Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Rockpalast DVD

Here is the torrent file associated with the DVD. This should work for everyone. If you do not use torrents go to www.utorrent.com, download and install their software and then drag and drop the file into Utorrent. Email me if you need help.

Download - MMJ Rockpalast DVD Torrent

This is a treat for all. I watched this DVD 3 times this past weekend and it is amazingly shot and very professionally done. It is cool to see them in such an intimate venue. Some info:

Luxor, Köln, Germany
July 2, 2008

01. Intro
--- Evil Urges
02. Off The Record
--- Gideon
03. I'm Amazed
04. The Way That He Sings
--- Sec Walkin *
--- Thank You Too!
05. Lay Low
06. Anytime
07. Remnants
08. Heartbreakin Man
--- Golden
--- Smokin From Shootin *
09. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2
10. Look At You
11. Wordless Chorus
12. Highly Suspicious
13. Phone Went West
14. Dondante
15. Run Thru <- layer break 16. One Big Holiday 17. Interview *As menu background music: FM, SXSW Music Festival, Austin, TX, USA, 2008-03-13 Bonus: FIB Benicassim Festival Castellon, Spain July 19, 2008 1. Evil Urges 2. Off The Record I had some problems with the Off The Record from Spain, it freezes.

How to copy these files to a DVD:

I used DVD Shrink, it is free and it compresses the whole movie, meaning it will fit on 1 DVD instead of 2. The quality is still great even after the slight compression, it was around 87% compressed.

1) Download all the files into a folder
2) Unzip the "BUP files" file into said folder
3) Delete BUP files.zip file
4) Drag and drop all the files into the left pane in DVD Shrink (I got an "Invalid File Name" error a bunch of times but it did not effect the DVD)
5) Click "Backup!" near the top
6) Rage


http://www.mediafire.com/file/bwfonxemhzy/BUP Files.zip


Thank you Eric S. for turning me on to this.


Zak said...

does anyone know how i would do this on a Mac, thanks

no1uno said...

holy shit. thank you. kick ass. definitely amazing video work. eric is the shit and so are you. I wish it were the weekend so I could watch it three times. thanks again for turning me on to this.

Jason said...

Zak I am Mac illiterate.

no1uno I am glad you like ma man!

Mike said...

Is this in PAL for anyone else?

Anonymous said...

is anyone else having problems downloading just


i know it says that it's common for files not to work, but i've been trying to get it for 3 days, and it comes up with an error every time :(

dvd looks awesome though...just wish i could get this last part!

Jason said...

It worked for me just right now.

ritchiem4812 said...

Yeah, I tried to download VTS_01_3.VOB 3 times now and each time during download it fails. Each time I try though I get 100 MB more than last time. So I'm hoping around the 10th time I'll get it.

BTW, awesome post Jason. I really really love your blog! Keep up the good work!

no1uno said...

too anyone having problems...keep tryin it is worth the wait. I used nero (smart start not even an "advanced" version) and just dropped the entire folder (with expanded bup files) into the burn DVD part. It burned with menues and everything. Sooooooooooooooo nice when something this good works that well and easy. Thanks again to everyone who brought me this!

piss said...

can't anyone put this as a torrent somewhere?

Tawriffic said...

Magic! Worked beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Any way I can get VTS_01_3.VOB so I can finish this dvd?

Jason said...

The problem I am having right now is that all the bandwith that I have with MediaFire is used up and the file is too big to host anywhere else. If someone can find a place for to host a file that is larger then 1GB (not MegaUpload) I can do it for you.

ritchiem4812 said...

Can you just put the 1 GB file into 3 or 4 rar/zip files and upload it to rapidshare or sendspace?

sendspace doesn't allow anything over 300 MB for free users.

Let me know if you need help.

Jason said...

If you can explain to me how to do this I will gladly do it.

ritchiem4812 said...

I was trying to make a how-to for you but I was afraid that it wasn't very good so I searched google and found this. It's exact.


Antonio said...

having problems finding seeds for the torrent, so any other option would be great.

thanks for the site jasonQ

gutsmant said...

I tried to download the dvd, but it doesn't work (anymore). Please can you help me. I've been there at the concert and I really would like to have this on dvd.


pbuck said...

Jason, I am trying to download this torrent but it is just sitting in the queue and isn't progressing. Any suggestions?

pbuck said...

Jason, I am trying to download this torrent but it is just sitting in the queue and isn't progressing. Any suggestions? I am on a mac if that is a problem.

JD said...

seed the torrent please. thanks.