Friday, October 15, 2010

My Morning Jacket - 2010-10-12 - Live on Letterman

Photo by: Heather Wines of CBS

Next week ladies and gents, Terminal 5 in New York City will host possibly the greatest string of concerts of all time. I'll be there and I know lots of you will. For now, enjoy this taste of what's to come.

Thank you seachinbig from the My Morning Jacket forum for capturing this.

01. Intro > 
02. Wordless Chorus
03. I'm Amazed
04. Anytime >
05. Mahgeetah
06. Jim Speaks
07. Golden
08. Touch Me PT 1 >
09. Smoking From Shootin >
10. Touch Me PT 2
11. One Big Holiday >
12. Outro

13. The Way That He Sings (actual Letterman performance)


Anonymous said...

i freakin' love this web site! thanks.

LibrarianGrrrl said...

Ayayayayayyy!!! I'm taking my last week of vacation for this trip, but I can't think of a better reason! See you in NYC guys (I'll be the girl dancing and crying at the same time, hehe, just kidding...sortof)!

mano1971music said...

Thanks for uploading the Letterman performance =) To everyone who is attending the NYC shows, Southern California is very jealous! Have fun!!

Jason said...

Anonymous - thanks!

LibrarianGrrrl - I'll keep my eyes open!