Friday, March 11, 2011

DOWNLOAD - Dan Auerbach - 2009-11-09 - The Paradise - Boston, MA

Photo by: teleking36

I feel like rocking the f*ck out. Like, ROCKING the f*ck out.

01 Intro
02 I Want Some More
03 The Prowl
04 My Last Mistake
05 Mean Monsoon
06 Oh Carol
07 Real Desire
08 Money and Trouble
09 Street Walkin'
10 When The Night Comes
11 Whispered Words Pretty Lies
12 Heartbroken, In Disrepair
13 Keep it Hid
14 Inside Looking Out
15 Hold Me (?)


Chris said...

your language has really gotten horrible lately.

Jason said...


Rob said...

Awesome, awesome Friday tunes. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I FUCKING love Dan and Pat. Anything they touch is golden. I love, LOVE, when you post material from them.