Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Morning Jacket - 2004-5-28 - The Opera House

Photo by Alexi Hobbs (from 2004-5-29)

An MMJ forum member mentioned this show in a thread I now can't find but whoever you are, thanks for turning me on to it! We get some gems in this batch of tunes; "Strangulation" and "Master Plan" most notably (to me (JUST remembered it was a thread on "Master Plan")) as well as a fifteen minute "Steam Engine" and quite a few tracks featuring Mr. M. Ward.

Who's going to hit the NYC Terminal 5 shows? If not all nights, which ones? Put me down for all five!!!!

Disc 1
01 One Big Holiday
02 Dancefloors
03 How Do You Know
04 Death Is The Easy Way (w/M Ward)
05 I Will Sing You Songs
06 chat
07 Oxen
08 The Way That He Sings
09 Lowdown
10 Strangulation
11 Master Plan
12 Bear

Disc 2
01 Steam Engine
02 Run Thru
03 End Cobra 
04 Golden (w/M Ward)
05 O Is The One That Is Real
06 Mahgeeta
07 Outta My Head (M Ward/Jim)
08 Flaming Heart (M Ward/MMJ)
09 Helicopter (M Ward/MMJ)

Download - My Morning Jacket - 2004-5-28 - The Opera House


Anonymous said...

Thank you, these are really great :)just made my day! love love love the collaboration with M.Ward!

Jason said...

Glad to help!