Monday, July 19, 2010

Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll B-Sides

Thanks again Kyle!

via Facebook:

Ryan Adams Tomorrow starts the first day of two weeks of recording a new solo album. The songs are based around my acoustic with some stark drums/bass/piano in there. anI'm keeping these recordings simple......THEN in two weeks I am off to NYC to record part two of the crazy NYC sessions I started last month by accident. What started as a weekend studio hang with Johnny and Tom Schick turned into some kind of Smiths/Simple Minds/Love Is Hell throw-back and just way too much fun to not finish. So two coasts, two sessions happening. The new daze are here... fingers crossed these things turn out! I'll check in again from the studio this week. Meanwhile enjoy a few more photo's from the last studio sessions. DRA

02 Closer When She Goes
03 Don't Even Know Her Name
04 Luxury
05 I'm Coming Over
06 Ah, Life
07 Funeral Marching
08 Hypnotixed


Anonymous said...

Dude, you gotta use a better file sharing service. For relatively small uploads like this, try Sendspace. Its fast and there's none of this bullshit:

Dear clients,
we re sorry but at the moment this file is not available for downloading due to software renovations.
We guarantee it will become available after some period of time.
Please try later.

Jason said...

I'll look into it but I get paid to use DepositFiles and it helps with the cost of running this thing. If you know of a better service let me know!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I didn't realize you get paid to use it. I don't know man, if you opt for the free download it just never, ever seems to work. They intentionally make it difficult. Sendspace is free and can handle up 300mb. You can break larger dl's into smaller bundles on there. A lot of people use megaupload which is okay, slightly better than than the one you're using now. BUt if you're gettin' paid, it's a whole different deal. I don't wanna suggest you do something where you don't get paid. It would be nice to be able to download these things you've put up there however.

Anonymous said...

PS> Why does it cost money to run the blog? I thought blogger was free. It's not?

Jason said...

Blogger is free but I own the domain, I purchase music with the money and I've used it to buy tickets to concerts to give away.

I'd rather have you guys be able to download the stuff though, I wasn't aware anyone was having issues until now.