Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Black Keys - NPR World Cafe - 2010-5-20

The Black Keys latest record, Brothers, has been in my rotation for a while now, I just can't get enough. Here are the boys from Akron doing four new tracks with a couple of other fellows in the studio at NPR. They sound good with additional members, for those of you that don't know The Black Keys consist of two hombres, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney and they rarely have other musicians playing with them. If you haven't seen the Keys go see them ASAP!

Check out these videos too, one is them playing "Tighten Up" on Letterman, looking cleaner than usual and the other is a quick tour of Dan's all analog studio, Akron Analog.

Some great guitar work on "Howlin' For You."

01 Too Afraid To Love You
02 Tighten Up
03 Everlasting Light
04 Howlin' For You

Download - The Black Keys - NPR World Cafe - 2010-5-20


Anonymous said...

This download was so awesome!! I've just started listening to The black keys, love the jackets♥ and this place just seems to be the perfect place for me!! it's amazing. Thanks!

Jason said...

Thanks anonymous! Get on the Black Keys heavy, they're incredible.