Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carl Broemel - 2010-10-20 - Joe's Pub

Every My Morning Jacket fan in attendance last night got an amazing treat last night at Joe's Pub.

On top of Carl putting on an amazing set (like he always does) we had the pleasure of having the boys of MMJ (sans Jim) hop on stage for a few numbers. Johnny Quaid was in attendance too! "Carried Away" was incredible, "Lollipop" had the entire place singing. It was a magical night.

After the show pretty much everyone got to meet the guys! I had a chance to talk with Bo Koster, Two Tone Tommy, Patrick Hallahan, Carl himself and Johnny Quaid. Bo mentioned that they practiced for one week as a band and then one week on their own for the Terminal 5 run. Pretty crazy when you think about how much material they had to absorb.

We got some "Rock my f*cking panties off" tee's made and had all the guys sign the printout. Everyone was awesome with meeting the people from the MMJ forum and they all were kick ass with taking pictures.