Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Beatles - The Alternate Abbey Road

I snagged this over at Blog Stoned and I must say this is pretty cool. I feel like rare Beatles shit does not come along very often but at the same time I have never once looked so who knows. These are all early takes, alternates, instrumentals, jams and mono mixes.

The Beatles do not get much time in my regular listening, probably because I have listened to it so much, but when they do they stir sensations not often felt when listening to music. Enjoy.

Download - The Beatles - The Alternate Abbey Road


Anonymous said...

i have the most updated stuff it expander but seem to have trouble opening files whenever theres a link to another site (msg states: does not recognize file). do you have any suggestions on what the problem might be? thanks for the good music.

Jason said...

It may be because it is a RAR file, go to and download their software, this may help. If not let me know if there is a site that works best for you OR I can upload each individual file for you if the problem lies with the "zipped" format of the files.

Anonymous said...

thx jason. that solved the problem