Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DOWNLOAD - Neil Young - Citizen Kane Junior Blues

I remember getting this bootleg my freshman year of college. Same as today, I was obsessed with "Revolution Blues" (below) and was totally blown away by the acoustic version on this recording (that was sent via snail mail, wacky). On The Beach was also a huge record for me at that time and this touches a lot of it.

01 Pushed It Over The End
02 Long May You Run
03 Greensleeves
04 Ambulance Blues
05 Helpless
06 Revolution Blues
07 On The Beach
08 Roll Another Number
09 Motion Pictures
10 Pardon My Heart
11 Dance, Dance, Dance
12 For The Turnstiles
13 Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

1-11 Recorded live at The Bottom Line in New York on May 16, 1974
12 Recorded live during 1973, location unknown
13 Recorded live at the Carnegie Hall in New York on December 5, 1970


headhunter said...

love it. does charlie sheen play on the new mmj album?

Jason said...

Yes. The new record is called "Winning & Other Gnarleyisms" and he does 100% of the vocals and lyrics.

Gabrielle said...

Thank you for bringing joy into my life! I am still laughing....