Friday, October 29, 2010

Model Stranger - 2010-10-28 - The House Cafe - DeKalb, IL

My favorite Chicago band came through old corn country last night and torn down the walls at The House Cafe. Model Stranger once again proved that they are a premier live act that is constantly growing and expanding their unique sound all while staying true to the Model Stranger formula. They just rock. And look damn good doing it. Front man Stephen Francis belts out the notes and shreds his guitar with an evil grin, bassist Kevin James thumps away on his bass while occasionally hitting some keys (Jack White style too, he'll even hammer on notes on his bass while hitting keys) and drummer Vincent Joseph keeps it all together while putting on one of the best drummer faces I've seen.

They put on a chilling rendition of "Where Do We Go From Here" and played a stable of their classic tunes (gotta love Stephen's guitar work on "'Dreams & Bones") but where they really shined was on their new material. WOW! Mind was blown. They had a very Pink Floyd Meddle sound, for those not familiar, that's a good thing. Stephen's guitar on the new song "Balance" has been stuck in my head since last night.

I'll have the soundboard from the show this Monday so get ready to download that bastard. It was a helluva night (as it always is with these guys) and it's going to be great to relive it.

Based on the taste we got last night, Model Stranger are on an interesting path to their next batch of songs and I for one am excited to be able to watch this excellent Chicago act grow right before my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Ryan Adams is performing his first gig since his "retirement" TONIGHT in L.A.. /Bakamomo

Anonymous said...

From Ryan Adams on Facebook: "I had such a blast at the show. Judd was such a wonderful host and I can't say enough about the great people who held the event. It was a total honor and I'm glad I could help out.
I got to meet some great people, hear great music and I saw some of the best comedy I have seen in forever. (Plus I got meet Eric Idle! so cool! ) I was To...tally honored & I hope Josh Homme who couldn't play because of injury get's well soon. He is a badass,
Setlist was Ashes & Fire" (new), "Dirty Rain" (new) "Shining Thru The Dark" (new ) & "Oh my Sweet Carolina" with my M. RABand on-duty tonight; Me, "Acoustic", "Marshall Vore" Old-Timey Kit, "Sebastian Steinberg" Big Double-Bass, and "Jamie The Candyman Candiloro" on Piano/2n acoustic.
Quiet but mighty vibes from my talented friends."

matt said...

where is the recording?