Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday is going to be a recurring segment that focuses on...nothing at all! Just read to read, no point, no motive, just music and words.



My job is to tell it like it is, or was, or whatever.

Photo by Enrico Molino

Foxy hero gets by with a little help from his friends
Okay I’ll let you in on a secret that I have only told a selected few, I have a crush on Robin Hood. Why would you keep that a secret you might ask, while envisioning a grim, but sexy Russel Crowe fighting for the poor... Okay, so let’s say it’s not just Russel Crowe, let’s say it’s every incarnation of Robin Hood, including the animated Disney fox. Yup, clearly my taste and sanity can be questioned, but stick with me, the story gets better.

Since this here Steam Engine is all about music, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of music Robin Hood would listen to if he were to visit this time and age and this is what I came up with.

Do you need anybody?
First of all Robin Hood is the poster boy, for good reason, but where would he be without his band of merry men? Just as one does not simply walk into Mordor, one does not simply confront corruption locally, while leading an uprising against the crown, at least not all alone. Naturally Robin’s first playlist pick would have to be a tribute to his friends and what better song than With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles? However, since Robin recently saw the 2007 movie Across The Universe, he went for a slightly different version, sung by Joe Anderson and Jim Sturgess. Call it blasphemy, call it crazy, but it’s what Robin told me, I’m only conveying the message…

With A Little Help From My Friends, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson

My country 'this of thee
While the Robin Hood gang likes rowdy protest music as much as the next noble outlaw, once they get back to the camp after a long day of fighting, they prefer a calmer type of music. Robin likes to get his guitar out (is there anything that man can't do?) and play a wistful tune from the soon-to-be-found New World (he can tell the future too!), by troubadour Ani DiFranco

My Country 'Tis Of Thee, Ani DiFranco (camp music)
Roosevelt Room, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band (iPod while fighting music)

Would you be an outlaw for my love?
Though friendship and revolutionary action is most important to Robin Hood, nothing is more important to him than a certain Lady. Rarely has there been a more romantic scene than the one where Robin confesses his love for Marian with the simple but achingly heartfelt: Marian, my darling, I love you more than life itself. So the last and most important pick has to be a song about love, namely Thirteen and Robin prefers the Elliott Smith version, it’s just how he rolls.

Thirteen, Elliott Smith


Chris said...

i would imagine robin hood rocking out to "voice of the voiceless" by rage against the machine, too, as robin hood was the consummate man of the people, fighting for those who could not fight for themselves.

"you'll never the voice . . .of the voiceless"