Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Chicago - 2008-12-27/28

Man o man. The Jacket is back and they have not lost a step. Based on the past shows in Chicago you never would have guessed that Jim James and Co. were off the road for 2.5 months. Saturday was fantastic, I was on the floor, you can see my position from some of the pictures. Sunday, wow, Sunday. I am going to focus on Sunday just because it is more fresh in my mind and it was clearly the better of two nights (both were mind blowing). A friend bailed on a ticket last minute so my Dad took the ticket. He only listens to MMJ with me and has somewhat limited exposure but I think he wanted to see what I have been fussing about for the past few years. We had box seats on the upper balcony and they were soooo sweet. We had a great view of the stage and a waitress always near us so we did not have to miss a beat. A slightly varied version of At Dawn kicked things off for the night. It sounded like the bass was more pronounced or maybe even slightly different, maybe I am crazy though. I'm Amazed is a favorite of my Father's and they jammed through that with the ferocity of The Who circa 1971. The setlist was pretty tame (for the Jacket) for the first 11 songs, until Anytime. It was like Anytime kicked off a different concert. It was non stop blow your brains out rock after that. I was really hoping to hear Remnants and sure enought they played a blistering version. Carl really rages on this song and let me note that he was more animated these past 2 shows than I have noticed in shows past, awesome. During Lay Low I am pretty sure I saw dust falling from the Chicago Theater's 7 story ceiling. Off the Record was similar to the version found on SXSW 2008 and was absolutely ridiculous. I Think I'm Going To Hell was an unexpected treat. Smokin From Shootin into Touch Me Pt. II was magical as usual. I was surprised to hear Run Thru after Touch II since they had been closing sets with Touch II but my god. My Dad, the casual Jacket fan who has been going to concerts since 1975 (his first was Led Zep in 75') said that Run Thru was, and I quote "The best jam he has ever seen." He has reiterated that several times since too. The encore break was Jim James playing a gorgeour solo acoustic version to Look at You and then the rest of the band came out and played Nashville to Kentucky, another very unexpected treat. Steam Engine blew everyone away I think. The added guitar solo at the end was a nice touch. After this song my Dad looked at me and said "They did it again!" Cobra was nothing short of perfect and the second time I heard it this year, which is cool. One Big Holiday pretty much blew the roof off the place.

I honestly cannot think of a band I would rather see live. If it were not for the crowd I would say Chicago night II rivaled that of the Louisville show earlier this year. What is unfortunate about seeing shows at some venues in Chicago is that it is more of a social event for some people, they are there because they heard Golden or Off the Record on XRT and decide to check it out. What are you going to do? We waited outside the stage door both nights with some friends from Minneapolis. The first night we saw Jim James get rushed away in a van by himself and the second my group and I left while the guys and gals from Minneapolis stuck around and met Bo and Tommy.

All the pictures are from the first night.

Jim James is beardless.

As an added note, my Dad, the casual fan, said it was one of the best shows he has ever seen.

For those of you going to The Garden for NYE tomorrow night: be ready, if Chicago was any indicator it is going to be a show for the ages.

At Dawn
It Beats
Evil Urges
I'm Amazed
Wonderful Man
I Will Sing
Thank You Too
Lay Low
Highly Suspicious
Off the Record
Smokin From Shootin
Touch Me Pt 2
Run Thru

Look at You (Acc)
Nashville to Kentucky
Steam Engine

--evil urges
--touch me pt 1
--aluminum park
--i'm amazed
--thank you too
--sec walkin
--way he sings
--where to begin
--war begun (HOLY SHIT)
--lay low
--phone went west
--smokin from shootin
--touch me pt. 2

--wordless chorus
--highly suspicious
--one big holiday


Anonymous said...

Sweeeet!!! Looking forward to the NYE concert at the Garden

BH said...

Great Review, Great Pics! GREAT TIMES

This was a great primer for me as I am stoked for MMJ @ MSG on NYE in NYC

Hells yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Only saw Saturday as I flew in from Denver for show then home. Tremendous is all I can say. Anyone know where the shows can be retrieved? I've looked at archive and eTree and haven't seen anything yet. You guys have fun at MSG, should be great.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review! I tell ya, Sunday was awesome. I drove in from Michigan just for the show and I was blown away again. Great times indeed. I actually waited outside for nearly 2 hours to meet the guys. There were only a handful of us diehards out there, I wish I could have met ya. I really enjoy reading your blog. Cheers!

Jason said...

Were you one of two dudes with longer hair by any chance?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be a die hard fan to be allowed to go to a concert... Sometimes concerts are social events which is okay. Not everyone likes MMJ as much as you do which is also OKAY!

-Mattie (a die hard fan of yours)

Anonymous said...

Are you the guy that looks kind of like Jeff Tweedy?

Jason said...

Haha, I do not think so. What picture are you referring to? Maybe I can help.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I came from Michigan to see night 2 with a friend and we waited outside with a few people. We celebrated after the amazing show and were a little out of it. I remember waiting with someone who had brought their dad who was blasting Run Thru in the car. [Who had never heard the song before that night, as you mentioned also in your blog.]

Anyway, my friend commented that one of the guys looked like Jeff Tweedy, and I was curious if it was you, especially after you asked someone if they were one of two guys from Michigan with longer hair, as we both match that description.

So if you were indeed one of those people, I wish I would have shook your hand for this site and your posts, I have always enjoyed them.

Jason said...

Haha, yep, that was my Dad, he still talks about the show today.

I think your buddy might be talking about Jeff Luke, I posted a link to some of his photography here:


I am pretty sure you and your friend made one of the pictures.

Thanks a ton for the support man, it is the most gratifying thing I can think of. Take care.

Jason said...

More specifically, this picture:


Anonymous said...

Haha, yep, wow. Never expected to actually see those pictures. Wish I would have chatted with you a bit more. Maybe at another MMJ show perhaps.

Jason said...

For sure man! I try to go to as many as possible, I always post on the upper right which ones I am headed to.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a copy of either of these nights?! Thank you.

Jason said...

I'm sorry friend, that has been the question since 2009-12-29.