Monday, June 14, 2010

Ryan Adams to (finally) Release Archived Records?

Who knows if we can put any faith in this but Ryan Adams updated his Facebook over the weekend with the news that "Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, "III/IV" double LP (in the vault since 2006) just got back from the mastering plant and "Black Hole" LP (done around Christmas 2005) is next up. Here it is coming from the man himself:

Ryan Adams "Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, "III/IV" Double LP, ( unreleased and in the vault since 2006 ) fresh from the mastering plant! Also day one of demo's went great! Have A GREAT WEEKEND yall and that's an order. XX DRA

Ryan Adams oh yeah, p.s. the "Blackhole" LP ( recorded over Christmas in 2005 ) is also back from the mastering plant. I f'n love this thing. It took 4 years to make it and to me it is basically Love is Hell Part 3... lots of shimmery guitar love on this. Exciting times!!!


DYLAN said...

This is my favorite time period from Ryan Adams. I hope this comes true!