Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker Demo's

Kyle, you are the man!

1 In My Time of Need
2 Bar Lights
3 Win
4 All I Wanted
5 Out of Time
6 Sit & Listen to the Rain
7 Night Lights
8 Probably Gonna Happen
9 West NY Serenade
10 Lil’ Girls
11 In the World
12 Medicine
13 Dial Tone
14 Don’t Wanna Know Why
15 Easy Hearts


Anonymous said...

This is not demos for "Heartbreaker". It's late Whiskeytown (compare the songs with "Pneumonia"). However, it's worth a download ("Night Lights" arguably is one of the best Whisheytown tracks recorded).

Anonymous said...

These were demos for "Heartbreaker." "Pneumonia" wasn't released until after "Heartbreaker" he brought all of these songs into the studio while writing and recording "Heartbreaker." Night Lights is awesome for sure though.