Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Kills - Black Sessions

The Kills have very quickly caught my ear. After I heard their excellent cover of the Velvet Underground classic "Pale Blue Eyes" I was hooked. I've since moved onto their debut record Keep on Your Mean Side and of course, these wonderful "Black Sessions" they did for a French radio station (from what I can gather it's a French radio station that broadcasts live shows or it's much like an NPR World Cafe type deal, not sure, Sabrina, do you have any insight?). If you're unfamiliar, it's worth your time. It's dark, heavy and bluesy, and you get to listen to one of the sexiest voices around. Enjoy guys!


01 Superstition
02 Pull A.U
03 Cat Claw
04 Fuck The People
05 Monkey 23
06 Kissy Kissy
07 Hitched
08 Fried My Little Brain
09 Black Rooster
10 Drop Out Boogie


01 Intro
02 No Wow
03 Black Rooster
04 Cat Claw
05 Dead Road 7
06 I Hate The Way You Love
07 I Hate The Way You Love Pt.2
08 The Good Ones
09 Kissy Kissy
11 Love Is A Desert
12 My Passion Is Accurate
13 Rodeo Town
14 Dropout Boogie


01 U.R.A Fever
02 Pull AU
03 Sour cherry
04 Tape song
05 No wow
06 Alphabet pony
07 Wait
08 Last day of magic
09 Kissy kissy
10 Hook and line
11 Getting down
12 What New York used to be
13 Cheap and cheerful
14 Fried my little brains
15 Goodnight bad morning


Sabby said...

Hahaha ! That was fun seeing my name on that, I didn't expect it !

I was at the 2008 Black Sessions ! It's a private gig at France Inter radio station. You have also the White Sessions which are recorded without an audience.

Jason said...

Haha, I was hoping to get a response out of you!

Thanks for the info, sounds incredibly cool. Every been to any other Black Sessions? I saw the list of performers on their Wiki and they've had some nasty acts go through there.