Friday, March 4, 2011

Kick Off Your Weekend Right: With My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday

Hello, hello! This week has been a fantastic one for My Morning Jacket fans. Yesterday was a fun-filled MMJ day with a Rolling Stone article in the morning and a free Terminal 5 show track in the evening. What a wonderful week this has been!

What a night. Insane show.

This weekend at The Countdown, we’ll keep on keepin’ on with tracks from It Still Moves. Saturday is "One Big Holiday" Day, and Sunday will be "I Will Sing You Songs Day." We’ll celebrate these classic tracks as well as everything MMJ on Twitter all weekend!

Because of all the exciting MMJ news this week, today we’ll be taking a closer look at track number four on It Still Moves: "One Big Holiday." Yesterday was a kind of holiday for many MMJ fans, as news seemed to suddenly pour in about the upcoming album, Circuital. We almost have the complete track listing!
… and of better days

from this town, we’d escape

if we holler loud and make our way

we’d all live one big holiday
A fan favorite, "One Big Holiday" is a tune that always gets everyone pumped up. It’s often the chosen “closer” of live shows (or first or second encores!). Hearing OBH live at my first MMJ show was definitely the highlight of the evening (dare I say of my life?). It was pure magic hearing everyone sing in unison, with Jim:
wakin’ up, feelin’ good and limber
when the telephone it ring
was a bad man from California
tellin’ of a stone he’d bring
Needless to say, it gave me the purest, most wholesome feeling I’ve ever had. I felt as though I had just experienced something akin to a religious encounter. However, “religious” doesn’t seem to be the right word… it felt more spiritual, like I connected with the band and the fans and myself through the music. It felt good.

This song always lifts me up and makes me excited about life. So, please, do yourself a favor and turn it on:

…and rock out. Seriously. Do it. Don’t mind your friends; don’t mind your coworkers. Don’t mind your mom/dad; don’t mind your significant other. Just jam because today is FRIDAY. Have a good weekend, and I’ll catch ya on Monday!


Chris said...

the beauty of the song is in it's simplicity. it starts with this basic foundation that patrick builds with the drums in the beginning. there's nothing complicated about it, but it lays the ground work, then jim comes in with this little lick on the guitar, adding another layer, then tom with the base . . .like a train building speed and momentum, then the whole band together and we're just cruising.

such and early crescendo makes for such an interesting song . . .

Gabrielle said...

Yeah man! That buildup seems to be the hallmark of many of the more well-known MMJ songs. The chord changes aren't too complicated and phrases aren't difficult to follow. Yet, the sound is principally unique... goes to show that intricate, elaborate melodic lines are not necessary for creating a meaningful song. :)