Tuesday, July 20, 2010

REPOST - My Morning Jacket - The Okonokos Project

I had to repost this. It's just that good, so good in fact I'd go as far as saying it's my favorite live record of all time. I'd like to thank Croweyes1121 at the My Morning Jacket forum for putting this together again, good work my friend.

Here is his explanation:

"This is a complete re-imagining of the various available Okonokos releases by My Morning Jacket, all in lossless audio. I noticed that all of the different incarnations of the Okonokos album had different track listings and song orders, so I was curious to see if a more complete and accurate release could be achieved using the existing elements. Using the set lists from the two Fillmore concerts (the source for all Okonokos footage), I have re-ordered all tracks into the closest possible representation of the theactual performed song order. Various custom audience cross-fade edits were required to make this project one, seamless experience. Now, for the first time, all tracks from the Okonokos CD release, DVD release, and Acoustic Chorale bonus DVD are together in one place and in the closest approximation of their original order. To this end, order priority has been afforded to night one for songs shared by both performances. Songs unique to one performance or the other were added where they were performed in relation to the shared tracks."
01. Intro (The Party) (4:51)
02. Wordless Chorus (4:08)
03. It Beats 4 U (4:24)
04. One Big Holiday (5:54)
05. The Way That He Sings (5:06)
06. I Will Sing You Songs (8:37)
07. Lowdown (4:10)
08. How Do You Know (3:36)
09. Golden (4:49)
10. Sooner (5:05)
11. Xmas (5:01)
12. What A Wonderful Man (2:57)
13. Gideon (3:45)
14. Bermuda Highway (3:39)
15. Where To Begin (4:00)
16. Lay Low (6:17)
17. Dancefloors (5:15)
18. Off The Record (6:52)
19. O Is The One That Is Real (3:34)
20. Dondante (11:03)
21. Steam Engine (11:14)
22. Run Thru (10:04)
23. I Think I'm Going To Hell (5:14)
24. At Dawn (3:09)
25. Strangulation (6:12)
26. Anytime (3:56)
27. Mahgeetah (6:40)
28. Outro (The Attack) (0:50)
29. End Credits (Cobra Edit) (3:18)


Sara said...

Good stuff! :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it'd be cool if we could actually download it though!

Jason said...

Okay, I now see it. Does this happen often? I haven't had any complaints thus far. I'll start researching new file hosting services.

fost said...

dude i love you

Jason said...