Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing LouFest Music Festival

Come late August, 28th & 29th to be exact, LouFest will descend upon St. Louis, MO for the first time ever. LouFest is a new music fest run by Listen Live Entertainment and it features some pretty hot acts guys. Check the full lineup below, I've bold faced the acts I'm most excited about.

Want to know one of the many great things about this glorious little startup? It's $64.00 for the entire weekend with ZERO service fees. What other music fest will have you in front of the Bottle Rockets, Lucero, Built to Spill, Broken Social Scene, Fruit Bats, Alejandro Escovedo, Jeff Tweedy and She & Him (plus quite a few more) for that kind of scratch? It's fixing to be a great weekend guys, hope to see you out there.

Bottle Rockets
So Many Dynamos
Adam Reichmann
Titus Andronicus
Airborn Toxic Event
Built To Spill
Broken Social Scene

Kim Massie (special Gospel set)
Magnolia Summer
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Gentleman Auction House
Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons
Fruit Bats
Alejandro Escovedo
Jeff Tweedy
She & Him


DR said...

I guess you already listened to Titus Andronicus?

BH said...

I'll be there!

Jason said...

Not yet, just excited to see him/them based on your word my friend.