Friday, March 11, 2011

Kick Off Your Weekend Right: With My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus

What did I tell ya? Didn’t this week just breeze by? No? Well at the very least we can kick off the start to your certainly kick-ass weekend with some My Morning Jacket!

The Countdown has been truckin’ along with the final tracks off 2003’s It Still Moves (Steam Engine Day today and One In the Same Day tomorrow). We’ll launch our fourth segment of The Countdown with 2005’s Z. As I mentioned briefly in Monday’s post, Z marked a more “experimental” turn in the direction of MMJ’s sound (or at least how many define the sound). Regardless of labels, the result of this creative boundary pushing was a fearless and innovative new record, which we all soaked up. Needless to say, it was well received by fans and critics alike.
Tell me spirit: what has not been done?
I’ll rush out and do it, or are we doin’ it now?
To kick off this glorious weekend, we’re going to celebrate the first track off Z: “Wordless Chorus.” Another fan favorite, “Wordless” leaves us (or at least me) essentially wordless in attempting to describe the music. The luminous chorus and vocal layering take us somewhere we’ve never been. The magical combination of spacey synth, revolving bass and lead line, and Patrick’s always-tight rhythm put us in a dream that Jim’s outrageously ethereal (not to mention charmingly reverb-soaked) crooning, hooting, and hollering wake us up from. “Wordless” certainly never fails to resonate with all who listen.

So, to kick off this wonderful weekend, turn up this groundbreaking, enchanting track from Z, and remember:
We are the innovators; they are the imitators.
Come on, hey don’t you know how we started?
We forgot about love, but weren’t brokenhearted.
Hope you y’all enjoy! See you Monday.*

*Don't forget that a second free download from MMJ will be available on Monday!