Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Neil Young - 2010-6-5 - Austin, TX

As you guys know I like to stick to soundboard, FM/XM source recordings. After all, who likes listening to a muddy audience recording? Every now and then though, there is an exception, this being one of them. This is solo Neil playing both acoustic and electric and it's pretty astonishing how "with it" he still is. His voice is as effective as ever and his guitar playing is still right there. He rips though some new tracks (You Never Call, Peaceful Valley, Sign of Love, Leia, Rumblin', Walk With Me) as well as touching on a lot of classics. Check out this video of Mr. Young playing the new song, "Sign of Love," live below.

Disc 1
01. My My, Hey Hey

02. Tell Me Why
03. Helpless
04. You Never Call
05. Peaceful Valley
06. Love and War
07. Down By The River
08. Hitchhiker
09. Ohio

Disc 2
01. Sign of Love
02. Leia
03. After The Gold Rush
04. I Believe In You
05. Rumblin'
06. Cortez The Killer
07. Cinnamon Girl
08. Old Man
09. Walk With Me


Ryan said...

I recently saw him in Atlanta, and it was much better than expected. Since it was solo, I figured it would be all acoustic. I was wrong. Old black came out early and man, the fox was a rumblin' with it's rusty goodness. As always, Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Any chance of your posting disc 2? All of disc one is there with one track from the second disc. Please post the second disc. Thanks.

Jason said...

I just downloaded it and they are all there man. Let me know if you have more trouble!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just tried it again and they are all there. Must have been the ghosts in the machine the first time around. Keep on working your magic. Love the site. Cheers!