Monday, October 6, 2008

My Morning Jacket - High Sierra Music Festival - 2006-06-30

Starting on Wednesday I go on a 3 day MMJ bender starting off with a Jim James solo show at Schuba's in Chicago. On Thursday and Friday I get the whole band experience at The Chicago Theater, one of my favorite venues of all time (Schuba's is up there too). Here is a 2006 MMJ show for everyone to sink their teeth into. The first song (Steam Engine) cuts in but it is powerful nonetheless. Enjoy!

1. Steam Engine (cuts in)
2. Gideon
3. The Dark
4. Lowdown
5. One Big Holiday
6. Off The Record
7. Evelyn Is Not Real
8. What A Wonderful Man
9. Heartbreakin' Man
10. Golden
11. Dondante
12. Lay Low
13. Phone Went West
14. Mahgeetah
15. Bermuda Highway
16. The Bear
17. O Is The One That Is Real
18. Anytime

Download - My Morning Jacket - High Sierra Music Festival - 2006-06-30


Taylor said...


Marty said...

HUGE THANKS for this show... my very first MMJ show and have looked for a recording for...2 years and 3 months.

J said...

thanks Jason! is this a sbd or an aud?? ...downloading now

Jason said...

A good audience

J said...

is this from the trader's den? that source is FM->Dat

Jason said...

Yeah it is, I did not check the lineage, I was just going from memory, it sounds a little muddy.

Mitch said...

Any chance you can re-up this show? It was my first MMJ show, and it was a doozy. Thanks much.