Friday, March 25, 2011

Kick Off Your Weekend Right: With My Morning Jacket – Highly Suspicious

Sweetpickles! This has been a very, very exciting and wonderful week for all of us My Morning Jacket fans. On Monday, we received the third of five free downloads from the Terminal 5 shows. On Tuesday, MMJ announced new tour dates for this summer, choosing to play in very intimate settings. Lastly, new Circuital track titles were revealed in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone (March 31, 2011, pg. 30). We now can add “The Day Is Coming” and “Slow Slow Tune” to our track lists.
This week at The Countdown, we began our fifth segment: Evil Urges. This weekend, we’ll celebrate I’m Amazed Day and Thank You Too Day. Definitely two of my favorite tracks off the 2008 album.
Today, let’s take a look at one of the more controversial tracks off Evil Urges, “Highly Suspicious.”

Wastin’ time home alone, dotting your “i’s”
Peanut butter pudding surprise!
Ain’t nobody care what’s going on in your mind –
But they got they eye on your prize…

I’m sure of all MMJ songs thus far, Highly Suspicious has likely faced the most resistance. Jim’s falsetto and funk overtones make this tune hard to swallow for some of you folks who appreciate MMJ’s “softer side.” However, few can argue that this is an unmistakably unique and inventive track. Another take on “Evil Urges,” “Highly Suspicious” again suggests that we should question what is right and what is wrong, only this time with regard to the law (whereas “Urges” is more faith-related).

Wasting all your time on drama, could be solving real crime
Waste away your mind too…
I’m highly suspicious of you.

Thought I'd include the VHS or Beta Remix!

Whatever your take is on this track, I implore you to take a new listen to it. If you can’t appreciate the musical stylings, at least indulge in the absurdity and deeper lyrical concepts. Enjoy yourself and have a fantastic weekend!


Amy Vincent & Max said...

I agree! Highly Suspicious is one of my fave tracks on Evil Urges, although it took a long time for it to grow on me. I didn't appreciate it initially like I do now. It's just a heck of a fun track! Thanks for 'urging' everyone to give it a new listen!

Gabrielle said...

Hey, thanks! I appreciate that. I was in the same boat as you... at first "Suspicious" definitely didn't have as high of a play count as other tracks off Urges. Then I understood the purpose of its insanity. :)

I should add: nice pun.