Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two-Star Tabernacle (early Jack White) - 1998 - Live at the Gold Dollar

Two-Star Tabernacle didn't last long and there isn't a ton of material out there but Live at the Gold Dollar is prime pickings. Two-Star Tabernale is an early "punk" band that Jack White had his hands in way back in the day. There is an early version of The White Stripes White Blood Cells songs "Hotel Yorba" and "Now Mary," pretty cool to hear them this early on. Dan John Miller & Tracie Mae Miller from the band Blanche and Damian Lang make up the rest of this Detroit foursome.

Give this a listen, while Jack doesn't get vocal on every tune you can definitely hear that sinister Jack White guitar in the background.

Sean R., thank you my friend.

Check out "Red Head" below:


   01 Who's To Say
   02 Itchy
   03 Hotel Yorba
   04 Worst Time Of My Life
   05 Garbage Picker
   06 Now Mary (Early Version)
   07 Zig Zag Springs
   08 Red Head
   09 Jesus And Tequila
   10 So Long Cruel World
   11 Sixteen Tons