Thursday, October 28, 2010

The White Stripes - Piano Songs - 2005 Tour Compilation

Picture by Kelly.C.
Here is a unique little compilation of The White Stripes 2005 tour. Missing a week of work has got me playing some pretty heavy catch up but it's worth it. I'd exchange about anything on this planet to relive last week.

00 hello there intro
01 im finding it harder to be a gentleman > whispering sea
02 threw it all away > im lonely, but i aint that lonely yet
03 the denial twist (w/ beck)
04 passive manipulation
05 white moon
06 take take take
07 im lonely, but i ain't that lonely yet
08 truth doesnt make a noise
09 whispering sea
10 the big three killed my baby
11 forever for her (is over for me)
12 fell in love with a girl
13 st james infirmary
14 hotel yorba
15 i want to be the boy to warm your mothers heart
16 dead leaves and the dirty ground
17 passive manipulation
18 My doorbell