Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ryan Adams - Black Clouds

How I miss this man. For those of you that haven't heard, Mr. David Ryan Adams wrote 11 new songs after attending Ronnie Dio's funeral and in his Facebook post he mentioned that he is "excited again." What does that mean for us? No idea really, it's kind of a tease actually. He knows there are a lot of fans out there waiting for him to release something, give us some sort of actual news or a snippet of actual Ryan Adams music (NOT Orion), so telling us he has some new songs and not giving us a taste hurts a little. I mean, I get it, this is just a rant from a frustrated fan.

Anyways, enjoy Black Clouds, it's a compilation of various sessions and live shows. There is a lot of excellent music on this compilation guys. You have to love the original mix of the song "Rock N' Roll" and we also get the only live version of "English Girls Approximately."

This is another treasure from Kyle V., thanks again man, you are a true gentleman.

  1. Rock N' Roll (original mix; New Orleans)
  2. Black Clouds (unreleased; New Orleans)
  3. The Drug's Not Working (original mix; New Orleans)
  4. I See Monsters (different mix; New Orleans)
  5. Anybody Wanna Take Me Home? (NY mix)
  6. When The Music Don't Come (NY mix)
  7. Love Is Hell (NY mix)
  8. City Rain, City Streets (NY mix)
  9. Hard Way To Fall (live 12/01/02)
  10. Learn How To Say Goodbye (live 12/10/02)
  11. Jim (live 11/06/02)
  12. This House Is Not For Sale (live 12/04/03)
  13. English Girls Approximately (live 10/15/02)

Download -  Ryan Adams - Black Clouds


esilverman1 said...

my favorite unreleased RA

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sir