Monday, March 28, 2011

Start Your Week Right: With My Morning Jacket – Aluminum Park

Well good morning to ya! I hope you all had a grand weekend and are refreshed, ready, and pumped for the new week ahead! Last week certainly gave us a few reasons to be energized, and this week is sure to bring us more.

Over at The Countdown, we’re going to have yet another Evil Urges-filled week. We’ll celebrate tracks 6 though 10 (that’s “Sec Walkin” through “Aluminum Park”). Looking forward to enjoying these songs with all of you!

Today is Monday, so naturally we need some no-nonsense, straightforward rock’n’roll. Right, right? That’s why we’ll take another look at track number 10 off Evil Urges, “Aluminum Park.”

You can care if you wanna.
You can care if you don’t.
But c’mon it’s a big, big world now,
You gotta get what you want.

Upbeat and bright, “Aluminum Park” is one of MMJ’s most danceable and uncomplicated tunes. Its catchy chorus and major tonality could align it with one of your typical poppy-rock tracks, but this is My Morning Jacket we’re talking about. The tremendous musicianship is still apparent (see Patrick’s rhythms, vocal layering, Bo’s fantastic support on the keys, and delicious solos throughout) and, of course, Jim’s distinctive voice and screeches set this tune apart from anything you’d hear on the radio. Still, it is amazingly accessible, not to mention cheerful!

Well, it’s a little bit important to me,
You get a whole lot of what you need.
So you can ride, ride, ride on down
To the aluminum park. RIDE!

Have a fantastic week, everyone! Keep lookin’ up. J

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