diverse environmental problems impacting the central and southern Appalachian Mountains.

The trio released an album made together earlier this year, Dear Companion, which also sought to generate further awareness of the devastating impact of mountaintop removal mining. See the JamBase review for the album here.

Tickets for the shows will go on sale beginning Friday, May 21st. For links and info, go to A statement on the site reads:

"The people and the land of Appalachia are too important to us as a nation to be sacrificed for something as short-sighted as Mountaintop Removal (MTR) coal mining. Our cultural stake in the region, from its music to its log cabins, is an indispensable part of our history and identity as Americans. People all over the world know our country music, our dances and our stories and they call them American. They are the fruit of Appalachia." - Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore and Yim Yames.

Tour Dates
7/22 Lexington, KY - The Opera House
7/23 Knoxville, TN - The Bijou
7/25 Charleston, WV - Mountain Stage
7/26 Marlinton, WV - Pocahontas Opera House
7/28 Charlottesville, VA - The Jefferson Theater
7/29 Woodstock, NY - Bearsville Theater
7/30 New York, NY - Music Hall Of Williamsburg (with Special Guest The Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
7/31 Newport, RI - Newport Folk Festival (Yim Yames Solo)
8/1 Newport, RI - Newport Folk Festival (Daniel Martin Moore & Ben Sollee)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bon Iver - 2009-8-15 - Haldern Pop Festival - Germany

Came across this video of Bon Iver playing "Blood Bank" at Austin City Limits this year and thought I'd share some live Bon Iver. Justin Vernon is looking a little more like a rock star these days no? This recording is not from ACL!!! BUT, this video is awesome so check it out.

Enjoy the weekend all!

Photo by teaforlily

01 – Intro
02 – Flume
03 – Creature Fear
04 – Lump Sum
05 – Skinny Love
06 – Brackett, WI
07 – Babys
08 – Blood Bank
09 – Simple Man
10 – For Emma
11 – re: stacks
12 – The Wolves (Act I And II)

Downoad - Bon Iver - 2009-8-15 - Haldern Pop Festival - Germany

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Morning Jacket - 2010-4-21 - Lightning 100 Soundcheck - Nashville, TN

Some My Morning Jacket forum members brought this to my attention so I figured I'd get the audio and video to share. Only two songs here but this "Wonderful (The Way I Feel)" is not only chillingly excellent but also one of the best recordings of this Yim Yames gem. I've posted the audio and video, the audio is ripped from the 720p video. Enjoy!

01 I'm Amazed
02 Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

Download - My Morning Jacket - 2010-4-21 - Lightning 100 Soundcheck - Nashville, TN - AUDIO

Download - My Morning Jacket - 2010-4-21 - Lightning 100 Soundcheck - Nashville, TN - Wonderful (The Way I Feel) -VIDEO

Download - My Morning Jacket - 2010-4-21 - Lightning 100 Soundcheck - Nashville, TN - I'm Amazed -VIDEO

Download - BOTH

Whiskeytown - F*cker Demo's

This is the complete F*cker Demo's. There are parts two parts floating around, here it is consolidated.
Tracks 2-6 - The Bug Sessions, possibly recorded during 1998 or 1999.
Tracks 7-12 - Sessions recorded in Hoboken, New Jersey, possibly during 1998 or 1999.
Tracks 13-16 -Heartbreaker sessions.
Tracks 1-12 have previous circulated as the Fucker Demos; the last four tracks were found on an alternate release of this boot (Fucker Version 2). Hence the Complete Fucker.

Breakdown found here.

It's comforting just hearing this mans voice. When will he come out of hiding (and not for a metal/screaming country record!)? Until Orion drops enjoy this minor throwback to his Whiskeytown days.

  1. In My Time Of Need (alt. demo version)
  1. Bar Lights
  2. Win
  3. Comfortable Only At Night
  4. Out Of Time
  5. Sit And Listen To The Rain
  1. Night Lights
  2. Probably Gonna Happen
  3. West NY Serenade
  4. Lil' Girls
  5. In The World
  6. Medicine
  1. Today
  2. Clearly Destroyed
  3. Breathe
  4. Fool
Download - Whiskeytown - F*cker Demo's

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wilco - 1999-3-11 - Tower Records - Chicago, IL

I've been a sucker for Wilco's excellent LP Summerteeth lately. Summerteeth was my first exposure to Wilco way back in the day and it really laid the foundation that my love for Wilco resides on. There are countless crushing moments on that record, the kind of moments that make all of your hair stand up. This recording, captured two days after the release of Summerteeth, is a great early live portrait of some of my favorite work from them.

01 - I'm Always In Love
02 - Via Chicago
03 - How To Fight Loneliness
04 - She's A Jar
05 - We're Just Friends
06 - Can't Stand It
07 - I Got You
08 - Forget The Flowers
09 - California Stars

Download - Wilco - 1999-3-11 - Tower Records - Chicago, IL

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ryan Adams "Orion" Metal Project Gets Artwork, Rough Time Fram (again)

Via TwentyFourBit:

Remember that so-called “legit metal record,” ORION, which Ryan Adams announced and previewed back in March? We have a few updates (via his FB page): Despite his apology “for the sheer metalness of ‘Electro-Snake’,” Adams is backtracking on the label: “I am not saying it’s ‘metal’ anymore - just really really fast country with screaming and crap.” And we believe him, but that said, the newly-unveiled “bio-robotic-spider” artwork sure looks like a metal album and was, in fact, created by a real live heavy metal drummer.

Percussionist/drummer Michel Langevin, aka “Away” of Voivod (which also features ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted) designed the intense gold, District 9-esque foldout shown above. Adams also teased us with an indecipherable photo containing the full tracklist. (My image manipulation software dates back to the Clinton administration, so perhaps someone else can focus those song titles!)
Finally, we have an ETA for this beast: “about two weeks.”

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Carl Broemel - The Montrose Room - Rosemont, IL - 2010-5-7

My Morning Jacket's very own Carl Broemel played an excellent, and rare, show last night opening up for Michael McDermott at The Montrose Room in Rosemont, IL. The room is tiny and the sound was great, even the worst seat in the house at this place is great. About 20 minutes before Carl took the stage I had the chance to talk to him for a minute and grab an autograph. I mentioned we were in Columbus on the 2nd and that his new song "Carried Away" is great. He really made me laugh when he said "Thanks for coming to see me at the airport!" He seems like a very genuine dude and it was pretty cool to meet him.

Carl came out and picked up his vintage looking Gibson acoustic. I don't know his song titles well enough to have been able to pick them out of the air but if I'm not mistaken he opened with "Enough" from his great solo record Lose What's Left. His set was pretty much Lose What's Left in it's entirety with at least one new song ("Carried Away"). Carl really blew me away though. I've had his solo record for a long time now and I've always really enjoyed it, I really believe it's a hidden treasure He uses loops like crazy! It was great to watch him work all the pedals and do all these things at once. He bounced around from the aged Gibson acoustic, a black semi-hollow Les-Paul looking guitar (I'm assuming it's custom) and his pedal steel, often returning to each of these multiple times in one song. This video of "Carried Away" is a pretty fine example of his looping prowess:

To close the night out he played "Lollipop" (see video on YouTube). It was novel and somewhat comical finish to a great solo set. Carl mentioned he has a solo record coming out around August. I didn't have the opportunity to speak with him after the show (he looked busy with what appeared to be family) to get details but I get the impression the record is going to be more full versions of the majority of songs that are found on Lose What's Left. That is not fact, just my impression.

It's hard to write more without a set list but there were several songs that really blew me away. His looping was incredibly smooth and effective and watching him work was a true pleasure. I've enjoyed Lose What's Left since I first heard it but after seeing him perform on a tiny stage by himself I am positive that Jim James is not the only gifted song writer in My Morning Jacket.

Friday, May 7, 2010

**Updated Links** Carl Broemel - Lose What's Left and Live at Spin Indy

Hey all, going to check out Carl Broemel (multi-instrumentalist for MMJ) at The Montrose Room in Rosemont, IL tonight. I though I'd update the links to his great solo record Lose What's Left and a live show at Spin Indy from 2007. Download them if you haven't before, well worth it!

Also, check out Carl's MySpace for a new song "Carried Away."

Download - Carl Broemel - Lose What's Left
Download - Carl Broemel - Live at Spin Indy - 2007-02-23

Original post (with updated links as well): Here

My Morning Jacket - The Merriweather Post Pavilion - 2010-5-1

We appreciate the work tapers, hat goes off to Alex Leary on this one!

Disc One

01. Kentucky Derby call > intro >
02. One Big Holiday
03. Gideon
04. Off The Record
05. I'm Amazed
06. Mahgeetah
07. Tonight I Want to Celebrate With You
08. Golden
09. What a Wonderful Man
10. Lay Low
11. The Way That He Sings
12. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
13. Carried Away

Disc Two

01. Steam Engine
02. Smokin From Shootin >
03. Run Thru >
04. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2
05. Anytime
06. crowd
07. E: Wordless
08. Carnival Time *
09. Dancefloors
10. Move On Up

Download - My Morning Jacket - The Merriweather Post Pavilion - 2010-5-1

My Morning Jacket - The Chastain Park Amphitheatre - 2010-04-23

Thank you taper, Brian Hadella!

Photo by the talented Jack Boyle.

One Set:

01. Intro >
02. One Big Holiday
03. Gideon
04. Off The Record
05. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.1
06. I'm Amazed
07. Golden
08. Mahgeetah
09. Anytime
10. Friends Again
11. Where To Begin
12. Thank You Too!
13. Lay Low
14. Dondante
15. Smokin From Shootin
16. Run Thru
17. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2
18. Crowd


19. Wordless Chorus
20. Highly Suspicious
21. Carnival Time
22. Move On Up

Download -  My Morning Jacket - The Chastain Park Amphitheatre - 2010-04-23

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Morning Jacket - Columbus, OH - 2010-5-2

Sorry for the tardiness on this post. Since I've gotten back I've been swamped with catch up at work. For those of you that don't know I'm an IT guy and after a few days of being slammed with computer problems all day it's tough for me to get home and even look at a computer!

But I'm feeling good right now and, after looking at the pictures I took (and having serious flash backs) I'm all about talking! The weather in Columbus was quite dreary all day. The sun never poked through the slate sky and the rain, while never heavy, was consistent up until show time. We set up shop at the bar attached to the show where, the night before, we hit the same bar and hooked up with one of the better bartenders I've met (Shannon, you are the man). He gave us a quick walk through of the venue while it was completely empty and also tipped us off to the closer bar patio entrance. So based on Shannon's advice we got there early, marked our territory and waited with red Ohio State poncho's in the drizzle. During sound check we heard the new song "Friends Again" and what I believe was Carl's song "Carried Away." It was nice to hear Friends again in it's entirety because they didn't end up playing it. While waiting we met a couple of MMJ forum members, one of which being the ticket giveaway winner. Very cool dude indeed, it was his 26th show. As soon as the doors opened and our tickets were scanned we bum rushed the front of the stage. We were setup nicely in the front row, right of center. There were a couple cool young college dudes behind us from Michigan (long red hair, short black hair) standing just behind us. It's so cool to meet people that travel to see a band that you truly love. It's an instant connection (as a fellow traveler and/or mega fan (often the same thing)) that creates a certain comfort in a completely unknown, new relationship. I don't know, you get my point! Anyways, the opener finally came on.

Let me just say that the New Orleans Preservation Jazz Hall Band is absolutely fantastic. I was so so so so blown away by their set. From their absolutely enchanting horns (especially the ivory sax) to their deep, soulful voices; I felt like I was in 1920's era New Orleans at a sweaty saloon sipping a Sazerac. Jim joined these gentlemen on stage for several songs and seemed like such a natural fit to this ensemble. His gospel-esque vocals are such a great match for the music this group produces and when Jim takes out the old chipped paint megaphone; it's haunting. All of MMJ were on stage at one point or another while the Preservation Jazz Hall Band were on stage and I can honestly say that every second they were together seemed incredibly natural. Two bands, coming from completely different eras, meshing so incredible well. It was truly magical, I was astounded.

After the PJHB finished their set we went to grab a beer and ran into Mike, the ticket giveaway winner. We chatted about the incredibleness of the PJHB and how fine the new Black Keys stuff sounds. We also ran into Joe and his sister Karen, it was great to meet all of you.

We scurried back to our spots up front just minutes before our boys hit the stage. The "Eminence Front" intro started (it's a reference to a Who song). The guys looked refreshed, happy, excited and in good spirits in general.


The "Eminence Front" intro for "One Big Holiday" is mighty powerful. I've heard the recordings and thought it was great but live, man, forget about it. We had a great spot (just right of center, front row) and got to see Jim quite a bit really closely. The guy couldn't stop grinning and he was really animated, he's a great front man. After they blitzed through OBH we heard a couple of songs from Z, "Off the Record" and "Gideon," both of which sounded great but they didn't seem to really jam these out much. "I'm Amazed" was a rocker, they beefed up the guitar solo's quite nicely. "Where to Begin" was unexpected treat and the perfect song to play before they turned it up to 11 on "Lay Low." Carl's song "Carried Away" is amazing. The recordings available don't do this song justice. I really hope he plays this tomorrow night in some form but it fits right in with a batch of Jacket tunes. "Dondante" was truly incredible. The best version I've ever seen hands down and I honestly can't really explain it. All I can say is it was long, raged hard and on this song I realized that Jim has upped his game guitar-skill wise since the last time I saw him with MMJ. Oh, and it started raining a very appropriate time near the end.

"Smokin' From Shootin'" ending with the end of "Run Thru" as pretty cool. Of course I would have loved to see all of RT but I'd rather have a taste than none at all. AND RT is a great segway into "Touch Me, Pt. 2" (I know SFS is too, it was a tasteful change of pace). A high voltage "Anytime" closed out the first set.

The set break lasted what felt like only a couple of minutes (surprising considering they weren't pressed for time) and started with "Wordless Chorus." I don't recall 100% if the PJHB came out for WC but they were definitely on for a great take on "Evil Urges" and the rest of the night. "Highly Suspicious" was awesome with the horns BUT I feel like our boys were over powering their sound a little much. It could have been where I was standing but it was hard to hear at times. I was really happy to get "Dancefloors" near the end. While "Move on Up" was AWESOME I was a little skeptical of them finishing nights off with two cover songs. During "Move on Up" a PJHB band member came out and smashed a guitar, an appropriate gesture after getting rocked like that.

All in all it was an excellent show. They looked and sounded great and I hope we get some studio activity soon. Check out all of my pictures at The Steam Engine's Flickr page.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Off to Columbus!

Ah Columbus, OH, the city of light. Only two hours away from Cin city and two and a half hours away from the Cleve. Headed to the airport in a bit here, I'll be hanging out in Columbus until tomorrow nights show. I'll be taking plenty of pictures and videos all weekend, will post MMJ related goodness. Enjoy the weekend guys, full report come Monday.