Friday, October 1, 2010

The Steam Engine Presents: The My Morning Jacket Interview Contest

Photo by: Jeff Luke


Hello ladies and gents! We have some exciting stuff happening over here at The Steam Engine today. What is it exactly you ask? Well, a contest of sorts, a contest that, if you win, a member of My Morning Jacket will answer your question.

The way the contest works:  Submit 5 questions, one to each band member.  We here at The Steam Engine will then pick the winning questions and present them to the band.  We will pick 5 questions for each band member to answer.  So, please remember to submit 5 questions per entry because you’ll increase your chances of one of your questions being answered, you get me?

Rules:  Please refrain from asking any personal questions of My Morning Jacket.  We’re thrilled that the guys agreed to do this, so we’d like to respect their privacy and keep the questions focused on things that matter to them and us the most; The Music.  Ask about songs, recording processes, touring, instrumentation, and things like that.

Send your questions in the below format to:

Yim Yames:  Question
Tom Blankenship:  Question
Patrick Hallahan:  Question
Carl Broemel:  Question
Bo Koster:  Question

Don't forget to add the name you would like displayed if you are chosen as well as your city/state/country. Will you be one of the lucky 25? Only time will tell. Get your submissions in as soon as possible; the deadline is Friday, October 8th at noon Central time. Good luck!


DR said...

How did you get them to do this?!

Anonymous said...

I was on the side of the stage with the band when the title pic was taken. It was Bonnaroo '04. Possibly the best show I've ever seen.