Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Survey, I Need More Input!!

Alright guys, I've gotten a great response as to which file hosting service you like the most and it seems like a lot of you are saying Megaupload. I have one issue with Megaupload and that is it is only possible to download one file at a time. I know that when I'm cruising blogs I can't stand it when they use a file service that only allows one download at a time and that is why I have largely avoided Megaupload.

So, if you have the chance do me a solid and fill out the little poll at the top right ---->.

How many items do you typically download while visiting The Steam Engine? As always folks, thanks for the input, I just want to make this place the best it can be for you guys.


Reggie said...

I only download the current post when I visit your site because I have successfully cribbed everything else prior!

Dave said...

I just download one. The most recent post because like Reggie said I probably already have the others you have posted.

Nobes said...

I usually do two. But I don't mind waiting for one to finish before starting to download the other. I do hate when the give me the "slow' service because I choose to dl for free. It exactly why I like sendspace best. Any file under 300mb (which most of yours are) can be dl'd immediately. And anything over 300mb, you'd just have to break up into two different downloads. I don't mind that at all.