Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Music . . .umm, Tuesday?

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I've been slacking a bit.  Well, not really.  There was a mishap involving my laptop which basically set me back a few days on EVERYTHING.  As I type this, I'm looking a a Windows operating system that I haven't used in a few years and going from the Mac OS to Windows has been . . .well, let's just say it's been interesting.  I'm not going to badmouth one or the other, but I'd forgotten how slow it can be to work in Windows and don't get me started and all the restarts that accompany any sort of software install or upgrade.

Ok, this week, I thought I'd go for a something a little more upbeat.  I know it's cold all over the U.S. (i only say that because i know TSE has some readers from various countries).  Winter has a sound all its own.  The music should somehow mimic the scene outside.  It's cold, the trees are bare and there isn't much vegetation on the ground, so the music seems to feel just as sparse and lonely.  Well, it does for me, so during the winter, the music slows down and takes on a lonely feel to it.  Thankfully, I don't have any sort of seasonal affective disorder or I'd spend most of the winter with my head in the oven, praying for a "one off" at the pearly gates arguing scotch with St. Peter.

So, with all of that in mind, I give you the upbeat musings of Toronto's Ruby Coast.

Look  at these guys.  If they look young, it's because they are.  Most of them have just donned the cap and gown that high school kid wear when they walk across the stage and accept their diploma.  Seriously, these guys are young.  Their sound, however, isn't.  I'm not sure if it's something they put in the water in Canada, but these guys are making music that rivals other Canadian bands, like Wolf Parade (i hope their hiatus isn't permanent).  It's an upbeat, pop tinged sound that allows you to tap your foot and have fun with the music.  I'm not sure if you could dance to it because I'm entirely too cool to dance (kidding . . .kind of).  They bring an 80's sound to their music, using the occasional synthesizer and harmonized backing vocals, but update the sound so that it sits somewhere between Bloc Party and The Arctic Monkeys. 

So, warm yourselves up with a little upbeat music.  Here's the external stuff:

Ruby Coast on Facebook.

Ruby Coast on Twitter.

I almost forgot the most important part.  On January 18, they released "Whatever This Is," and it's sitting on their Bandcamp page FOR FREE.  

What are you waiting for . . .GO GET IT.

Stay warm and classy . . .until next time . . .