Friday, March 18, 2011

Kick Off Your Weekend Right: With My Morning Jacket – Lay Low

What a wonderful week this has been! Music-wise, at the very least, so many exciting things occurred this week. The release of J. Mascis’ first solo record this past Tuesday (I recommend picking it up), and in My Morning Jacket news, we received a second “Circuital Countdown download,” a new tour date, and the SXSW premiere of Danny Clinch’s film, Louisiana Fairytale, in which MMJ appears!

We’ve had a great week over at The Countdown as well, coasting right along into the second half of Z, today being Into the Woods Day (which I discussed in Monday’s post). This weekend we’ll celebrate Anytime Day and Lay Low Day. Check the tweets for delightful links, lyrics, fun facts, and more! Exclusively My Morning Jacket-related, naturally.

Lay low why don’t you now?
Lay back awhile and I’ll show ya –
I got the good that you want.
No need to go and hunt something else.

It’s difficult to discuss tremendously ass-kicking guitar solos and duets without mentioning track number eight off the Z album, Lay Low. From Patrick's opening pulse and the entrance Carl and Jim’s call-and-response guitar thereafter, it’s easy to feel how Lay Low is going to build up to something memorable.

Law low if the feel is right,
I got all that I want here in you tonight,
And we’ll pass out on the bedroom floor,
After goin’ like this so long.

This appealing groove, not to mention sexy lyrics, captivates us and takes us somewhere. You think you like what you’ve been hearing for the first half of the tune? Well, prepare to be completely BLOWN AWAY by the second half. Lay Low changes gears from logical, rhythmic patterns into an overflowing, passionate feast of melodic variety that is truly mesmerizing.

So, “in an open car, or wherever you are,” turn up the volume and enjoy yourself! Have a great weekend, everyone!