Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Black Keys - 2010-06-22 - Live Canal+ - Paris

This is definitely the best recording I've heard of the new Black Keys material. We get new tunes from their incredible record Brothers, as well as a stable of classics. It's interesting to see/hear them play as a four piece but they pull it off without losing any of that Black Keys edge. Check out "I'm Not The One" below.

Cannot wait to spend New Year's Eve with these guys this year. Anyone else going?

01 Breaks
02 Girl Is On My Mind
03 10 A.M. Automatic
04 Tighten Up
05 Next Girl
06 I'm Not The One
07 Howlin' For You
08 Sinister Kid
09 Everlasting Light
10 She's Long Gone
11 Ten Cent Pistol
12 Too Afraid To Love You
13 Your Touch
14 I Got Mine


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