Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Black Keys MTV "Push" Artist of the Week and "Ohio" Download

The Black Keys madness continues! These dudes have been everywhere lately! I'm not sure what type of exclusive content we can expect from this MTV segment but for the time being we have a nice behind the scenes look at the Akron, OH natives personal lives as well as some footage from the making of the video for the excellent tune "Tighten Up."

For more recent Black Keys downloads (post Brothers) check them out Live on the Interface and on NPR's World Cafe. Two good reference points for hearing the new songs live with the four piece setup.

The Black Keys - MTV Shows

The Black Keys - MTV Shows

Also, sign up for the Black Keys mailing list here. On top of getting updates from one of the best bands in the game you get the insanely nasty track "Ohio" that was previously only available on the limited 7". I'll go as far as to say that it's one of their most powerful tunes with some great guitar work by Dan Auerbach at the end. I've included the download below but sign up for the mailing list anyways! Enjoy guys.


Anonymous said...

Thaaaank youuu!!!!!:) this song is awesome. And the link to MTV hahahaha I laughed so hard when watching the "making of" and the one about what they did before they got famous.

Jason said...

You are welcome. It made me laugh too, they seem like they really are best friends, or brothers I guess.

Jen said...

Firstly, AWESOME tune; thanks for the kickdown!! And secondly I just have to wave my arms around a little for the 102.5 WDVE shirt Dan is wearing in the pic. It's just a classic rock station, no real thrills or anything... but it *is* a Pittsburgh station ;-) Can't wait to see them in Pitt this September!!